Applied Sound Engineering and Computer Science at the School of Computing and Engineering
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Applied Sound Engineering and Computer Science at the School of Computing and Engineering

My name is Elis and I study applied sound
engineering at the UWL. My name is Geoff Griffiths and I’m studying computer science. My journey from first year up until my final year has been quite the learning curve. In the first it was all new and exciting because I came in here with pretty much no experience in
my field. Now I’m quite confident that if I leave here I will be completely capable
of doing what whatever job I need to do. Studying here at University West London means quite
a lot to me because I’m actually a mature student, I’m nearly 52, so I made a decision
three or four years ago to change my career and at the beginning I remember thinking,
‘ gosh is this really the right thing to do?’ You know it’s gonna probably take three or
four years out of my life. And now coming into the end of my degree with only a couple
of weeks left, I feel it was a really, it was a fantastic decision to have made back
then. And it’s been a fabulous journey and something that was really worthwhile. The University has helped me pursue my career choices by providing me with the information and skills needed for the job that I would like to do. And also, by providing job opportunities via online groups and emails, so there’s plenty of job experience going around. And it’s just a matter of taking it up for yourself. It would be quite nice to get myself a job and
maybe do one or two years just to get a kind of good basis to see how it all works in the
real world. But also I’d quite like to possibly do something on a more entrepreneurial level, maybe start my own company. It will be a very DIY process from now on for me.

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