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    This is Part One of our two-part documentary series, "America's Great Divide." Watch Part Two here: https://youtu.be/l5vyDPN19ww

  • James Waddell

    Obama praised gay marriage, he marched for the rainbow coalition ,gave bruce Caitlyn whatever it is a courage award! Wtf! Courage to be a freak! That's not courage that's sickness! Courage was the brave soilders at bengazzie ! What kind of president dont salute the marine saluting you getten off the plane?

  • Pretorius Sarel

    Obama stopped in the Senate for lying – This is priceless 32:01 Nancy's reaction

    The final nail in the coffin for Obama was the jokes on Trump – 42:00 was the main reason for Trump to run

  • mark reynolds

    henry lewis gates is an interesting character he tells the past how it was nt how yor confused secondary school teacher told u

  • A. G.

    As a German I can’t understand how so many people can support trump. In Germany Trump is only known to be irrational and dangerous.

  • JA G

    Firstly, I didn’t vote for Trump. Now then, being an AM Hispanic – I never experienced a more division in my 53 yrs than Obama fueling racism. Note “that could have been my son”. He forgot he was also half white, yet never said the same when a young white person died due to violence. Worst president in my lifetime. No change, just bail outs and celebrity driven.

  • Gerson Pineda

    Frontline= the Obama documentary network. Featuring full of apologies for how our country acts and also your usual solf pro Obama hope narrative. President Obama had 8 years in which he didn't do a damn thing. Not to mention this is with partial of those year with a full democrat house and senate. Everytime I hear people talk about this president they talk about the man but not his accomplishment. Because there was none. Instead of hosting parties every weekend with Hollywood elites and Jay-Z. He should have fixed : growing gap in middle class, stanstill wages, city violence, isis, Afghanistan, yemen, Somalia, infrastructure, growing divorce rates, single motherhood. Not to mention he was one of the president who didn't want to fix immigration but was happy to deport millions of families just to see them come back.

  • Joshua Hardy

    According to this documentary Brightbart is incredibly powerful, maybe the FBI should look into this? When did democrats become so weak? I had no idea a slightly off news organization could become so powerful!! I have a hard time believing that Brightbart and Alex Jones are to blame……….

  • Max T

    As an outsider to America this is what I see. I see Obama as a very popular President who did not deliver much. Trump a very unpopular president who has delivered more. Either way the people, families, safety and your country should come first …..

  • Venice Lockjaw

    Noam Chomsky was right. "The Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history

    'Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?'"
    Shame on Republicans and the people who take their lies as truth.

    Think about this for a second.

    Trump didn't run for the highest office in the land because he thought he could lead the country in the right direction. He didn't do for the the American people or due to some sense of duty. He ran simply to settle a petty score with Obama. To simple undo EVERYTHING Obama did as President, no matter the cost to the American people or Peace abroad. That's. All.
    Iran is now resuming their nuclear program, after Trump tore up their agreement and assassinated Soleimani.

    The problem with the deal? It had Obama's signature on it.

    Let that sink in.

  • Farzana Patel

    Frontline is a joke. This documentary is 100% pure narrative driven partisan propaganda.

    It showed Obama as a good natured, benevolent, mother Teresa style President who tried to seek compromise and work across the aisle when instead he tried to penalize us for not his using his shitty healthcare, remove our gun rights and got our Ambassador in Benghazi killed.

    It showed Breitbart, Fox and Talk Radio as propagandist, agenda driven political shows but it speaks NOTHING of MSNBC, NY times, CNN, Washington Post agenda driven neoliberal politics.

    This documentary is 100% pure narrative driven partisan propaganda. It paints BLM as some sort of justified protest group when they aren't much more than a domestic terrorist organization.

  • natskivna

    Obama era scandals not mentioned in part 1. Solyndra, Benghazi, Dallas Cops shooting, IRS targeting conservatives, Rise of Isis and JV comment, Fast and Furious, Lies about Obamacare., Syria Red Line, Govt Surveillance of Media, Trading 5 Taliban for Bowe Bergdahl, Uranium One. Interesting eh?

  • thebananaboatlife

    For a moment, I thought I was watching the movie Lincoln or a documentary of the American Civil War of the 1800s, but then I realized it's a documentary of 2020 America.

  • John Davenport

    As I watch this, even though it is history, it feels like a car crash in slow motion…and you know the collision is coming…as soon as Trumps economy goes to crap.

  • Bob

    Wow, watched the whole thing, just to make sure. Yeah, a lot left out here. I knew in 2008, He was not what he says. And his record reflects that. I wished I was wrong, but like I said his record reflects I was right. But now, they are making him out to me more than he was. Why?? Hmmmm lets find out, shall we…. Truth shall prevail……

  • phookadude

    Wow… Just watched the second half of this about Trump. Such bias. Blaming the circus around Cavanaugh's nomination on Trump and not the Democrats who dug up an operative with a bs story from decades ago (who had offered the attack on him years earlier but was saved for later). I used to watch PBS all the time, and listen to NPR, but they are all so biased now that they can't even see their own bias. Even the music during the entire Trump episode is like the theme to a horror flick. Such a sad demise of PBS.

  • Santiago Bron

    the biggest difference between trump and Obama is how they dealt with the media.
    Obama kept bowing to the media and that's why he kept losing credibility and gave the media power on how he would present himself.
    Trump didn't do that and called out the media for their bullshit outrage culture.
    Obama should have done that but he didn't, was too afraid, and gave them too much power.

  • Brenda Elliptt

    I think most of this is true! I also think there is alot of sugar coating! Time will shed light on the darker side of all this story.Burn in Hell they will….

  • Trignal

    Much as I enjoyed Obama's roast of the Donald at the correspondents' dinner , if I had known what it would lead to, I could have done without it.

  • Empress Naomiho

    My future plan is to be a political scientist or political analyst, especially on US politics.
    What books should I read in order to know political divide and tribalism?

  • Michele Mcguire

    And they all swallowed hook line and sinker, didn't see it coming..but I did..I knew that he was up to NO GOOD!!.
    and then later after he was SELECTED to be president..he then started tearing down America from the inside out and nobody saw it!!
    Sarah Palin was another puppet in the show..makes me sick..

  • Goliat De Palestein

    A good indepth documentary.. thumbs up for that.
    As an European, ventilating my opinion, what an utter, utter, utter xenofobic looney bin the USA has become, or always has been, combined with an ocean of hand guns / assault riffles. I am begging you, USA, vote Bernie 2020!

  • Witness for the truth

    Obama the man who brought confusion and unprecedented immorality in USA . No greater tragedy than to have a president who promotes confusion in the bathroom. A nation
    Healing process start with total submission to the Creator ‘ s values, MORALITY
    Go back to the history books : immorality, inflation , wars ,pedophilia , overeating, drunkenness,political corruption, market manipulation, church ,and state union were the factors which contribute to the collapse of the powers of the past . Are we next in line ?

  • Cool Night King

    Americans elected Obama just because he was black , and just to say to the world "look at us we're not racist , and we're open minded…"

  • The Evergreens

    The American Experiment is doomed and it seems like sectarianism and civil conflict is inevitable. We have failed, all of us.


    The fake media and the fake news have brain washed us all and we dont know what is up or down! Its all a big puppet show folks!

  • FlorianoCanduo

    I would respectfully say that It was Bush, Barack and also very much Hillary who stoked racial and class division to an all time high, introducing the constant boxing of Americans as African Americans, Mexican Americans, Female Americans, etc etc. Trump is really the first one to end this trend. He almost never refers to specific groups like that. He only does it when he is defending his numbers with these groups (which are great), but he mostly just talks about one group: Americans!!! That is the only true bringing together which is happening and Trump is the only one driving that movement. On the left they are still very much on the dividing train. They say they are not, but their actions are still the actions fo constantly dividing everybody into groups. Barack's great failure was that as POTUS he did not stand with law enforcement. The damage he did their is going to take probably 50 years or more to undo. He infected a whole generation with the idea that law enforcement and institutions are evil, when in truth they are all that stands between piece and order and complete anarchy. And real anarchy is what we see now in the US in almost every great liberal city. TRump is truly doing the right thing by bringing order and respect to institutions back. This is his most important task of all. And also by refusing to see US citizens as different racial groups, but to once again see them as one people.

  • David Shechtman

    No no no and no. Sarah Palin did not invent the lie. The legacy liberal media did. Reason for Rush Limbaugh et al. I grew up in Portland OR where the good old Oregonian our state paper; had never in my life seen a gun control bill they didn't just gush over, never seen a tax they didn't fully support in all conscious, would pay homage to religion when necessary but pretty much openly despised evangelicals. I'm not religious or a tobacco smoker either but people in the middle like myself with out an ax to grind could see how the legacy media was on a goose stepping agenda, and how they were so very certain that they knew better than us. So I started to support the enemy of my enemy.

  • R Taylor

    It’s like watching a bad movie starring an entire generation of idiots (baby boomers) on both sides of the aisle do what they do best. Be stupid and break things.

  • stephan gillis

    Obama was not the first black president. He's the first Kenyan American president. He was placed in office to finish off the majority of the black American population economically. While giving us aspirations, celebrity and scolding on why we are in the position we are in. Fuk Obama!

  • John D

    1:22-23 Michael Brown shooting, Attorney General Eric Holder released a statement the following Monday. On the presidents directions the DOJ would investigate this shooting. The findings released on 8/4/14 from the DOJ, the office made a legal shooting and that he did defended himself. The left didn't make a big deal about this and instead they still put out a false narrative he was murderer by a white police man. I know there is a problem between the police and the black community, but this was not the correct example to be used. This shows what happens on a daily occurrence and what our police people are up against. FRONTLINE said nothing about this? FRONTLINE ?

  • Mike Fincher

    The irony of Donald Trump insinuating that Barack's election was a "scam", when Donald Trump's scam university cost him $25 million in penalties and his scam charity was shut down.

  • dutchpy dutchpy

    WOW. History already starts while living it. Some people might be thinking already what will be put on their grave stone. For sure not what they hope for. One thing is for sure with TRUMP. There are people who prefer NOT TO BE UNITED and they show it EVERY DAY. With Trump a civil war has never been that close. Who votes for that.

  • grassfireu

    I couldn't get past Obama's lie at 3:00 … he and the Dems ramped up racial divides by playing Identity Politics. There's no way around that truth. Cable "news' latched on to IP, and has had a large and largely unacknowledged role in hyping up IP as well.

  • michel Guevara

    divided because neotenous marxists are attacking people for not giving a damn about their REEEE politics and conflating this in their ideological minds as being 'ideologically opposed', the result of feminist marxist dialectics making everything 'them and us'.
    I get idiots calling out "your ideology", who simply can't accept that being opposed doesn't automatically confer an ideology, maybe we just grew up, and these twits didn't.

    and you aren't helping with your "the first president impeached" tag line.
    bloody dishonest of you.
    unsubscribed because there's no reasoning with preconceptions like this that you are just calcifying.

  • michel Guevara

    divided because neotenous marxists are attacking people for not giving a damn about their REEEE politics and conflating this in their ideological minds as being 'ideologically opposed', the result of feminist marxist dialectics making everything 'them and us'.
    I get idiots calling out "your ideology", who simply can't accept that being opposed doesn't automatically confer an ideology, maybe we just grew up, and these twits didn't.

    and you aren't helping with your "the first president impeached" tag line.
    bloody dishonest of you.
    unsubscribed because there's no reasoning with preconceptions like this that you are just calcifying.


    This racism shit was orchestrated by the dems to distract the masses. Same as all the school shootings and the fake Bin Laden raid and kill! Wake up people! Everything in our world that has cause wars or divide has been acted out by people that can control us all by fear and unity of war on another country that attacked us but never did. Even pearl harbor has been proved to be a false flag attack How can you get a country to unite into a war against another country? Horrible acts and attacks that were orchestrated on purpose!

  • ska punk OI! alternative living

    Neither side brought America together Obama didn't do crap either noise Trump trump is worth these people who claim they work for the people do not work for the people anymore…

  • Jerry Low

    I finished watching the whole report, even the Second Part on PBS website. PBS has well crafted this to be an attack against Trump and his supports. Definitely biased but I do recognize PBS is good at their craft. To know that they did this with tax-payers funds upsets me.

  • Annette Henry

    She wasn't set up, she just wasn't quite there! She had no knowledge of what was going on in the world; she wasn't quite political savvy. She was chosen by Senator McCain to get the votes of all the white females, since Senator Clinton had lost the nomination to Senator Barack Obama. Anyone that had eyes to see and ears to hear what was going on. Senator McCain then realized the error of his way when he selected her to be on his ticket! 😡😡

  • ben ccert

    How great it is to know you, the American people fell for the biggest scam ever. It started after WW2. Your country will fall and it's falling now.


    You control people by fear and how can you do that? Shoot up a school or have rouge racists cops killing African Americans! Its all part of the puppet show folks!

  • Christian Warrior

    Rather than heal Obama made ill, instead of unifying he separated with identity politics, he played the racism card, white against black and black against white. He dredged up old wrongs and wounds which instead of being forgotten and forgiven were used to create angry, grievance ridden and illegitimately typecast victims who in turn alienated the erstwhile supposed victimizers by falsely labeling and libelling every member of such group as being the perpetrators of every ostensible crime and thus successfully created and alienated a new group of victims that could be blamed for everything and to whom false accusations of bigot, racist, homophobia, basket of deplorables could be attributed. This man Obama was and is not a star but a disaster he has destroyed a nation and turned a nation on its head in such an egregious manner disaster that it is doubtful that the country will survive without a future civil war. Obama created the mess and he created Trump. Trump is the backlash that the left so richly deserves but even this might be to late, to little.

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