AppOnFly Vendor Video – Windows app cloud hosting
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AppOnFly Vendor Video – Windows app cloud hosting

hi I am John and the director sales for a
large software firm that specializes in producing professional Windows
applications and this is Rebecca who is about to become
one of our clients using AppOnFly a revolutionary cloud-based remote
Windows desktop service that empowers customers to trial or by
our applications instantly and pay for it on a monthly basis. She’s
just started using our software whether rebecca is with a client using
an iPad or Android device her think pad at work or her Mac at home our software is always just a few clicks
away all she needs to do is use remote desktop software to connect to AppOnFly and her Cloud Desktop is up and running
with all her data and software right at her fingertips including ours. Normally Rebecca would
use low-cost software because her business can afford the upfront cost of ours but by using AppOnFly she’s able to
take a free trial and then pay for it month by month. This
makes our software accessible to thousands of new users increasing our overall sales and growing our
business AppOnFly gives customers two simple ways
to purchase our software through or directly via our
website so our customers never have to leave to
use our product so you can guess which one we chose AppOnFly also makes sure that we can
track our sales with usage statistics and sales data all available in real
time so whenever one of Rebecca’s coworker signs up we know about that too. Bottomline AppOnFly helps customers like Rebecca use our software to build their
businesses so we can build ours AppOnFly – bringing your Windows desktop apps to
your customers from the cloud faster and easier than ever before.

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