angular universal server-side rendering- Easy project setup with angular 6/7 cli
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angular universal server-side rendering- Easy project setup with angular 6/7 cli


  • Manoj Isaac

    Sir good effort
    Please add the following
    1. How to use the rendermodulefactory as shown in
    2. How to run the hybrid approach of static pre rendering and dynamic ssr together as shown in one of the YouTube videos?
    Thanks a lot

  • Praveen Kumar Guda

    Good efforts, But I think you should have explained more in detail and show the folders created inside the dist after running the project and explain the those folders.

  • BlackBox Tech

    Please stay tuned for all upcoming videos. I generally publish videos every week. You can also watch my other playlists

  • Squapl Magazine

    video position 22.30 (routes) you have mentioned will cover in another lecture. have you covered it. will be of help if we can understand that concept.

  • Sachin Bahegavankar

    Hello Sir I get error form server.js file

    var DragEvent = ((window)).DragEvent; ^ ReferenceError: window is not defined

  • Saurabh Ghosh

    Can you please tell me the routing part of the Universal because I added routing in my app but the source code of the app isn't showing the dynamic content.

  • BlackBox Tech

    Hi all, please use this link for updated code with lazy loading and ssr route

  • Sachin Bahegavankar

    Hello Sir, Actually I am new in Angular, I am trying to convert my existing app to Angular Universal my repo is

  • Esteban Vera

    hi friend excellent video, some questions:
    1. how can I render modules lazy loading.
    2. How can I render information from the server using an example service:
    3. How can the project be published on servers such as herokuapp or firebase

    This is my example project where the lazy loading does not work for me

    stay tuned,
    first of all, Thanks!

  • Vaishali Kasar

    Hi sir, getting error Cannot read property 'projectType' of undefined error on ng generate universal –clientProject command.

  • Vaishali Kasar

    Hi sir, getting Module build failed (from ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js) on npm run build:ssr && npm run serve:ssr command

  • Indraraj yadav

    Hi, when I hit http://localhost:4000, it start loading indefinitely, but when I hit http://localhost:4000/index.html it loads full page immediately

  • Shalini Singh

    Hii I got two error after follow all your explaination
    Module not found:error: can't resolve 'filter-env'
    Module not found:error: can't resolve '. Dist/server/main'

  • Sabry Muhamad

    that was very supportive but unfortunately I got the same error I always get with angular 6 using universal toolkit… the error is::

    })(window, document, 'Hammer');


    ReferenceError: window is not defined
    at Object.<anonymous> (~tevadistserver.js:145902:4)

    at _webpack_require_ (~tevadistserver.js:20:30)

    do you have any idea what I should do please?

    p.s. here is a compress version of my project

  • Sungira Info

    Hello brother, thanks for this video and God bless you,.. Please i am getting this error after running npm run start-ssr ERROR in ./server.ts

    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'dotenv' in 'C:wamp64wwwnaipod3'

    @ ./server.ts 13:13-30

    ERROR in ./server.ts

    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'filter-env' in 'C:wamp64wwwnaipod3'

    @ ./server.ts 10:16-37

  • Vijay kumar

    Hi, thanks for the video.
    After node dist/server.js
    i'm getting
    var crypto = require('crypto');
    TypeError: require is not a function
    Can you please help me to solve this.

  • Mujamil Naikwadi

    TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
    at Function.keys (<anonymous>)
    at Storage.initialize (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:288587:45)
    at new Storage (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:288478:14)
    at StorageService.initializeForBrowser (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:288669:22)
    at new StorageService (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:288656:18)
    at _createClass (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:21722:20)
    at _createProviderInstance (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:21696:26)
    at resolveNgModuleDep (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:21660:21)
    at NgModuleRef_.get (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:22368:16)
    at Module.inject (/Users/Desktop/Project/buyer-app-universal/dist/server.js:5072:33)

  • Vijay kumar

    This helped me a lot. thanks for the video. But I got stuck in dynamic content. If my app is making api calls and rendering data, this part is not getting rendered in server side. Can you please help me out in this.

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