Anamnesis – Episode 04 | Sci-Fi Web Series
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Anamnesis – Episode 04 | Sci-Fi Web Series

Maybe she worked with Adam? He never mentioned
anyone named Vera. I need to know who she is. Maybe it’s better not to know. -I’ll see you tomorrow?
-Yeah. Okay. Call me if you need anything,
all right? -Thanks, bye.
-Bye.[ Ringtone ][ Phone ringing ] Yeah, hello?Detective, I’ve got
the surveillance footage.
Vera? I’ve got it working, and you’re going
to want to see what’s on it. Hi Sean. Hi Hannah. Isn’t this place weird? Hey, watch this. I’m watching. Two coins. Not bad. But watch this. Hey, how did you do that? A magician never reveals her secrets. Hey… Do you want to help me
find someone? NINA: Noah! Hey. I made your favorite. My special recipe. What’s wrong? I don’t understand. -I don’t—
-Shh. Just relax. Everything will be
all right in the morning. In the morning? What time is it? You’re so tired.
You need to rest. I can’t remember… Where’s our bed? Where do we sleep? This way. Come on. Come on. NINA: Noah! Hey! I made your favorite. My special recipe. What’s wrong? So if you met him in a dream,
how are we supposed to find him? We’re in my dream right now. Prove it. What? Prove this is a dream. Look at your menu. Can you read any of it, actually? Look at the clock on the wall. Can you tell me what time it is? Pinch your nose. Pinch your nose! All right, now breathe in. Reality tests. And is this a reality test too? Not exactly.
It’s more of a reminder. Whenever I look at my hand,
I ask myself, “Am I awake?” If you do it enough, you’ll start
to do it in your dream out of habit. And then you realize you’re asleep. We’re dreaming. Well, I am. Come on.
Let’s get out of here. Noah. [ Slow beeping ] [ Slow beeping ]


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