Animaze Review Plus My Custom Animaze Bonuses
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Animaze Review Plus My Custom Animaze Bonuses

what’s up I am as this is I cause and
this is my Animaze review I’m gonna break down this software for you let you know
if it works not talk about my custom bonuses because they’re directly
correlated with this piece of software because if you want to create YouTube
videos or use these videos to rank on YouTube that you don’t want my videos
I’m not going videos my custom bonuses why cuz you found this video right now
the video you’re watching right now you found it it’s because I know SEO
I know YouTube SEO but first let’s talk about the headline here I won’t let you
know if this is realistic or not if they’re not created inflated promises or
anything like that let’s find out right now easily create stunning videos or the
3d talking characters built from your pictures customizable scenes
breathtaking animations talk text-to-speech voice overs real-time
lip-syncing and much much more yes this is a software that delivers on
every little thing I just said okay I’m gonna show that real quick but first I
want to talk about my custom bonuses so if you see this is my landing page this
is a link below you check that up you scroll down and this is my review ok and
then you have the first custom bonus ok this is really important I used to sell
a child safety kits to local businesses I used to sell squeeze pages lead magnet
creation to local businesses I know how to automate okay the Animaze product so
you can sell to local businesses if you want to go that run right there’s two
ways you can go with Animaze okay so first one is if you want to create a
YouTube channel using these at using these animations advertised
to tell a story in a in a particular niche right and the second way or maybe
another way is to sell these types of video services to local businesses okay
so I’m gonna show you how to automate that completely hands-off you get that
inside okay on top of that if you decide to go to youtube broad and you want to
rank on YouTube then you want my custom bonuses my first one for the YouTube
ranking is the best video keyword tool this is important if you want if you
want to find those sweet keywords those long tail keywords that are searched for
on YouTube specifically really important you want to find those keywords that
have a good search volume but are not overly
pitov why because you want to rank for them so if you can check out my youtube
channel I got to I got the pretty my baby shower one and I got this one here
internet marketing gym check out my videos I ranked at the top three for
those further for the specific keywords that I’m that I’m targeting usually you
can find the keyword within the title just check it out and you’ll see them
I’m at the top 3 so I want to give you proof that I know what I’m talking about
ok the next one is my most important ranking factor now this is huge ok a lot
of SEO experts will tell you that you need backlinks they need on page SEO off
page SEO now to some degree or another this is true you know backlinks do help
on page SEO is important so is off page but the most important factor has
nothing to do with that when it comes to YouTube ok
and if you get if you know this correctly you don’t even need backlinks
this is super important I discovered this in 2019 and my profits have soared
because of this you get this as well it’s part of my bonus package custom
again none of this is PLR this is all custom bonuses created by me that I that
I use and I’m gonna give you access to ok through my page through this page
here the next one here is my complete video traffic toolkit how to create
videos the actual thumbnail creator I use the the actual tool I use free tool
I use to to harvest tags get you to specifically YouTube tags ok that helped
me rank my videos ok on top of that you get my traffic and profit case study I’m
gonna show you one particular product that targeted I’m gonna show you this
only really short seven-minute video how I got it to rank really high I’m gonna
show you the results how much I made from this little video 7 minute video
and it is it is pretty cool and I think it’s gonna motivate you to take my to
take my to take my method to take my YouTube method and use it alongside the
and amaze to create your YouTube channel if you decide to go that route okay
on top of that you get all the regular bonuses that are included with Animaze now again these are the product vendor product product vendor bonuses okay now
these are not my bonuses so I cannot can I can I say if they work or not or
if they’re legit but I want to make sure that you feel like you’re not missing
out I focus on line but I want to make sure that you got those as well let’s go
over them real quick there’s ten of them okay now again I don’t have experience
with these but here you go number one is social video gamer number
two is to blink lytx number three is video cert of video survey number six is
press play ultimate video player number seven is video extractor pull videos
into your database number eight is video background quality html5 video and
YouTube backgrounds number nine is vid commenter and number 10 is vid captured
all more tools to use with your YouTube ok your YouTube channel again I cannot
say if they work or not but you get them you get them for free as well along with
my custom bonuses now let’s let’s go over the actual tool once you purchase
animes you’re gonna have two options to download the Windows or the Mac version
I chose the windows because I have Windows now instead of me making a demo
for you I’m gonna use the demonstration that they have within an amazed I think
it’s really well done and it and it does a way better jump in than I can ever do
so there are many functions to Animaze but this is my favorite by far check
this out creating the perfect video with Animaze
is the easiest thing to do once you learn to use the character editor in the
scene builder because Animaze allows you to easily add elements such as dialogue
and music to a video with a single click in this video will show you how to
create a video with one character in the scene the right way step by step start
by opening the Animaze app enter a name for this new project and click on the
create project button you can skip the character editor and select a pre-built
character design in the scene builder this means that now you can simply click
out and go to scene builder now that you are in the scene builder click on the
end after X seconds field under the scene view screen and enter the length
of your video in seconds now click on the scene box button to add a scene to
your timeline now it is time to build the scene first
for them view and select the background camera for the scene now click on the
camera icon to load the background camera into the scene view screen now
click on character to open the character selection screen locate a character
design that you’d like to use in your video and click on it to select it now
click on somewhere in the scene to select the position of your character in
the background here you just have to make sure to select the same background
camera that you selected on View for example if you selected camera 1 on view
then you have to select camera 1 for the same background otherwise your character
won’t appear on the scene if you selected a full camera view you can
select either camera 1 or camera 2 for the same background now click on the
rotate icon in the scene box to change the direction that your character is
facing in this example we’ll make our character look at the camera so we’ll
rotate it until it is facing the viewer because this is a video featuring a
single character you only have to use one of the two character lines in the
scene box now you have to time the scene because this is the first scene in the
video you have to time it to trigger at the 0 seconds mark by typing 0 in the
after X seconds field you can freely add as many elements as you want to your
video from now on in this example we’ll add two text boxes in between two
different scenes featuring the same character and then we’ll add some
effects and music textboxes allow you to add splash
screens titles captions messages and scripted interactions in between scenes
let’s add the first text box to the timeline by clicking on the text box
button we’re going to use this text box to insert a greeting from the character
in the scene when editing a text box start by clicking on the alignment menu
to select where to position your text in the screen now select the text color
background color and text the sides now with any enter text field to type your
text now enter at which second you will trigger this text in the video only
after X seconds field awesome let’s preview how this plays out so far and
clicking on the play button under the scene view screen let’s add the second
scene for the timeline by clicking on a scene box button start by clicking on
view to select a background for the scene now click on the camera icon to
load the background into the scene now click on character and select the same
character you selected on the first scene in the timeline now click on
somewhere in the scene and select the same background camera that you selected
on view now click on the rotate icon to move the character in your scene to your
preferred position now click on the after X seconds field and enter at which
second in the video you will trigger this scene to achieve the best effects
possible simply enter the second after the previous elements in the timeline
ends great job now add the last X plate to the timeline by clicking on the text
box button select the text alignment the text color the background color and the
text size now type our message in the enter text field now enter the second
mark at which you will trigger this text in the after X seconds field lastly you
have to insert music and sound effects start by adding a music track to your
video to add a music track into the timeline you’ll just have to click on
the music box button now all you have to do is select the music track first click
on music as you can see there’s a large selection of music tracks that you can
use on all your videos click on a music track to add it to the music
you can preview a music track by clicking onion starts playing button
after adding it to the music box you can also control the track’s volume by using
the volume lever next all you have to do is enter at which time you’ll trigger
the Tramp in the after X 2 seconds field in this example we want the track to
start right when the video starts so we’re going to time it at 0 seconds
inserting sound effects is just as easy all you have to do is click on the sound
button to add a sound box to the timeline now click on sound effect and
select one sound effect from the selection screen you can preview this
sound effect by clicking on the starts plane but remember that you can control
the volume of the sound effect by using the volume lever in the sound box now
enter at which time you’ll trigger the sound effect in the after X seconds
field in this example we want to synchronize this sound effect with the
first text plate in the video so we are going to type the exact same seconds
mark in the after X seconds field now click on the play button under the scene
view screen to watch your video awesome job remember that you could export an HD
version of your video that you can upload share and embed anywhere by
clicking on the start capture button naming your video and clicking on save
and that is it 3d animation doesn’t get any easier than this ok so finally I
want to go over the upgrades with you so you know exactly what to expect if you
decide to purchase Animaze so the first upgrade is animes pro version ok that’s
it it’s at 67 bucks so one time it’s a one-time price this is an upgrade where
the user can unlock additional scenes characters and more audios more audio
files and get more premium support ok episode number 2 is Animaze agency it’s a
67 one-time offer the NUC license is a one-time purchase it counts as done for
you legal contract scripts VA staff Facebook ad creatives printer ad
templates trip made proposals and pre-built website ok and then we have
episode number 3 animes templates club it’s at a 97 bucks one-time offer
or actually you know it’s listen seven bucks one-time offer and during
the launch period it’s a 97 bucks one-time okay after the launch period
its 1:27 yearly okay so it’s a recurring membership if you get this after the
launch period so if you do get this get this now because it’s a one-time price
okay and my recommendation well up so number
three is really appealing to me if you decide to get if you decide to go with
you know you two brought because you want to create different backgrounds
different avatars so the more access to to content you have the more graphics
you can use the better okay the also up so number number one is also very good
because you have additional characters additional scenes okay
now as for up so number two I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s required I
think it’s I think it’s great but just a lot of content and if you’re new to this
might be a little bit overwhelming I think you should stick to my custom
bonus my custom bonus right here the one I mentioned earlier this premium custom
artist how to turn Animaze into a passive system how do you recommend you get this
and just forget about upgrade number two so you get that information down below I
hope you like my Animaze review if you have any questions let me know I’ll be
sure to answer them be good and take care bye bye and don’t forget to Like
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