Ant Aladdin 2.0 Domain Authority Boosting
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Ant Aladdin 2.0 Domain Authority Boosting

hey guys from panel here and I had a
couple of questions reference what i was Ant Aladdin 2.0 talkin bout with domain authority
boosting using ant allotted and what I thought quickly do is just a very quick
sketch for you hopefully this will make cents ok now bearing in mind that I’m
sliding door open we’ve got lots and lots of different
networks see the ones that I’ve got set up there are more than this figure see it his all the different
thoughts that you can use the ones that take during the ones of any got account
set up in at the moment so order these thoughts I’ve got extremely high domain
authority ok extremely high nearly all of them are in the nineties YouTube is
probably a hundred 2298 you get the you get the idea they’re all really really
high domain authority size ok so what you doing with this piece of software
and you can’t hear me out like this I just put this very quick sketch together
K get your strategy or dark brown whatever
you want to call that one so let’s say you’ve got your new web page here ok this can be a blog money page YouTube
video whatever ron is going to call that many pages like to just put money page
and then what you’ve got going on here as you can you’ve got all these different just ignore the fact that it’s not let
me talk for some reason this is gonna be safe facebook blog post and a larger no
posts okay and then what i doing here here here horrible during that’s just select all I
thought it was a natural Iraq so I’m just using me this and so here and let’s
say that this is a a new blog post ok you can use just a snippet of the
blog post in here each of these websites and then they get back to hear syndication you’re allowed to do
syndication so I’m not putting the whole article on this money page into one of
these properties you ok and if you just introduced it then you know you helping
spread out the uniqueness a little bit okay because of these are such high
demand authority you can then you’re passing on that demand authority to this
page ok so what you doing it basically
boosting up ok and what you could do RSS feeds so whatever used to shape of
these Review of Ant Aladdin they’re here this one and this one may
just boosting the morale is just a very clever way of steering but you’re only
using really trusted sites within Google and using pretty decent content that
just boost these things up further and further ok and I can do this along you
can do this you can do this with you P biens your YouTube videos blog posts
press releases whatever it is that you need to have a boost with from ok so
what I always do with the PBN by PBN I was set up Facebook down here build out more networks set up different
Google+ profiles and Twitter accounts LiveJournal accounts
attempts so on and so forth okay and then year couple to hear so on and so forth just eating do this
all day you get the idea how this is just old fashioned to pay these are Ohio
authorities saw it hard to make North hora tu just boosting the demand
authority of each one of these which ultimately boosts the domain authority
ok so that’s that’s what I mean by this talk and you can see you know just by
this you know what’s going on here but something here then ultimately down here
at all boosting up this domain authority of
each one of these levels really ok and that’s ultimately coming down here and
boosting up the chain of authority of this page and the higher you can boost
up the domain authority you’ve also got you know you can have a context and all
that kind of stuff within here remember that you know the the highest how Google
Nexus stuff is it looks at you you are how they were in the ANCA and the key word in the title right
that’s the most three most in Port of places to have your keywords ok and
that’s what’s driving all of the relevancy obviously you need to be very
careful with over optimization and stuff from an angry text perspective and also
a content perspective you know you don’t you can’t go and have 25% of your
content or having the same the same keyword it over and over again so it’s
very important to use your romantic semantics semantics your keywords ok so
basically you know you see names from a key words respected throughout your copy
really only need to use your anchor text keyword in yellow copy once and then you
see a difference synonyms for action for your actual for
your keyword and you know a very quick tip on Alex said this before but let me
just think of an example minute and if you can see everything is
forwarded here so consultant is bolded that means that expert is also classed
as consultants in a good way to go through them see what actually also
thinks is a related terms it’s good 15 pages deep to see some different different in there but that’s what I
like to do so just wanna see what’s what else is folded and sometimes you have to
go through and go to a different different few pages marked to market
local markets that they’ve used so marketing we had taken to world market
here and really in the wrong context but they picked it up services survey the words service also
highlighted ok I could go on you know about this all the time but you you
hopefully you get the idea of what I’m tryna what I’m trying to shape ok let’s
do diet got used to her diet inherit all
their views dying here to stray away got diet lose loss lose a piece by piece in bold
system really is a really good way of finding your LSI keywords ok anyway
right so that was a bit of a digression but when things pop into my head you
know what I’m like a lot to have just go off on that tangent if you know if I
have to take care and yeah speech you will see ant aladdin software 2.0

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