Are Print Servers Still Needed (02)
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Are Print Servers Still Needed (02)

An important component of network printing
is the print server. Imagine that many employees want to print
at the same time and therefore many jobs reach the printer at the same time. Which should be printed first? In such cases, a print server is very useful. This stores the print jobs in a queue while
the print jobs are waiting to be dealt with by the network printer. To do this, a server is set up, usually a
Windows server, on the network. This takes on the role of saving print data
and providing print services for network printers. In this case, the print job is not sent directly
from the client to the printer, but first to the print server. The print server ensures trouble-free processing
of many print jobs and prevents problems for simultaneously initiated print jobs occurring
like when print jobs disappear. A print server also allows print jobs in the
print queue to be prioritized. Simply click on the document which you would
like to prioritize, go to the properties and choose a higher priority on the slide. As soon as the print job is initiated, this
document is printed first. In a similar way, a printer itself can also
be assigned a higher priority. To do so, go to Properties, click Advanced
and then change the priority number. This means that this print object has a higher
priority on the print server. If your company has several branch offices
and you want to continue working with print servers, we recommend the use of a print server
only at the company’s headquarters. This allows you to dramatically reduce your
IT administration burden and hardware costs. Hopefully you found this video helpful. Just take a look at our next video about spooling.

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