Airbnb Hosting – 7 Things You MUST Do in 2018 (to grow your business)
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Airbnb Hosting – 7 Things You MUST Do in 2018 (to grow your business)

Hello my YouTube friends its Richard
founder of STRU and Airbnb super host today’s video is
not only timely but it’s really gonna move the needle the top 7 things I want
you to do as we close 2017 to prepare for the best year ever in 2018 more
profit more success more growth more scale so the first thing I want you to
do is to treat your Airbnb hosting or VR be hosting as a business and doing that
is going to help you grow your business and that’s really important because
here’s what’s actually happening more and more people are listing their place
on Airbnb and home away and so on and select there’s more competition and
here’s my theory on all of this more competition is fine that means that
there’s more demand there’s far more demand people that have never stayed at
Airbnb or they stayed once if we can generally raise all of our hosting
standards which you’re doing by watching these videos and I hope that this is
helpful if we raise our hosting standards that will encourage more
people to stay at Airbnb ease more frequently and more often so even though
there’s more competition we can be the best people and we can rise above and
doing so is gonna help more people stay here and generate more demand so treat
it like a business shift your mind away from this is something small – this is a
mini business number – in 2018 it’s a new year I want you to take new chances
I want you to take new risks I want you to try new things I want you to grow
yourself so what does that mean what does that look like if you were only
listed on one platform put it on a second if you’ve listed on – put it on a
third try home away booking com flip key whatever at the same time maybe this is
the year that you buy your first property maybe this is the year that you
rent a second place and you get involved in rental arbitrage maybe this is the
year you try co-hosting it doesn’t really matter but as I just said in
point number one the competition is increasing it’s time to really like take
a hold of this take charge and be in control of your future so I want to
encourage you to take risks get outside of your comfort zone and do whatever it
is that you’ve dreamt of but haven’t quite done 2018 is the year for you to
do that number 3 think broader this keeps coming
up in all of our Facebook groups and so on where people you know basically uses
an excuse or a crutch or reason that they can’t do it oh well the legislation
is changing it’s not allowed in my HOA you know there’s all these reasons that
people can’t do it or they can’t grow but they’re just excuses
so think broader expand your horizon if it’s not legal in New York City well try
Connecticut or it’s not legal in Connecticut try Oregon it doesn’t really
matter try International I’m doing all sorts of new things I’m thinking broader
I’m doing developments in Jackson Hole I’m doing developments in Bali I’ve
never done these things I’m taking risk I’m thinking broader I’m seizing
opportunity and I want to encourage you to do the exact same thing in 2018
number four this kind of goes without sayin – start 2018 perfectly so optimize
your listing as I said earlier the competitions only getting stronger so
you need to make sure that all the little things are completely buttoned up
your photos the title the description just realize that there’s a whole like
undercurrent of people that are property managers and they may have dozens of
listings – even hundreds of listings and they have professional people helping
them with all of this stuff so if theirs is buttoned up and they’re getting the
clicks you’re not you need to make sure that yours is just as good as a
professionals so there’s dozens of videos on our YouTube channel where
we’ve review listings and tell you how to do photography and all of that go
check them all out put in the time now in 2017 so 2018 is your best year yet
number five a little hack you know how you get feedback after every single
person checks out and they tell you this and that and the other and then they
leave your private feedback and you sort of get it lated when it’s good you kind
of get depressed a little bit when it’s bad you kind of like just move on well I
want you to do a little homework assignment go check out your entire year
for every one of your listings read all the feedback and then make sure that
every single concern is addressed so number six actually as I do that I
realize you probably don’t know what this is realize I’ve worked at the
Mercantile Exchange in Chicago and so open outcry one two three four five six
seven eight nine you get the picture anyway number six I
want you to treat this like a business as we talked about in the first point
which means I want you to reduce your expenses think about how you can save
more money and continue to provide the best service possible so be
entrepreneurial contact every utility company and see if you can’t get a
better deal or if they have a special or it’s Christmas season whatever it is try
and get your internet price down try and get your landscaping price down try and
get the cleaning service you know more reasonable whatever you can do to
continue to provide the best service possible and reduce your expenses is
gonna help you grow and the reason is lower expenses means higher profit and
that’s critically important in any business number seven reinvest all those
savings in your business so just like you would do anything else start to get
educated if you’ve been waiting to buy a laptop or a new system of some sorts
take the savings and reinvest it in your growth and that’s a killer punch by
reducing expenses driving profitability and reinvesting in yourself your
business is going to expand and the things that you need to start thinking
about are like whatever you were doing if you wanted to be in marketing you to
attend some conferences you’d get educated you’d buy some equipment you’d
maybe take a seminar I don’t know whatever you would do in a business I
want you to think about yourself and your Airbnb hosting as a business I want
you to reinvest and grow and that’s it it’s a wrap I think this is gonna be
really helpful I hope it really drives your business and promotes and gets you
really excited to grow your business if you want help we’ve got this membership
site where we talk about stuff like this but in much more deeper micro level
we’ve got two different tracks the bachelors track and the masters track
and we’re getting really granular we’re helping a lot of people the growth is
already happening we’ve just got launched but we’d love to see you over
there if you want more information check out our website STR dot University


  • Hate Everything Equally

    Hi Richard! I just wanted to let you know that I found your video very motivational. I just bought a property just for short term rental and I'm closing in a couple weeks. Gave myself a deadline for 2018. I'm quite excited!

  • Kelly Lutz

    This was so inspirational! I've stayed in wonderful Airbnb's around the world and it's inspired me to start my own. I want to start my business in 2018.

  • jami amelia Dior

    I have stayed @ a few Airbnb around the world.
    I only stay with a “ superhost “.
    I find hosts all have different standards ; .
    Recently I stayed at a beautiful apartment in Sydney Australia called “ the Gem “
    I was blown away !
    The host went over and above , the amount of gifts and treats .
    They converted me to Airbnb and I will never use a hotel again !

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