Airbnb Hosting trick you MUST master in 2018!  | airbnb tips for hosts
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Airbnb Hosting trick you MUST master in 2018! | airbnb tips for hosts

hello everyone as promised I’m going to
show you how to make $30,000 a month on Airbnb without owning a single property
this is same method that I use to give to the 10 active properties that I have
and in order to teach you how to manage Airbnb properties to get up to this
level for the first time ever I’m going to show you my multi calendar so let’s
get right to it so here on my multi calendar you’ll see
all of my properties listed and their nightly rates and their occupants the
one thing I want to show you on this video is how to properly manage your
occupancy and your vacancies to make sure that you don’t get killed by single
night stays so here you’ll notice that on Row 4 after stephane that I have
roughly just 14 open nights now the problem with this is is that if somebody
wanted to book a single night stay in the middle of it it would kill a multi
night stay so if you go down to more you’ll see that after Daniel add to
single nights days then that’s for a single night and then I have another one
that is open then Terry so the key here in order to make sure if these are in
the same neighborhood by the way in order to make sure that somebody doesn’t
sneak in and kill what could be a multi night estate you want to price your
units accordingly so what I would do in this case where it says Midtown luxury
apartment on main I would make sure that all other Midtown apartments are more
expensive if they have more nights open now if there’s only a single night like
right here after Beth what I would do is I’d actually drop this price down to
make sure that it encourages the single night state a book more quickly because
on Airbnb if somebody was looking for a multi night stay they cannot find this
night but if somebody’s looking for a single night stay they would so price
your single night stays accordingly drop them lower than your multi nights and
that way the availability gets eaten up faster that way you don’t run the risk
of somebody booking in the middle of six open nights that way you can maximize
your occupancy percentage that way now if you’ve noticed if you’ve seen my
other videos this is one of the methods that I use in order to get to the point
where like so far this year of made one hundred sixty six thousand dollars this
month alone I’ve actually made about thirty
thousand so and this is done because I have a 88% occupancy
now what I’ve noticed is on Airbnb if you’re doing it right you’re probably
breaking even at about 50% occupancy or 40% occupancy after that it’s a hundred
percent profit so don’t stick to your guns so much in price out of principle
because what you’re doing is if you lose ten percent of occupancy because you’re
not willing to give some sort of concessions on the stays you will lose
your shirt that’s all profit that you’re losing so another thing you’ll see here
on this multi calendar is that as it gets closer to the date of booking my
prices are going down so today is Thursday to 29th so day of bookings are
drop down to $45 or $70 things for a week out are about 10 to 20 percent less
than I would normally charge now this is part of my custom pricing strategy I do
not recommend using a third-party pricing agent because they really don’t
understand your neighborhood as well your properties as compared to your
direct competitors they can’t get granular enough to do this for you
actively so what I recommend do what I do is every morning reset your prices
based on your availability and the main point I want to leave you with on this
video is if you’ve got a five-day vacancy next to a single night vacancy
drop that single night lower than the 5 day so that one gets scooped up first
you don’t run the risk of blocking off your five-day so if there’s anything
you’d like me to cover regarding how to manage active properties please leave a
comment below also if you found this helpful like this video and share it and
that way I can continue to give you more con more content in the future we will
be covering the big topic which is how do you even get started
legally running ten Airbnb properties without owning a single one that’s a big
topic so stay tuned for that one later alright guys take care


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