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Hey guys! This is Richard, founder of Short Term Rental Secrets .com. Today the Top five things I wish I knew before I got started on the Air B&B. I hope you enjoy. Have a lower minimum night stay requirement. When I got started I thought it would be really difficult to have one or two night minimums and I thought it would be a pain and I didn’t think that people would book like the Monday Tuesday night so I thought gee I’m going to make this a little bit more convenient and a little bit longer term and that’s going to help me fill up the entire month if I have a five night minimum I only need four or five guests to fill up the entire month. But in reality what I found is having a shorter period of time and I typically use two night minimums means that I have more guests, more turnover, I have less concern about those Tuesday, Wednesday periods because believe it or not people want to travel. So don’t worry about the number of night minimum unless you’re in a resort place and it’s only weekends. But if you’re anywhere that has any sort of business associated with it or conferences or events and entertainment worry not about the middle of the week as much as you think you might. And what I found is that’s actually increased my revenue tremendously. I know I’ve talked about it a lot is to try dynamic pricing. I happen to use Beyond Pricing. I think it’s fabulous and if you click up here you can actually watch an interview that I did with Ian the founder. But changing your prices on a daily basis is really important because there’s things that happen that affects supply and demand, like if there was a big event happening in your neck of the woods you wouldn’t necessarily know about it you might get picked off and leave money on the table but conversely if there’s a big event in your neighborhood and you can double or triple your income for two or three nights that might make your month so using something like beyond pricing is fantastic. You can go ahead and in the comments section will put the affiliate link where you can sign up for a free trial we get a little bit of help it’ll help you I highly recommend it. Try dynamic pricing it’ll really make a big difference for you. The third thing I wish I knew is just how important reviews are and how to get them so what I’ve learned over time is to ask for them – it’s really easy. Just ask for them. When I send a guest check-in instructions at the very end I say: We really care, we want to earn your 5-star review, please let me know what we can do to make stay better and earn that review. Likewise when they check out we send a follow up that says you know we hope you had a great time please take a moment to leave us a five star review and just being real subtle about like – five star review – it sort of sets their expectations that lets them know what you’re hoping for, lets them know what you’re striving for, so just ask for it. What we’ve found is it really makes a huge difference. People are more than happy to do it they just need that little bit of reminder and once you set their expectations that you’re looking for a five-star review they actually give it unless there’s something that’s wrong. Now, five star reviews mean a lot more money in your pocket because of an SEO perspective. Airbnb is going to put you up higher you’re going to earn super host status. So you really want that and the best way to do it like anything else in life is asked for it. Airbnb is more than just a booking platform. In fact, it’s an entire ecosystem, it’s a universe of companies that have built their entire businesses around servicing Airbnb hosts and guests. Go to the Airbnb site, check out the partner links. There’s all sorts of companies than services that connect via API to your calendar they know who’s coming and who’s going and when. So whatever your headache is whether it’s check-in and key drop or cleaning after they depart you name it – it’s there. The fifth and final tip I wish I’d known when I started my business is the importance of instant book. Make sure that you accept instant bookings. It will drive more revenue and if you’re concerned use the setting that I use which limits people the ability to book on instant book they have to be Airbnb current guests and they also have to have favorable reviews so if they’ve used Airbnb in the past and other hosts have rated them favorably that’s good enough for me I automate it. I scale and it saves me so much back and forth and waiting and the user experience is better and I get better placement all that translates into more revenue for me. So I hope you found this video helpful. If you did smash the like button down here and go ahead and subscribe up here! We’re going to be filming more content like this that is going to put more revenue in your pocket. Tips, advice, suggestions. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more coming. Thanks so very much and have a great day!


  • lilia lozovanu

    i have a 200m2 house on airbnb, usually people left behinde very dirty kitchen,bathrooms, it is a lot of work to clean everything,and i can not spend the price of the day rent for a cleaning company,that is why i do not want to rent the house for 1 night, and some guests want to chek in very early ,but they do not want to pay anything extra,so why i have to lost 7 -5 hours for nothink? it is not a problem if before the next check in i had 2 persons but if i have 13 persons ….sorry for my english.

  • Judy Helm Wright

    Thanks so much for caring and sharing. I am learning so much about maximizing our ARBNB. Which by the way is called "A Wright Place To Stay in Missoula" WE are located in Missoula, Montana, USA. Would appreciate any who will star our rental and put it on their 'wish list.' Judy Helm Wright–Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman

  • Adam's Adventures

    I like the video tips, but I would never directly ask for 5 stars. It's likely to make the guest uncomfortable. I agree with everything else though.

  • Veronica Manes

    Hi, I'm a fairly new host on Airbnb. I have miraculously been doing most things right so far. I don't know what to do or how to handle guests staining sheets and/or towels. A set of sheets cost as much as a nights stay and I can't use them once they're stained. How do I handle this? Should I charge guests? It has now happened to me on three different occasions.

  • 純粋

    1. Lower Minimum Night Stay Requirement
    2. Dynamic Pricing
    3. Ask For Reviews
    4. Outsource
    5. Instant Booking

    Got it!

  • Max's Brandy Review

    Airbnb end boss. Are you worried about saturation… Airbnb is trending like Bitcoin circa 2017

  • Julie Ransom

    How many properties to you actually own, that you co-manage? $500k on rental income alone is quite a bit. Just to confirm, that doesn't include any projects like this when you're monetizing your experience as a host, just on rental income alone.

  • Kathleen Brennan

    wow i was told here in my town fairbanks alaska to avoid airbnb because it was hard to get connected.many of us here do not have such great computer skills and i am one of the i have chosen b& they seem kinda easy and already a women called from there and told me she was going to give me special wonderful as i really need it!!!this is very very good and lucky for me!!i did contact airbnb last year found it too hard and no help so i dropped the entire idea.well i am sure glad i got rid of the tenant and have spent 4 thousand dollars to fix everything right so now i am willing to give it a try with a good co.who is willing to work with me!!!hha i sound like the kid asking ti get into special help classes!!oh well at least i can make myslef laugh!

  • Sirena Spades

    Whoo-hoo! My new Airbnb is now live! It went live at midnight last night, and within 6 hours I had 5 bookings! Thank you so much, Richard, for your videos, they are really great!!

  • Richard and Nancy Hoskins

    We truly enjoy the information and I take notes as we listen. Have you put together your airbnb tips book yet? It would be much easier to search under chapter titles than through Youtube.


    We travel full-time using Airbnb and love it! One thing I think every Airbnb should offer is coffee. It's a simple thing to supply and really helps us, full-time travelers, out. We can't carry around a coffee pot after all. : )

  • Joni Lyne

    Sign up to host on Airbnb and use the extra income to fund your passions. Here’s my invitation link:

  • Lee Travathan

    This has been very helpful. I have one room almost ready and a second one in transition. Hubby and I are doing this to pad our retirement, so we are newbies to Airbnb. Thank you for helping out in our new venture to give great advice! 😉 Much appreciated.

  • Rick Davis

    The "review" has evolved into nothing short of extortion. The game of complaining about ANYTHING possible and the LIES told are out of control now. I've had to rewrite my contract to include an "acceptance" statement on check-in. I refuse to refund any money after that point. I've also had to include a "acknowledgement" form stating that the "guest" are aware of and agree to be held accountable for any and all restrictions explained in the lease contract. I'm sick and tired of the "I didn't know" excuse. I hold the card holder on file as the responsible party for the actions of all the guest on the property during the lease agreement and have raised my deposits to a level that will get their attention if it's not refunded.

  • Laura Lorea

    Hello Richard, My name is Laura and I've been watching videos about Airbnb renting, etc. since late last year. It's something that I think I'd really enjoy doing and also be good at. For many years I did quite a bit of traveling for both business and pleasure and I have tons of ideas…….. realistic/good or not, time will tell. I've watched probably a dozen of your videos and I do enjoy so many things about them. Your enthusiasm and open mindedness I find helps create a lot of self confidence in people doing or thinking of doing this. There is a question that I have that I haven't been able to find a clear answer to yet and I was hoping you could help me. When you rent a home on Airbnb that happens to be further away than say 30 minutes, how do go about getting a person to help out with the property in case, say, an issue arises for the renters, someone who can get there quickly so the problem doesn't drag out for longer than necessary? It seems to be understood that everyone uses this type of help and I was wondering where such individuals can be found. Does Airbnb provide a list of people near your property? I have ideas about where to find people/services for house cleaning, landscaping, heater/air conditioning maintenance, house maintenance, etc. etc. but what I'm not sure about is how one goes about finding a type of "manager/issue solver" for one's property . Your ideas/suggestions regarding this would be soooooo helpful !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the enjoyable videos !!!!!!!!!!

  • XWolven

    I love Airbnb and recently I've been wanting to try out an experiment. I've often been fascinated by the idea of RVs and being able to tour around the US and visit anyplace I want and be very mobile. But then I thought why not use Airbnb to be just as mobile? If you have a good Airbnb location or your home is in a good location for Airbnbs. You can just put your own home on Airbnb when you want to be travelling and just lockup your personal items in a certain room or garage and lease out the rest. The income you make from leasing your airbnb you can use to stay in other Airbnbs all over the world. It's kinda a fast form of home swapping.

  • Kim

    So 5 star ratings are crap, you ORDER your guest to give you a 5 Star Rating! I would never ask my guest to do that! And guess what I receive 5 star ratings without having to beg for them! Isnt' that what ratings are about, the guest NEEDs to decide NOT YOU. far out

  • Janet Palmtag

    All Airbnb properties need the TUBTOOL. It cleans tubs, showers, counters, and fixtures. Order (all one word) TUBTOOL on Amazon to simplify your bathroom cleaning. You'll love it!

  • Will Zimmermann

    People damage property and lie about there experience to get a cancellation now if someone stays for more then two days they can charge you a 10 dollars but not listen to a claim of damaged property it was just a ladder but still the fact this company gave me the run around and just kept sending me to different people working there at the moment the never took my claim seriously or the fact I was discriminated for my German heritage was completely ignored as well fuckin shameless crooked site be fore warned you are better of using graigs list

  • sohna Harzeez

    I have yet to outsource or ask for reviews. I do allow instant booking but find that people generally book with us need pre-approval

  • ASK Luxury Realty

    Richard do you have a spreadsheet formula that you have to plug in numbers to see if purchase an investment property would be profitable? We are looking in buying our first Cabin in Gatlinburg Tennessee

  • Mr Lopez

    Hey host, I bet the first thing you learned is you have to clean jizz off the ceiling. Airbnb is unsafe, unsanitary, and unnecessary.

  • Harold Duren

    Off topic. Is protection needed on the box springs as is needed on the mattress? If covers are on both they tend to slide. Thanks for all your videos. Have watched most. You are an asset to the short term rental business.

  • Sandy

    Here is the link to join Airbnb. Click here?????

    It also tells you how much you could earn in your region per month! ?

  • Aaron Oetting

    Good stuff! Dynamic Pricing has been vital for me. Have you tried I set up my cleaners with an account and that has been so helpful.

  • matthew halliday

    Helpful…….but I don't agree with prompting guests to leave 5 star reviews. The hidden message is 'anything less won't be appreciated' which means potentially biased and unrealistic reviews for those making bookings.

  • The Road

    BEWARE of AirBnb they don't care when renters damage your home even if you have a deposit. This was in Nov and it now just being looked at and I still don't know if they will take care of the damages. (NOTE: you can't rent in between or it voids your case for reimbursement).

  • da ne

    i am thinking about air bnb  my float cabin how much should I charge 200$ a night 3 night minimum including a boat must have boat licence $150 a night without boat is that fair or to high to low? Its rustic float cabin without phone or power.

  • Ryan Hudson

    What do you do about people challenging payments that they made to you? Telling their bank that it's not a legitimate transaction. Scammers, trying to get a free stay. A friend of mine said that happened to someone he knows.

  • Kohatu Riverside Studio

    Love it. Great information. Straight to the point and keeps me interested! I have just restarted up my channel as I have an Airbnb in New Zealand which I started 1 year ago. I am def going to put into practice your useful tips. I would be keen for people to support me and subscribe. Keep up the great tips! I will be watching in anticipation to see what you have to say next!

  • Villa Merdu

    if BnB traditionally means Bed'and'breakfast, should it then always include breakfast? Personally the answer is yes, otherwise there should be a second booking platform called AirB for BED only.

  • Kevin Johnson

    How do you get into instant booking. We travel using AirBnB and are highly rated as a guest but not sure if we are part of instant booking. We are about to list a property in the mountains of New Mexico.

  • Hanna Ha

    How does Airbnb works when your place is in a different country? I live in Canada and my property is in Vietnam.

  • Rina F

    Share & rent any space at Airbnb and earn up to 1600$ a month!
    Sign up through this link to become a host in airbnb:

  • Alex Christians

  • ghostmomo

    I have been hosting since 2013 too. But this week Airbnb is cancelling my current reservations without informing me (or the guests). My guests are freaking out and completely pissed at Airbnb…

  • Jeffrey Bodean

    Should be illegal.should be taxed the same as hotels.should be discouraged.causes homelessness.degradation in infrastructure.and air travallers are polluting the sky with chemtrauls.

  • Short Term Rental Company

    Doing a top 5 list seem very simple but is actually very complicated, we do one from the perspective of the person renting.

  • markdely

    Thanks for the video Richard, check out how these 2 guys from a small town who decided to become BNBr’s. Got their first two units that now bring in $5,500 a month –

  • Aamer Arshad

    Really great video.I have just started my journey on Airbnb it is going well. My question is should I be changing the bedding such as bed sheets, pillow case, duvet cover after every guest has checked out. Is this good practice? Also I am looking to help manage other people's property. Should I make the listing on my account or should I create a new Airbnb account on their name and add myself as a co host. Keep up the great work.

  • Nisa Carla Smith


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