Airbnb Hosting Channel: Short Term Rental University
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Airbnb Hosting Channel: Short Term Rental University

welcome to the short-term rental Secrets
YouTube channel I’m Richard Fertig an Airbnb a super host I started with one
investment property I now have six and I manage and operate
most of them on sites like Airbnb and VRBO
you are an Airbnb host or an aspiring host and you’re doing so because you
want a second source of diversified income you want to reach a retirement
goal or perhaps you’re really all-in on this and you want to be a real estate
entrepreneur or you think it’ll be cool to have people from all over the world
come and stay with you on this channel we’re going to share with you what’s
working now tips and tricks and things that we’ve utilized successfully to help
us grow our business and we’re going to travel the world showing you different
Airbnb best practices product reviews and things that you can incorporate to
put more money in your pocket so if this sounds good and I hope it does go ahead
and subscribe right now and I’ll see you then
happy hosting

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