Airbnb Hosting: Does Being a Superhost Even Matter? (2018)
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Airbnb Hosting: Does Being a Superhost Even Matter? (2018)

Hello my YouTube friends its Richard
founder of Short-Term Rental University and Airbnb super host and speaking of
super hosts does it matter how important is it
there’s tons of questions about it on our Facebook group if you haven’t joined
the short-term rental University Facebook group take a moment to do so
now because will answer questions there too but back to the original question
how important is it let’s get to it so in a nutshell super host is a
designation that’s reserved for people that hit certain criteria they’ve hosted
ten times in a quarter you have certain minimum thresholds and that’s intended
to give people that are looking at your property some comfort versus somebody
who isn’t a super host now does Airbnb have it all perfect are their criteria
easy to game or easy to get to generally speaking if you’re a good host you
should be a super host so it’s not that exclusive it’s not that hard to get in
fact people watching the YouTube channel and joining our Facebook group they’re
surprised how quickly they make it to super host and then the people that
don’t get it or get a really negative review in our Facebook group and stop
with the super host status get really upset and they’re worried and so on and
so I just wanted to spell a couple of myths and really tell you what I think
it’s all about so overall it’s a value-add any way you
slice it if you can be a super host you’d prefer to be a super host it
doesn’t hurt you in the least and all it can do is benefit you I’ve been a super
host since I started years ago I’ve never lost it I hope to never lose it
but am I gonna lose sleep over it if I lose it no I’ll probably just have to
change the intro to the video series I think it allows me to book more
frequently I think it allows me to charge a little bit more I think it
gives first-time users of Airbnb a little more comfort that they’re gonna
get what they see and there’s more reviews and if they’ve never really
stayed and they’re worried about something I do think at the margin it
helps people pull out their credit card and book it so I think that that’s
helpful but do I think if you don’t have super host status you’re gonna have a
bad business or a bad result absolutely not all things being equal you’d rather
have it so just try for it but if you lose it or you’re gonna get a bad review
don’t lose sleep over it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day what
matters is your location your listing the marketing of the listing your
hospitality all those things are so much more than a little designation so I
don’t want you to lose any sleep over it but you might as well go for it so in
conclusion I want you to free up some of that mental anguish and anxiety about
the stress about being a super host and let’s use mindfulness techniques if you
haven’t listened to that mindfulness podcast check it out it’s really good
but let’s be mindful about using that negative energy in that worry and
channeling it towards something positive let’s fix something in our place let’s
paint that room let’s fix our listing let’s retake the photo now that the
tulips are you know in full bloom if you stop worrying and redirect toward
something positive whether you’re a super host or not your business will
grow so please listen to the podcast subscribe on iTunes we also have the
video version on the YouTube channel the podcast YouTube channel the links are
below and if you liked the video please let us know
time subscribe to the YouTube channel and tell all your friends thanks so much


  • Bray Hill House

    Richard, as always great videos. Would you like to review my Airbnb listing. Will pay fee, maybe your to busy. My business is doing great on VRBO but lagging on Airbnb. Would like to step up my game there, maybe you could help.

  • Apollo Earl Enriquez

    dude I love your tips. We're currently furnishing our condos at the moment, your guide and walkthroughs are like a blueprint for us.

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