Apple Watch Series 1 – Dwa tygodnie po… (4K)
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Apple Watch Series 1 – Dwa tygodnie po… (4K)

Apple refreshed Apple Watches after one and a half
years from its introduction. Hi, Max here. Today I’m going to show you
my impressions of using The Apple Watch Series 1. With the launch of the new Apple Watch,
Apple discontinued the primary model, called ‘Series 0’. Apple Watch Series 1 was introduced
to replace that one. In comparison to its predecessor, they have only other
processors – this new one has a new dual-core unit called S1P. Then again, we did not notice major differences.
As well as external and internal. From the outside, we have the same kind of
ION-X glass, and the rear charging port is made of composite. Or of plastic. Whatever. On the right side you will find side button
to reveal dock, Apple Pay or medical info,
and Digital Crown to navigate the system. On the other side we have a speaker and a microphone. Thanks to the construction and technologies in
watch are similar to those of Series 0 We can use the same accessories as case or tempered
glasses, and even on the same magnetic charging cable. It’s time to talk about performance.
Series 1 have got really speed up. There is no possibility in drop frames or
decrease of performance. Contrary to what we had in
Series 0, which can made a drop frame
when you want to get to main menu. Other tests have indicated that the Series 1 is so
as fast as the Series 2. Think about this when you consider about purchasing. In addition, it should be noted that in
package does not get the charger. With the Series 1, we get only the magnetic cable, and
the charger must be equipped on your own. While we’re on the topic of charge, Series 1 has an amazing battery life. Watch works for two days on a single charge, including sleep measurement between these days. Series 0 in comparison works for only one day.
And now, when the battery already has a certain consumption some evenings you can get a message that its battery has only 10%. And now, to who I can recommend this watch.
My answer is: Everyone. This watch has a really good
performance and battery life. In addition, it’s cheap,
(in comparison to other Apple products) because 38mm version costs 1349 PLN ($319),
and a 42 mm – 1499 PLN ($359).
Both prices were converted from polish price. Purchase of Series 2 would consider only when
actually we want to use all of its advantages,
I mean GPS and full water resistance. Or, if we really want to have Nike+ Edition. And you, what do you think?
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  • criticalmass04

    Jak rozpoznać serię 0 od serii 1? Jakieś numery seryjne? Wiele ogłoszeń na rynku wtórnym zawiera opisy, z których wynika, że 0 i 1 to ten sam model, tylko jedni nazywajągo tak , a drudzy owak. Napisz i dzięki za wrzutkę.

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