AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)
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AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

Hey what’s happening YouTube it’s
Richard founder of short-term rental University and Airbnb super host and
today I’m coming to you live from the beautiful Playa girón us here in Nosara
Costa Rica which is a blue zone from what I understand about a blue zone is
there’s about five or six locations in the world that have been studied
scientifically and proven for longevity happiness and health and so scientists
have actually studied these six areas let’s call it six areas I think there’s
five to seven depends on who you ask but these areas to understand why people
live longer and happier healthier lives what is it about the area’s is that
their diet is that the environment what is actually as a result of it and from
what I understand the Nicoya Peninsula where we are is one of them which is
fantastic so I’m drawn here and it’s a great investment thesis right there’s a
very strong likelihood that on a go-forward basis more people will want
to live longer healthier happier lives and as more people discover Blue Zones
there’s a good chance that no Koya Peninsula here in Costa Rica will be one
of the areas they want to visit so consequently I want to own as much real
estate here and help tell that story of promoted I have been encouraging people
since the start of the channel to do remote hosting and a lot of you have a
self-limiting belief that it’s really challenging and how difficult it is and
so this video is to dispel some of those self-limiting beliefs to encourage you
to move outside your comfort zone start to find remote opportunities build your
business with the right cash engines and then enjoy this beautiful spectacular
magnificent scenery or whatever it is that drives you towards your why could
be the mounts it could be the ski area it could be the urban area it doesn’t
really matter for me this is it this is congruent with my why and so if I didn’t
host remotely I’d never be able to experience all of this so many of you
are growing your business through two things two principles that have served
you well in your current business which is proximity and convenience you want to
be close to your property just in case something happens and it’s also
convenient you already have the cleaning lady set up you know the handyman that
you’ll use and so on and so forth and so proximity
and convenience are the drivers of your expansion and while that may well be
working you’re introducing a lot of risk into your portfolio that is unnecessary
you’re duplicating the same risk it could be the natural emergency risk
there’s just a hurricane in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I don’t have all
of my eggs in the basket there even though I absolutely love the opportunity
set and love the North Carolina coast and the Outer Banks but it would be
foolish for me to have all of my eggs in that one basket even if it were close to
me and convenient so by definition I want to spread that risk and I want to
post remotely and by doing so I can find other areas rich with opportunity that
generate cash engine like returns to fuel my you know financial freedom and
help me be self-reliant and so one of the areas that I’m focused on right now
is here nosara Costa Rica for those of you who don’t know I was born here and
so I’m coming back to the motherland and I feel really good about that and you
could only imagine how congruent that is with my Y right like for me this is
coming home and it’s just spectacular it doesn’t mean that you would have the
same importance to you but try and find places that have that same importance
and then you are onto something that’s repeatable and sustainable has a long
runway because you’re unlikely to tire or quit give up there’s an issue and you
just roll over and quit once you have that congruence of your Y chances are
that you will go through an extended period of time and that’s key in real
estate investing so now the challenges are
okay well I’m 3,000 miles away how do I run my business remotely and I can just
share with you what’s happened here in Nosara
by way of example and the very first thing I would say is align yourself with
the right people get yourself networked and connected and working with the right
people that have been here longer than you that can make introductions to you
that have betted and trusted professionals in there like repertoire
in their network of people so for me it started with the broker selection and I
worked with Chico here at Remax I’ve filmed a video with him before and he
introduced us to the area and I’m working with his
I guess the owner of the Remax Geoffrey and so we hit it off Geoffrey and I have
a variety of touch points in common we’re both X option traders from the
East Coast and we went to similar schools and we know some of the same
firms and institutions and so our relationship got deeper quicker and
there was a level of trust and a desire to work together with like-minded we see
opportunities in the same areas and so we want to expand our businesses and we
want a partner and we want to grow together and we’re not adversarial he’s
not selling me something and I’m buying something we really view this as a
collaboration in the partnership and so consequently all of his rolodex all of
his resources all of the years that he spent down here vetting plumbers
electricians furniture architects contractors handyman cleaners all of
these things now become mine and I haven’t been here more than say a couple
of days but I have a wealth of resources that if I just showed up and tried to do
this on my own and put an ad in the classifieds and posted a Help Wanted in
the Facebook group and like there’s nothing wrong with that and you should
do that maybe you should do that at the same time as you’re building your
network to have multiple options but for me this has happened time and time again
whether it’s in the Outer Banks or in Crested Butte Colorado or no Sarika
streak and the list goes on I’ve shown up in an area I found the
right people to align myself with I’ve worked off of their rolodex and their
network of people through their introductions and all of a sudden I have
an incredible infrastructure in very short order like the most connected
people with the most knowledge of the area that are trusted and hardworking
and eager to grow themselves in their business and so the purpose of this
video is to say that you can do it too but instead of thinking about how
challenging and daunting it is let’s just take some preliminary human type
approach to this and focus on relationships and if you focus on
relationships and let them open the doors of opportunity you will take many
steps forward and far more quickly and then you have to be a good human and you
have to treat these people with respect and incorporate them into your culture
and explain to them what success looks like and reward them for success
and all of the things that are important in any industry to be a good employer
you have to lead the organization forward but the main thing is you have
to believe that you can do it you have to overcome the self-limiting belief go
ahead and take a trip somewhere start to network with different brokers if one of
them resonates more with you or you feel is more helpful or is better connected
or is offering you opportunities besides the real estate transaction above and
beyond the real estate transaction you can buy the real estate from anybody but
what you can’t do is create a network create a culture create a community
create them credibility in this brand new area these introductions are
incredibly meaningful and can jump-start your business and also run them while
you’re 3,000 miles away and get to the right people the people with the most
influence the most knowledge the most respect they have a network of people
that they’d like to share with you and doing so really enables you to jumpstart
your business with confidence with conviction with clarity of purpose and
the likelihood of success is that much greater when you have the right team on
the ground so it all comes down to out of your comfort zone eliminate those
self-limiting beliefs to working with the right team of people the right
network of people and three establishing incredible relationships with that team
and the people that they introduce you to so that you can grow your business
successfully in the comments below I would love to hear who is remote hosting
and where so comment below I’ve got one property in Grand Cayman I’ve got one
property in Alaska I’ve got one property in white comment below and two for those
of you that are not remote hosting yet Why What are your self-limiting beliefs
comment below so that we can help you overcome that and come join us in the
Facebook group where we have many hosts of remote hosts so if you’re interested
in this you can learn a lot from them and finally if you’re really interested
come to Miami November 2nd and 3rd where I teach you how to identify remote
properties with tremendous opportunities to diversify your portfolio give you
financial freedom and allow you to achieve your why miami november 2nd &
3rd st are you live go ahead and like the video and subscribe


  • Joshua Dortch

    I have 1 property in Crested Butte Colorado 17 hrs away. 3 properties in Gatlinburg TN 8 hrs away. Its all about your team there.

  • ku1ia

    Aloha! Richard. I manage 1 in Seattle, WA, 1 in Portland, OR. I live in Hawaii. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have shared. Philip

  • Vicomte de Valmont

    I gave up remote hosting long ago. Legions of costly, time-sink problems that are easily, cheaply solved on the local level. My ABBs are still in a 75 mile cluster and that is too far apart. I'd love to read some remote hosting nightmares from other ABB hosts to help dissuade new hosts from a fool's errand.

  • Brian Herlocker

    Very good video, and persuasive. I currently am a remote host (I live in Southern California and have a property in Tacoma, Washington right next to the University of Puget Sound). It has worked rather well for me, for one simple reason–My sister is an experienced host located in Tacoma, and she does a great job managing the property for me. She is trustworthy and professional, and she knows the area (she's also a very hard worker who treats my place as if it were her own). I guess it would have helped in this video if you could have gone into a bit more specific detail in this video about how exactly you find the right, dependable and trustworthy people in a remote location where you don't already have connections. I would love to do this again in another place, but when I think about doing it, I find myself at a bit of a loss as to how exactly to set up such a team, especially in a location very far away from where I am located. Maybe that is an idea for another video . . . but I would be very interested in hearing some concrete tips for how to investigate and set up a remote team like you describe.

  • Paul Burkholder

    Richard I have thought of doing remote properties and if I could develop the relationships you have, I’d do it. Many questions 1) will banks finance Costa Rican properties, Panama etc. is you real estate broker actually the guy taking calls, calling the plumber, checking the properties etc.? If so how much does that cost? Lastly…may I have your guy’s name and contact info? 😁 loving your positivity Richard!

  • funmiester

    Richard is SPOT ON! I have been remote hosting in the Beautiful ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California since 2001. I live in Los Angeles (about 300 miles away).

    Like Richard, I found a great RE agent that helped me to hit the ground running. In fact the agent was so good and the hosting experience was so good that my wonderful wife and I bought a second property a few years later.

    Since then I have assisted others (friends, co-workers & even customers) in buying STRs up there. ALL of them are Remote Hosters. Now I have this whole nice network going to include GREAT local contacts and we all help each other.

  • toyotero3sgte

    Dude this is exciting, I'm actually buying a property in Guanacaste, Costa Rica at the end of this week and I currently live in Fort Lauderdale. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos regarding your new location and I'll also look forward to attending your Miami event since it's an hour away. keep the videos coming.

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