An Introduction to Grace Hosting
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An Introduction to Grace Hosting

hello my name is Hadi I came to lead two
years ago and I’m destitute asylum seeker that means I don’t have any
support or any accommodation and I need others to help me for placing – asleep
and when I came to Leeds I didn’t have any place to go and that’s why I go to
beauty shred cross and with few phone calls they found out a place for me and
they gave me an address to go and spend that night then when I go to that
address there was a very very welcoming family and they opened their door and
they welcomed me the very very kind heart and I felt very very warm and very
welcome that night I think the best thing you can do to start with arrives
at your house so a new guest is on the doorstep it’s to say to them very
clearly you are welcome and let them know that they are very welcome in your
house and to let them come in and feel that they welcome I suppose the first
obvious thing is that you eat together and we found that people were interested
in in resting and you show them their room and there they’re happy because
they’ve got the base then for two or three or four notes because the
alternative is potentially a night on the streets or the night in the bus
station and yeah like just opening your door and having someone to say which
it’s really really easy to do it’s so kind of like yeah changes make
someone’s like life for that week asking if if they’ve eaten and being ready to
perhaps to share a meal with them and to show them what will be their room and
how to work things in the room if a television set how to work it and
where the bathroom is obvious things like you would do with any guest I I
suppose anybody who came into your home I think we are probably on the spectrum
quite on the relaxed that I don’t know the kind of hosts and but that’s
probably because a lot of that hosting has been in shared houses where there’s
quite a different culture and sort of different use of space and things anyway
I could imagine yet if you’ve got children all sort of like a larger
family things might be slightly different until we started hosting you
didn’t we didn’t really know what was what the house rules were that it was
and because we’re living them we kind of never have to discuss house rules
because we know how things work here but it just just I suppose once we’d started
and hosting we became aware that we needed our own space sometimes so as an
example we keep the living room just just for us purchased family and there
might be times where we choose to have a family meal or a meal with friends
coming round and we asked guess not to be around at that point the battle isn’t
making people aware that they’re in your house or that that it’s more the
opposite that like that it’s it’s more of a struggle to make people feel
welcome and relaxed like if you say you need to be up I hate that we’ve standing
at the door with a bag at 7:30 do you know I mean things like not smoking in
the house not having friends to stay over not using computers or if those
things are to occur that that we’ve been spoken to first and agreed that that’s
okay so kind of encouraging and guests to ask permission to do things I guess
really for me the most difficult thing is when somebody when something when you
go message or saying oh could you host tonight it’s
like there is like a few there’s a few minutes that are it’s an extra thing for
me to sort out to that you know like it’s temporarily like a feeling of like
oh it’s like a job as license on my plate it’s kind of thing like now I’ve
got to sort out but actually like if the more you cancel like see past that like
it’s always worthwhile like by the time you meet the person just process like
well they might have actually just literally been in the bus station
tonight when you become aware that someone has absolutely nothing in terms
of money and and and and that can be distressing if you think about it too
much so I suppose I try not to think about it very much and and think about
what we can do and provide in terms of a room and food warmth if people need it
but I try really hard not to think about how little and some of our guests I’ve
got it’s so kind of basic what what they what somebody needs is just like
somewhere to sleep and some food so there’s only a you know if you don’t
want to get if you don’t want to get involved in the the intricacies of that
case and I think I want to talk about what’s happened to them or anything then
you know we wouldn’t want to lend people money but we can put them in touch with
the one of the many organizations that do that are here in Leeds to support
people and there’s meeting point and there’s path for us just spring to mind
immediately so if I felt that someone was in in need then either I would make
a phone call and discuss it or I would refer them to you know to discuss it
themselves when they got to those those places recently have the guest think for
several months who was a very good get lots of delicious food and did lots of but I think often obviously if people
stay longer you form a sort of closer relationship and you do things together
and you you fought more memories it’s changed me as a person it’s taken me out
of that protective bubble and show me what the real world is like and that you
can make a difference no matter how small it is and I think that’s great for
to happen to anyone I think it’s been an amazing experience and I really
recommend it as well and you know we’ve been doing it for ten years
and I think this does maybe two or three occasions when things haven’t gone great
but it’s never been anything dramatic it’s never been anything you know with
no one’s ever stolen from us no one’s ever salted us or abused us in any way
it’s you know it’s just being that it’s been slight you know a bit more tricky
and in 10 years it’s maybe happened two or three times and then that Ollie you
know I think we worked out we’d had about 30 or 40 people over the years
that have just been great to meet anyone thinking about being a host will like
will you know think about the potential things that could go wrong along you
know against the potential benefits but what we found is like by a long shot
the the benefits outweigh the the potential bad things like you know it’s
reasonable to think about the things that could be difficult but I don’t want
to have them up too much because basically there would be the benefits
much bigger yes the rewards are considerable and were cursed he says yes
you recognise cultural differences there is it’s a bit of a cliche isn’t it to
say that we we recognize what we have in common and it’s amazing what you do
share you share a sense of humor and there’s a generosity of spirit there
which is its reciprocal and you get so much out of it in terms of meeting
people find out finding out what happened
to the part of the world and you know just the whole experience of but the the
kind of cultural exchange that I mentioned earlier I guess is just quite
quite privileged isn’t it yeah they don’t you have to leave your
own house grace hosts make a very big difference
in people’s life and also I want to thank everyone who are part of lesson
and also thank the people who want to become part of lesson and I met very
very kind heart and wonderful people in the time I was part of grace house and
thank you and thanks lesson for everything data

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