Anamnesis – Episode 03 | Sci-Fi Web Series
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Anamnesis – Episode 03 | Sci-Fi Web Series

Hi. Hi there. I’m Hannah. Hi Hannah. I’m Sean. Hi Sean. Do you want to get out of here? Hello?! [ Beep ] [ Slow beeping ] Noah? Are you okay? I don’t know what’s happening to me. I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’m here. I’ll always be here. How did we get here? We’re just…here. Would you rather be someone else? No. I feel safe here. -Why you?
-What? I’m in a dream, and I’m lucid, so I could literally be sitting here
with anyone else. Anyone I could imagine. And I’m here with you. Yeah, why am I here? Because one day
I walked into a coffee shop and now I can’t get you
out of my head. Must have made
quite the impression. What did I do exactly? You made me a latte. Why don’t you just talk to me? I’ve tried,
you just didn’t seem interested. Oh, really? I don’t know how to do
the getting-to-know-you, small talk stuff anyway. I wish we could just
skip past that part, be real with each other. You don’t think I can be real? You’re not real. You’re just…what I imagine
this girl Hannah to be. [ Sighs ] Hi, what can I get you? -Small latte.
-Hey! -You work with Dr. Spalding.
-Yeah. -How’s your day going?
-Stephen, right? -It’s Sean—
-She’ll ring you out. [ Gasps ] [ Knocking on door ] Morning. I’m Detective Isaac Sterling. I’m looking for someone named Vera. All right. Would that happen to be you? My name is Vera. Do you recognized that drive? No. Well, that’s good. There’s a fair
amount of illegal software on here, so you kind of dodged a bullet there. Hey, do you mind if I come in? This is a little hard
through the doorway. No, thank you. Okay. Do you know a man
named Adam Whitman? He was shot and killed
two nights ago. Let me see your badge again. Come on in. So, how did you know Adam? -He did some work for me sometimes.
-Oh, yeah? What kind of work? [ Sighs ] Deliveries, errands, massages. That’s funny. He was killed in a copy store
on Fifth Street. You have any idea
what he might have been doing there? At a copy store? Yeah. Making copies? Listen, I’m going to be straight
with you. Most people to make some quick cash
don’t target a local copy shop. Now I’ve got two dead bodies and not
a whole lot of conclusive leads, so I need you to think. Do you know anyone
that may have wanted to hurt Adam? -Why don’t you have any leads?
-Excuse me? Why don’t you have any leads? It’s that hard to look
at security camera footage and see someone’s face? The footage has some proprietary
codec…playback…something-or-other. I’ve got I.T. working on it. Give it to me.
I’ll make it work. No. It’s police evidence. You want some coffee, Detective? -No, thank you.
-Listen— Well, then I think we’re done here. I’d like to ask you
some more questions soon, so. This is quite the set-up
you have here. Have a nice day. Hey, Sean? -File these for me, will you?
-Sure. Any exciting dreams lately? You could say that. You never told me your secret… how you remember your dreams. Oh, um… I didn’t always, but I taught myself
how to lucid dream. You know, be aware
while you’re dreaming. And when I’m lucid,
I tend to remember most things… What’s that? Oh, uh, I don’t know.
Nothing. Oh, hey. I shouldn’t do this, but if you need a refill
on your medication, I’d be happy to write you
a prescription. Oh, uh, no, thanks.
I’m fine. Well, just let me know. -Dr. Spalding?
-Yeah. The guy who worked here before,
you’re assistant, what was his name? Noah.


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