Airbnb Hosting Tips: How to Optimize Your Headline/Title
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Airbnb Hosting Tips: How to Optimize Your Headline/Title

Hi this is Richard with Short Term Rental Secrets .com doing a search here on Airbnb and I’m looking at some of the different titles that people describe their homes and their listings with and it’s really amazing to me what the difference is the breath is between really poor and weak to really excellent ones. And if you think about it, somebody who’s doing a search is going to see to things: they’re going to see your photo and they’re going to see your title. So you really need to make sure that you nail that title because that’s going to drive SEO. AirBNB is going to show you more if people click on it and more importantly it going to drive revenue in your pocket. So let’s take a look at a couple that I think are really good. There’s a common theme here which is just by chance but the first one over here Sunny Williamsburg Artist’s Loft. You know what they’ve basically told you is where it is that it’s sunny and bright, that its artistic, either the artist lives there or if you’re an artist type or you like that sort of bohemian industrial decoration you’d find it interesting, and then a loft is very descriptive for the area that sort of talks about big open spaces and you know that’s really appealing to a lot of people. If you don’t know what that means it may not be particularly interesting but my guess is most people looking to be in Williamsburg are looking for exactly that so I think that’s a great title. The next one that we should talk about isn’t quite as good in my opinion but it’s probably because it’s not a loft or if it is a loft they’re missing the opportunity to say it’s a loft. This one says New Sunny Artist Private Luxury Comfort so it’s sort of like a word dump and each word is supposed to have meaning and if you piece it all together and you think through it all you sort of come out and say like okay well this might fit the bill but it’s just not as good in my opinion as that first one. And then you can talk about some that are really just I think week. This one here says it’s a Brooklyn Bungalow and I don’t even know what a bungalow is in Brooklyn. It doesn’t tell me what part of Brooklyn, it doesn’t describe what the bungalow is. I’ve been in New York my whole life I’ve never heard of anybody talking about a bungalow so it might be helpful to describe what you mean by bungalow. The more appealing you make your photo the more appealing and descriptive you make your title the more people are going to click to more people are going to book. And like any other business endeavor go ahead and take the time, try different things, change one word, change two words, change the whole line, look at the statistics that Airbnb gives you to talk about the click-through rate. How many people are looking at it and and try different things, experiment. Eventually you’ll get to aha this is my title people that click on this title, book the home and people are searching for this sort of title description so take the time and energy play with it, set it for you know two three days see how many people click, make a couple changes, come back two three days later try something else. It’s through that experimentation and measuring and monitoring that you’re going to find a really successful title. You’ll start to analyze by that title successful and if you have multiple listings you’ll start applying that similar methodology. So I hope you found this helpful. If you have go ahead and subscribe right here! We’ve got content coming out all the time to help you grow your AirBNB business here on Short Term Rental Secrets .com and in the meantime thanks so much for listening and watching and we hope to see you soon! Happy hosting!


  • idiris ali

    i just joined Airbnb and put my first listing, thank you for giving such good advice. i wanted to ask, does location affect your listing. eg Nairobi, Kenya.(in the city) does the type of property like a pent house which can contain up to 8 guest, also reduce the revenue. thank you,

  • Francis Lalonde

    Hello Richard. I have to say that I'm a huge fan of your videos. Thank you for sharing.

    I was wondering, what would you consider to be a good "click through rate" ?

  • northhill35

    Hi Richard
    Last time I got your permission and translate a video. The viewers found it very useful and informative and want to see more videos!
    Can I ask for your permission to add Chinese subtitles and repost this video and share it? Full credit will be given with the name "STR University" and the link.
    Also I noticed that I cannot upload cc subtitles to your video. I'm happy to provide the file upon your request. 🙂
    Thank you so much!

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