• Victor César

    Firebase is very nice look my Startup in Ionic 4 and Firebase:
    Application 100% Angular – IONIC 4 – Firebase – Google 🙂

    After update firebase-tools now I have that problem with Security Policy:

  • Soutrik Neogi

    How to use
    Firebase Extensions for Resizing Images on the existing Images on the Firebase Cloud Storage bucket?


  • Camillo F

    #AskFirebase is it safe to connect from a Flutter app via Firebase sdk directly to Firestore database without being proxied by a server side api? Thank you

  • Rogier van den Berg

    For the FCM notification, why don't you just use Analytics with a conversion event, that can trigger a cloud function that sends the (push) notification? And, if you're building your app in Flutter, you cannot even use In app messaging, so you 'd need to go in a way like that, right?

  • Denis TRUFFAUT

    Let's say, to minimize latency, I would like to create a Firestore instance on each continent. Currently, a GCP member can create only 1 multi-regional Firestore instance per GCP Project. This limitation is tied to Firestore, any other storage engine can have multiple instances per project (ex: CloudSQL). To ensure a global presence to Firestore, should I create 3 project-instance (1 US, 1 EU, 1 Asia), then create VPC containing these 3 projects, then expose the VPC to a global Cloud Load Balancer instance ? #AskFirebase

  • Marcin Miłowski

    #AskFirebase could you create more content about connection GA for Firebase with App+Web property and GTM for e-commerce?

  • Dennis DNO

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsCBCudx58g —- Go to filter and press the newest comments first. Look at all the people complaining about the outdated video and misleading documentation. It is frustrating when I see a video with views and then I work on it for 10 hours to find out the vast majority of the discussed content is deprecated. Please examine this.

  • Rogier van den Berg

    About AngularFire and route guard: "For more details on that, there is a link below, just click that and get a full list.." (11:12) There is no link about that 🙄 Could you point me into the right direction?

  • Joint Task

    #AskFirebase Should we expect dart to run on cloud function anytime in the future (YES OR NO)…. because the question was not really answered here 3:52 just want to know if it coming or not

  • guillaume blaquiere

    Hi. I'm not sure that you address correctly the question about Dart in Cloud Function. Of course, the solution with Cloud Run works (and I'm a big fan of Cloud Run!!!) but Firebase function offers lots of convenience for deployment. Indeed, thanks to the firebase packaging, the deployment is very easy and you don't have to worry about gcloud SDK and so on. More detail on this could be great for the users.

  • Jeetesh Surana

    Can you make more easy web hosting like other c-panel
    Means easy copy paste file on Web hosting for website

  • Luis Gil

    Jen we will miss you. Good luck.
    I have a React Native app with Firebase social media auth, I have to use a WebView to load a Next.js site hosted in Firebase with rewrites to Cloud Run. How I share the credentials between React Native app and Next.js site to be automatically logged with the mobile credentials?. #AskFirebase

  • Saif Hamed

    Nooo, not you Jen, Good for you moving up, but bad for us 🙁
    #AskFirebase when Jen will come back?
    PS: David, there is no IAM link in the description!

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