All Unturned 3.0 SERVER COMMANDS – PART 1
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All Unturned 3.0 SERVER COMMANDS – PART 1

Hey guys me like big boom here bring You guys a highly requested video of the server creation series in the past three videos? I showed you guys how to create a server how to connect to it via hamachi [Lan] and port forwarding and now today? I’m going to show you guys all the different commands you can enter into your server to customize it to your liking [I’m] going to divide this video into three different sections commands that you can enter into the commands dat file which will be automatically applied whenever you run your server commands that you can enter into the console and Commands that you can enter into the game itself as an Admin now Technically all these commands can be entered into commands deity or the console but some of them are better used in certain situations So I’m just going to show you them in these three different sections starting off with commands you enter in two commands dat We’re gonna have to of course open that file up in the first place We’re going to right click unturned in a library go to properties local files and browse local files Then go into this servers folder and then navigate into your servers folder this is all of course after you’ve finished the how to create [an] untorn 3.0 server video which I will put on an annotation on the screen right now and in the description [down] below [so] you’re going to go in here and go into server? Commands and then open this up if it doesn’t open up automatically Just right-click the command cit file then click open with and then select notepad or any other notepad program that you have I’m using notepad Plus plus Which is a bit more coding friendly starting with the normal stuff feed enter and to make your server work in the first place? You have the name command so you can give it a custom name like mlb V server the map Command Which allows you to set the map now by default it sets a tepee I but if you’d like to set it to something else Like a custom map that you’ve downloaded You’d enter in that name right there, so I’ll just do pei for now There’s the port I just recommend setting that to 2701 five the password if you’d like to set [it] and you can give it a password Now a default without a password So if you don’t want a password then there’s no need to enter in that command but for me I’m just going [to] do password one two three next one is mode now This has been requested quite a bit you can set this to easy normal or hard and now these are how you would expect them to be or You can also set it to gold with its bonus experience And spawn rate, but of course only gold members can join that server. I’m just going to set mine to gold for now Perspective another highly requested one you can set this to lock your server to [First-person] mode Lock it to [third-person] mode or allow your players to freely go between both [of] them by pressing H, or if they’ve remapped it to something else [I] want to be able to freely swap between 1st and 3rd person so I’m going to set it [to] both next is Max players now this allows you to set the maximum players that are allowed on your server at a given instance if it’s just like you and A friend who’s playing you can set that to 2 to make sure that nobody else is joining your server while you’re playing you can Also, set it to 12 or whatever you’d [like] the n. Turn limit I believe is 24, so if you set anything higher than 24 it might either give you an error thing It didn’t work or [it’ll] just automatically default to 24. I’m just going to do 12 that works Next you can set your server to Pve or PVP Just by simply typing in Pve or PVP. There’s nothing else that you need to type. I’m going to make mine Pve So you just type in Pve, and you’re done if you want PVp you’d of course type in PVP now We’re getting into the pretty nitty-Gritty stuff You can set in a timeout command that will automatically timeout players who have a ping higher than what you select here I’ll just do 500 so if players have at any instance of ping higher than 500 milliseconds It will automatically kick them for having a slow connection this will help keep your servers filled with players who? [actually] like are able to play the game if you’re having paying higher than 500 then you’re probably not going to have a very good time especially in PVP servers So it will just automatically kick them, and then they’ll have to join a server with better Ping I think 500 is a pretty good number But you can also do 1,000 just in case they’re having serious issues or something next is chat right now this sets in seconds the time required between chat messages So this is like to prevent spam or something You can set it like [two] seconds or so so that way players are only allowed to send messages two seconds apart from each other So they can’t just be spamming the chat or if you like you can set it to 500 and be [obnoxious] But whatever anything works next we have cycle now This is pretty interesting this allows you to set in seconds the cycle between day and night You can set it something quick like 60 seconds though that that’d be kind of obnoxious, but essentially if you set it to 60 then it would have a 30 second long day, and then a 30 second long night And it would just consistently cycle through very quickly [you] can also set it to something very high like 86,400 which I think is the amount of seconds in 24 hours, so you can do that And then make it a full 24-hour day one thing that I think nelson should add for this command is like do type in like cycle, bind And then you can bind it to your current system clock which would be pretty cool [anyway] [you] can set the cycle in seconds I don’t [know] what it defaults to automatically, but if you just want it normally then just don’t enter into that command But if you want something special like this one, let’s say cycle a 10-minute long day Then you can do cycle 600 next and lastly you can set a welcome command for players that are joining your server So you can say welcome to my awesome server server exclamation point and you can also add another slash and enter in the rGB values that you want that message to appear [at] so You can do 255 140 0 which I think is orange And then whenever somebody joins your server it will say welcome to my awesome server and in this instance It will be in orange that pretty much covers all the commands that I recommend entering into commands dat just go ahead and control s and close it and Then run your server and make sure that you didn’t come across any sort of errors Which it looks like we have tons of successfully, so we are pretty good it looks like it’s set to Everything yep good to go, and now [I’m] going to cover all the commands you can enter into this console [some] of these commands pertain [to] players individually So I’m going to join the server to show you Those commands in a little bit better detail and also you can see that the welcome command now popped up welcome to my awesome server And orange when I joined pretty cool We’re going to all tab out of here and open up our server little thing here so first step in the most highly requested one Is admitting yourself or some sort of player in the server it really is as [simple] as typing Admin And then a name of the player that’s currently connect to the server which in this instance Is just me so you know type in me like you don’t need to type the full name and it will say successfully admin My individual steam Id and then also if I go into the server you can see that I’m an Admin now and now I can Begin to [use] the commands that I’ll show you in the next section But let’s go over these ones first next is the permit command and you can use this to individually? permit players into your server [if] you permit a player [it’ll] automatically convert your server to one that is kind of like a whitelisted system Nobody will be able to join it except for the permitted players so first off you can only enter in steam ids You can’t enter in like the name like me like so I would have to enter in 7 6 5 6 1 [1] and then type in that whole thing and then it would permit me and only me, so Only I would be able to join the server and nobody else would be able to And then you can start permitting other players and then you can make it kind of like a server that only you and your friends [play] on but Pretty complicated I guess but that’s pretty much how it works you type in permit space and then the steam Id and then also if you want to view the total list of permitted players Then type in permits which in this instance We do not have any permitted players who have popped a failed to find any permits Next we have the debug command which tells you the current state of the server now if you’re pretty technical I guess you could use these bytes sent and received [and] packets and all that stuff But I don’t think that’s all that important I think the important reason why you [use] this debug command is to find out your public Ip which is right here and then the Port that the current server is running on so this is what you tell people so if you’re wondering like instead of going on Ip chicken comm and stuff like that just Run your server and type in debug and then this right here is what other players will use to connect to you now of course I’ve blocked mine out because this is my public Ip but That’s what you would use very helpful command There’s also the help command which pops up a big giant list of all the commands that you can use [over] all But I’m showing you that in this video So there’s not much need for it But you can also do help space and then a name of a certain command like welcome and it will tell you a short little Description as to what that command does so for the welcome command it sets a welcome message tones deadline so to connect [blow] a lot You can do that to all of them. There’s also players I misspelled that and that will give you a total list of all the different characters that are in the game it You there’s steam. Id there’s steam name and their character name very useful I think most importantly if you’re trying to permit a player And you only know their in-game name like [neal] like big boom you can type in players And then you can find their character name and then you can learn their player Id right there next and lastly we have the save command which automatically saves the vehicle structures and barricades locations and also saves the players inventories and structure inventories Very important make sure you’re saving your server. Just in case you [accidentally] collect this x button when you’re done playing the game Saving the game will of course save it so it’s very important Especially if you’re building something crazy that you do not press that x button I know it’s enticing like whenever you want to close something you press the x button in this instance Do not do that because it will not save your game So make sure you’re saving Throughout while you’re playing you can also enter it into here by typing [it] in at save and it will save the game you can See successfully save the game you can do that in the game as well And then also whenever you need to close the server type in shutdown And that will save the game disconnect the players and then close the server and it will do that All safely, and it will make sure that everything was closed successfully without any sort of issues, so that’s super nice about that I’m not going to type in Shutdown because I still want to use this server And I’ll show you guys using the shutdown command within the game itself So now we’re going to go over the commands you can enter it into the game you


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