Android Developer Story: Domain increases installs by 44% with Material Design
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Android Developer Story: Domain increases installs by 44% with Material Design

GARY LO: I want people to
enjoy finding their next home. I want people to
be happy when they imagine what it’s
going to be like for them to live in this home. To be part of that process
is a real privilege. Yeah, that’s what it’s
really about for me. My name’s Gary Lo. I’m the lead Android
developer at Domain. We provide search
tools, information for buyers, investors, sellers,
renters, and agents Australia wide. We’re a big company
with over 500 people and a number of
different products. We have three developers
on the Android team, and we work very closely
with our Design and UX teams. HENRIQUE MARASSI: I’m Henrique. I’m product manager
here at Domain. It’s been a very
interesting time for us. Our Android app has come a long
way over the past few years. When Gary and I started, that
was really counterintuitive. There were problems
with navigation, and user feedback
was really poor. GARY LO: We had to
educate our team, and we designed our
app specifically for the Android platform. HENRIQUE MARASSI:
We were really lucky that the business supported
us and really invested in developing a best
practice Android app. GARY LO: Once we did a
very standard framework, we really started to take
advantage of all the tools that Google and Android gave us. We wanted to provide the
user with understanding of the surroundings
of a property. We’ve got Google Maps. We wanted timely
notifications to the user, and we’ve got GCM Push. We wanted to help users
discover companies as they walk along the street,
and you’ve got geo-fencing. Play’s services just
makes it so easy for us to create
those experiences. HENRIQUE MARASSI: 2014 was
a really big year for us. We released a number of great
features– finger search, integration with Google Now,
and adoption of material design. GARY LO: Material design gives
you a very strong guideline as to how to design an app. It just makes the experience
so much more immersive. And the response was amazing. We’ve had a 44% increase
in monthly downloads, placing Domain app in
the top five lifestyle apps in Australia. Being able to hear real people
tell us how great the app is and how it’s helped them
find a home is fantastic. We’ve gone from a 2.8 star
rating in the Play store to a 4.1. HENRIQUE MARASSI:
The future of the app is constantly
evolving and changing to really make the
life of our users easier in that home
buying process. And has been really
big year for us, and we can’t wait to see what
the Android platform will give us next.


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