Ant Aladdin 2.0 Review and Bonus

hey gone from palo here and I hope you
well my friend Ant Aladdin 2.0 also is bringing out at 11 to point out tomorrow now I don’t
know if you remember I promoted the version one thing it’s actually year ago
and loads of you after it closed down came to me and said can I can I get it
reopened and unfortunately because it was a launch pad and end dates that was
it and I wasn’t able to get it reopened for you so now we’re getting even harder
and harder to hit the software is much improved and these are just some of the
places that it allows you to put your content oh now how he act real caveat ok
please use good content for all these things ok they are you can spin and
usually crappy spun content and it can get indexed annually earlier you know I
know that but I’m all about trying to be future-proof K and my instinct not
instinctive thing is just common sense really guys is that going forward there
will there will come a time when that kind of content will not get indexed
anymore in Google might get index and then it just disappear because Google
realized it shifts ok so you know just and because you keep posting to these
really high authority places here okay and this is just a handful of them this
is here for you and you say you want decent stuff because you want these
things to generate traffic for you and if it’s just ship content people are
going to be following through and going through to your TV or your money pages
and that kind of stuff so it’s just very quickly how easy it is to said a campaign going I’m just gonna be
here awhile I got some stuff already so I can come in to do he says content to this is the content that the
anchor text and im just gonna I’m just going to go to ok text
content only the child that one is gonna do it creates and create new content and
stuff lifeboat tags and then just need to drag
this over here perhaps that’s it and it’s not going out and it’s building
links from always high powerful high domain offer 30 websites ok now just a
very very quick one ok they’re all there is something out
there cold sober my coaching students was
talking to me about yesterday’s court domain authority stacking oh gosh I
believe it was the it’s the network empower people who coined the phrase now
I was talking to one of my other friends yesterday and I was talking to me about
domain authority stacking and he’s a very well known as CEO and he told us
that ball doesn’t really famous may I haven’t looked into what exactly that
they do but my gut feeling and his gut feeling was that you know it was just a
clever name for using hard to minority websites into tears and this is it ok so
I had a very quick look at my here just quick look online just on YouTube to see
if there’s any you know videos about domain authority sucking on or about
learning new stuff and it’s not really new stuff okay it’s all about putting
all of these kind of things here and it goes through and you put points on it to
you no pages on your website and in doing so and also you can do it via PBS
right which is why I didn’t want PBN staff that would boost up the authority
make them a little bit more if they’re not relevant to the next let’s say it
used to be about plumbing the website the PBM but he still had some pretty
good factors I drank I just 32 main authority trust flown all that kind of
stuff and had some really powerful legs point in internet but my website the one
thing to rank is a weight-loss website but they don’t really go hand in hand
but as long as the PBN dog bowl is more branded you are coming into your and all
that kind of stuff then by that and Ant Aladdin review pointed to either my my money page open
to a Facebook page or you know whatever I wanna be stopped and then I will do
this kind of thing to my new PBN knock balls so I always set up Facebook and 27
you are there different social accounts around each PBN ought to make it look
more real to help with the based in the main authoritative that kind of stuff
but then I would do something very similar to this to the PBN case not
spamming I’m using unique content on or these kind of things but in doing so on
then re- connery C-minus around the world wanted to be around so Google
zoeken economic hey you know this is now about this subject and that’s it right
so I have got together with also we have managed to put together some really
really powerful bonuses for you when you buy through my link to this demo video
here this is the URL shortener for you so you can see it and they’ll also be
linked with in my within the video on youtube video that you watching this on
right now so you get a click on it and and come to this bonus page UK yet this
is out until tomorrow ok but I’m just doing this now just so you can you can
see the bonuses to the first one is via blogger and its windows-based dashboard
for creating self-hosted and has two plugs with just
one click really where to get traffic acceleration protocol pat is the acronym hard-hitting report
that teaches how to implement the special protocol that will totally
revolutionize the way you allowed into your contacts this is all about getting
your content out there to lots of different places but making sure that
it’s just easier to do with one click right Video Graphics Pack Epix for you
okay now if you buy the premium ok you’ll get busy blogger but on steroids
will enable you to integrate be broke up with the penguin data content
implementation of Aladdin premium which is an add-on into the and reloading
software you’ll also be able to exclude videos and create no more posts with
just text images the viral video hijacker just goes out and will find
lots of our videos boy that you can promote yourself and then the
credibility grabber credibility grabber you be able to add pop-ups over any
authority site of your choice okay so it’s just really good you get
that authority page pretty good content not post a pop-up pointing to your money
page which really grabbed state grabs your attention ok and if you click on any of these
right now is gonna come up with its gonna say in validly ok because it’s not
live yet or are just literally just wanted to show you a quick review of the
software I think it’s absolutely amazing it’s great for just boosting up your
money pages or your or your new blog posts yep you can get all of these kind
of things you can add as many of these into these contacts Alex into each this project so you can you know you got
twenty different world presses then you can have twenty different purposes
pointing back and getting back out to all of us indicated I like just indicate
my content as much as I possibly can case for create a blog post I wanted to
go out only snap it ok I don’t sometimes what I
would do it all will do like an introduction than a snippet of my
content and then put out lots of different sites like this ok and it’s pointing back to my new blog
post which is the main page authority of my new page ok and if I got that then
linking through to a money page or it could be many pages you know totally up
to you then you’re off to the races and it’s just really really powerful ok ok
guys on TV here on Monday to you have a lovely lovely weekend with ant aladdin bonus and I will speak
to you when I speak to you just for now

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