• NuCreation

    The way Airbnb calculated the co-host split before was as follows
    Total cost for nights – cleaning fee – Airbnb service fee = total payout to Host
    The split was then done then on the Total Payout to Host
    $57 x 6 nights = $342
    cleaning fee = $45
    Airbnb Service fee = -$11.61
    Total payout = $375.39
    Co-host split for this example is 20%
    Airbnb would then take $375.39 – $45 cleaning fee = $330.39
    and then from $330.39 do the split
    In this case
    20% to co-host $66.08
    Not sure 🤔 if what you are saying is correct?
    Can you enter my numbers and post a screenshot in the comments, not sure if that is possible

  • NuCreation

    I made a spreadsheet that actually calculates to the penny on actual reservation payouts and not on average to make sure I pay my co-host exactly the amount he needs to get paid.

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