Airbnb Hosting – Should I Allow Guests With No Reviews?
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Airbnb Hosting – Should I Allow Guests With No Reviews?

Hello my YouTube friends this is Richard
founder of Short Term Rental University and Airbnb super hosts on today’s video
we’re gonna talk about newbies should you accept somebody to stay in
your home that has no reviews I accept people that have no reviews in my homes
all the time am i more comfortable with people with reviews absolutely but I do
my best to get very comfortable with that and I want to share with you the
steps and the processes that I go through to help you accept people with
comfort that are great guests that have no reviews so the first thing I look for
is have they been verified have they provided all their government ID and so
on to Airbnb and are they like willing participants in the Airbnb community and
if they have done that that gives me a feeling of comfort now it doesn’t mean
that they’re a good fit for me and my place and my rules but it does mean that
they’re good like law-abiding Airbnb citizen and they’re willing to share
their real identity with Airbnb if they haven’t done that that’s a little
sketchy and I will often go back and say please go ahead and do that now in the
interest of full disclosure that’s really rare most of the people that are
coming to my home at my price point have already given Airbnb like all of their
credentials and they’ve already been approved but if that isn’t the case for
you make sure that you ask them to go ahead and do that and say it’s kind of
like a deal breaker do it or find another place so to be clear just
because somebody gives an ID to Airbnb doesn’t mean that they’re gonna treat
your property properly or abide by your rules but here’s the inverse of that if
they’re not willing to give air B&B their ID my question is what are they
hiding why won’t they and that for me is a deal
breaker make your own decisions but for me I only want people that are gonna be
good citizens and it starts with transparency and trust if I can trust
you because I know who you are that’s a great start so typically I’ll receive
two types of responses and it’s interesting it’s not linked from like
the person who doesn’t give any information then gives a very short
response back or the person that gives a lot of information gives a long response
back I haven’t found any sort of rhyme or reason because again now we’re
engaging as humans and what I find is there are people that are now forthright
and forthcoming those tend to be the people that I welcome into my home and
they tell me with good reasons why they’re coming and who’s coming and so
on and then often times that’ll lead to another round of questions where I drill
down a little bit more about you know how
long is this business trip or what’s the name of your company or whatever the
line of questioning is based on the information that they’ve given to me the
one that I’m a little bit more circumspect and I’m less excited about
is somebody who seems to be a little cagey or dodgy or just barely answering
the questions it almost seems like they’re trying to hide something and in
those instances I will drill down again and if the answers continue to be sort
of cagey and I’m not getting comfortable then I very clearly just say you know
I’m not getting the feeling that we’re a good fit there’s a lot of homes in the
neighborhood I’m sure you’ll find a great place but I think you know for us
this probably isn’t a good relationship and we really care about maintaining our
you know guests really comfortably and happily and we also care about being a
great host and just doesn’t seem like we’re off to a great start something
like that now it does bear mentioning that there is a percentage and I would
say maybe about twenty five percent one in four when I go back and I ask
questions like I did originally what brings you to town who are you traveling
with and so on and so forth I get no response and that’s perfect
I don’t want to waste my time and energy with people that don’t want to you know
communicate with me and don’t want to be direct and so just the act of asking a
question has alarmed them put them on notice and they’ve gone somewhere else
and so like that’s great for me I think one of the things that I want to impart
on everybody listening to this video is instead of operating from a position of
fear about vacancy like oh I better say yes it’s two hundred dollars it’s a
hundred dollars it’s four hundred dollars I need to I need the booking
let’s operate from a position of like strength I have an asset I have a home
I’ve got a great Airbnb property it’s in demand if I miss the bad guest then my
place is open for the good guests and that’s literally the way I view it in
terms of the percentages of people that I accept that don’t have reviews I would
say I’ve accepted maybe 75% of the people that don’t have reviews into my
homes assuming that they’ve been checked and they’ve provided their credentials
and they’ve answered the questions you know reasonably well and I’m comfortable
with them I would also say that 25% of them
just never responded or gave very Curt answers and and then they’re just not a
good fit so in closing I don’t encourage anybody
to hold the fact that nobody stated in their being be against them or against
your business in fact I really encourage you to view it as an opportunity to
introduce them to what a great host can do how great Airbnb is and then walk
them through the process of being a great guest and leaving a good review
and like they can embrace this and it can be part of the way that they travel
for ever and their kids and so on so let’s not be discriminatory let’s not
hold it against them let’s just make sure that we have a process and a
methodology in place that works for your particular place your particular
concerns and you have standards and you’d like view these things as an
opportunity and you don’t fear missing out on the revenue and the income and
instead you say you know what there would be somebody else somebody better
so that’s the way that I’ve you know reviews I encourage you to do similar
and until we meet again I wish you happy hosting also do me a favor please please
subscribe to the channel and comment below with what you do I appreciate it
very much thanks you


  • Clara Reeves

    I agree – I began hosting 6 months ago and have had many guest without reviews. I do not do IB instant booking with Airbnb – and I begin with questions and start a good dialogue and folks seem to show who they are fairly quickly. Many are new to Airbnb and so I get to show them the way to be a good guest and tell them about reviews and that I will be reviewing them – most DON"T know this. And so far I've only had one guest that showed a wild side and trashed the place somewhat – (she had one review that was perfect) so you can't always trust what you read. So I give folks the chance and assume they all are decent and am hopeful every time. That seems much nicer all the way around. Happy Hosting all……Thanks Richard for great videos and your expertise.

  • Ms Corene Teresa

    I just have a question on what your requirements are for a guest staying in your homes, particularly do you ask them NOT to have parties?

  • Jaime Deluque

    On our apartment, every guest must check in the building`s front desk. For that reason, we ask for their full name and ID one day before arriving . This is also a sing of assurance when they give us their information. Sometimes we look them up in facebook.

  • hikingmarie9

    I have hosted many guests with 0 reviews and they have all (well, not all) been lovely. I have educated them and welcomed them with open arms to our listing as well as Airbnb. There was one that I had a bad feeling about but I decided to follow through and regretted it. They were slobs and broke a few house rules. Well, tonight I had a request and before I even clicked on the message I had a bad feeling. Her message read, "visit family and hometown". That's it! In her bio she didn't give a description, her high school is not even from the state in which we have our listing so I didn't know if it was her hometown or the person that was coming with her and her message was ridiculous. I decided instead of asking her questions that I would just decline. In my message to her I said that I like my guests to be more forthcoming and that in the future to elaborate on the introduction. I also used your advise and said there were plenty of listings in the area and that I am sure she would find a better fit. She was appreciative of the advise but bummed that she didn't get to stay at our listing. I feel good that I don't have to worry about this guest even though she will probably turn out to be just fine. Thank you for your videos; I watch them all! Cheers!

  • Esequias D Hernandez

    We just started this journey about a month and a half ago and just recently I thought about searching YouTube for advice and what not. So far all is great but currently I have a guest at home that is suppose to leave this Friday and for whatever reason I have a funny feeling about them.

  • Lydia Chirkoff

    Airbnb now asks you to accept or decline within 24 hrs and there is not that opportunity to communicate with potential guests.

  • Juan In a Million

    Hi Richard,
    I’m new to your channel. first 2 videos I watched, subscribed straightaway. I’m planning to host 2nd half of next year and I’m grateful that I found your channel. You have the most amazing airbnb content in youtube. All the best.

  • Charity Hough

    Someone’s gotta start from the beginning right? It’s like someone who just graduated from college and applied for his very first job having no job experience. Just make sure to be very wise in asking questions that makes you comfortable they’re going to be a good guests.

  • Amit Gupta

    Richard, I am a new host on AirBNB with a property in Tulum Mexico. I chose to turn on the features requiring my guests to have Government issued ID and prior reviews for instant booking. As soon as I got my listing up, a day later, i had 2 booking requests that didn't meet the Govt ID and prior review requirement. So they could not do instant booking and their request came in to me to "accept" or "decline". At this point, there is a lot of demand in Tulum so i chose to decline and not take the risk for someone without ID or reviews. Now, what I noticed is that my listing being new was appearing on 1st or 2nd page when i did my own searches from a separate computer (to see where i rank). After i declined, i noticed I was literally the LAST PROPERTY on the list of 80 that showed up. So, I am very confused. It seems that AirBNB wants to give Hosts choice to control type of guests they want but when you decline because of those features, then you are a bad Host and put last and penalized. Can you comment on your experience regarding this and how to overcome this issue? How is Airbnb able to do this? When i called them to ask, they said "We want people without reviews or ID to be also able to book on Airbnb. We don't want to discriminate against them." To which i replied to them, then why do you give me a choice to select ID/Reviews as a feature? Just force that on the host in which case, maybe hosts who are not comfortable will not use Airbnb for lack of protections. But penalizing them is just absurd.

  • D. Vaders

    I have to say "ask questions, interview thoroughly". We have yet to book through airbnb, but use vrbo. We are every ones perfect dream guests…older, good credit, authentic, good citizens. But when we traveled to view our last home purchase, we booked on Wed for a Friday Saturday 2 night stay…all the hotels were booked solid. We got shut down immediately. We began an email exchange to explain our why. We finally got the homeowner on board to save our proverbial bacon for lodging. She was following the red flag alert system, but in our case it did not hold true. The dialogue is what changed the equation. So yes, recognize red flags but pursue the dialogue.

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