Ano ang Domain Name?
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Ano ang Domain Name?

Good Day! Hello there friends! Welcome back to a digital quick learning session Our topics for today is about the meaning of Domain Name Have you heard about it? What really is Domain Name? Is it a place or territory owned by a kingdom from a TV series that just recently ended? In order for us to easily remember let’s just focus on the term “Name” We are using names to determine or to easily remember a certain identity For example, our Phone Book app on our Smart Phones, We are naming the phone numbers for us to easily find them to make a call Well, how is this connected to Domain Names? In web hosting, each website uses an IP Address to connect and communicate with different servers and computers The IP Address or Internet Protocol Address consists of complex combinations of unique numbers for a certain website If we compare it to one another, the IP Address is equivalent to the Phone Number while the Name is equivalent to the Domain Name And the Phone Book app is equivalent to the Domain Name System who manages, organize and translates the IP address into a name that is easy to remember As with our names the Domain Name also consists of different parts It is always arranged from right to left The last name or surname is called TLD or Top-Level Domains The name or first name is called Mid-Level Domains While the title is called Machine Name or Host Name Prefix For websites that are using Web Servers it usually www for World Wide Web Hold on for a sec what if you had two names? For example John Lloyd Cruz For the additional name, it is called Subdomain This is a domain that belongs to Main or Primary Domain It is considered as a new name that has a different use aside from the primary domain For example or So let’s do a quick recap When you search for a website address using your computer it passes through the internet then to the Domain Name System Server or DNS Server It is connected to various web servers therefore it will search for the equivalent IP address to connect your computer to the correct Web Server And once you got connected to the web server that’s the time you will be able to access the web site that you are searching for There you go! This video is brought to you by DatastiQ We hope you have learned a lot and liked our video and for future digital topics, please do not forget to click and follow our page And also feel free this share this content to help others You can also leave a comment if you have a topic that you want us to discuss Till next time!

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