Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! ?(2018)
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Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! ?(2018)

Hello friends its Richard founder
short-term rental University and Airbnb super host today’s video is about the
importance of decorating I have four tips from a professional Airbnb
decorating team we did a podcast if you haven’t listened to the podcast we’ll
include the link below but check it out I think it’s gonna be really helpful and
the reason this is so timely is Airbnb just announced their Airbnb Plus program
and one of the things that they’re really highlighting is the design and
the aesthetic and the comfort for guests so these are four tips that everyone
should be doing really easy to follow and I just want to make sure that we get
to them right now so the first tip is to paint your room a neutral color you may
have a very vibrant personality and you may want it to be you know reflective of
that well it’s great for you it may not be broadly applicable for a
lot of your guests so for example I’m sitting here in the place that I bought
in Jackson Hole and you can see bright pink wallpaper over here and behind me
is a lime green kitchen and then you’ll also notice that the kitchen cabinet
behind me has a paint sample and in the corner of the wall over there Charles if
you can get that you’ll see that there’s neutral colors I’m changing all of that
the person that did this for themselves that I bought it from obviously loved it
I personally don’t love it but I also don’t think it’s broadly
acceptable for a short-term rental and so I’m actually doing exactly what I’m
proposing that you do I’m gonna decorate with neutral colors and in order to
spice it up a little bit and show some of my personality I’m gonna use accents
such as throw pillows throws over the couches that bring out some color and a
little bit more vibrancy so I recommend you do the same the second tip is to mix
and match different genres different textures different fabrics different
colors don’t try and go into like we used to do in the 1950s or 60s and walk
into a department store and take the entire set and everything matches it
doesn’t really work in today’s eclectic lifestyle so you can have a very modern
home and have a vintage fan or you can have very cottage rustic home and have a
very modern clock or decorate so just try and make things interesting
reflective of your personality don’t try and take things off the shelf that all
look the same just mix it up a little bit how
fun with it so by way of example in this particular condo this bright red wall
here is gonna be reclaimed barnwood very warm barnwood and then over by the
fireplace it’s gonna be a very modern minimalist steel fireplace and so I’m
mixing and matching I’m mixing warm and outdoor and farm with industrial modern
you know cold and I think it’s gonna turn out great
number three lighting this is really important and lighting is a very
personal detail a lot of people don’t like overhead lighting a lot of people
prefer floor lamps and table lamps and that’s really cool but that doesn’t mean
that all of your guests feel similarly so make sure that you have enough
lighting and if it’s too much lighting for you when you stay there then just
install a dimmer that way you can have really bright lighting for your guests
that want it dimmable lighting for those that don’t want it and when you’re there
you don’t have to use it at all you can keep it super dim the two areas of focus
that I think are critically important are the kitchen so when people are
prepping dinner and so on there’s enough light and they can see and then the
second areas in the bathroom go pay close attention to the lighting in the
kitchen and in the bathroom the fourth item is to just use your location for
inspiration recognize that people are traveling all over the world and they
probably want to stay in a place that is you know reminiscent of where you are so
what I mean by that is if you’re at the beach don’t make the place look like a
Swiss you know ski chalet and likewise if you’re in a rain forest embrace that
people want to be in the area that they’ve selected and just use that for
inspiration don’t go overboard so for instance I’m here in Wyoming I’m not
gonna have antlers and all these deer skins and you don’t want to make a
mockery of it but you do want to touch base as to where they are and so in my
own mind what I’m creating here is modern mountain sort of lifestyle I’m
not gonna have any antlers or anything like that but I am gonna have reclaimed
wood I am gonna have colors that are reminiscent of Wyoming and I’m gonna
have throws and accent pieces that also highlight that as well as all of the
books on the coffee table it’s gonna be about the Tetons and hiking and skiing
and things like that bringing back into the fact that people are staying with me
in Jackson Hole Wyoming so in closing if you found this video
helpful please go ahead like it if you want more details to
listen to the podcast again the details are in linked below really great tips a
lot of wonderful actionable items not expensive we’re not trying to break
anybody’s bank in fact we’re trying to do the exact opposite tell people how to
do the best practices inexpensively creatively get great results the photos
on your listing will be great people will absolutely love it
so check out the podcast and subscribe to the podcast and while you’re
subscribing go ahead and do so on our youtube channel as well
really appreciate it happy hosting thanks so very much you


  • t1000v20

    Not everyone wants to stay in a boring neutral colourless lodging, they may have that at home and want something different when they travel away. Sometimes it's better to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. What's wrong with offering something different? You can scroll through a page of listing and everything looks white apart from the one that uses some nice bold colours on the walls and funky styling. You may actually grab someone's attention instead of the 1001 all white hospital ward look apartments. When did we become so dull and unimaginative??

  • Zack Scriven Media

    I really am enjoying working with Mercedes and Karen on my condo remodel project ?
    I think it's going to turn out amazing.
    Thanks Richard! ?

  • Jennifer Kannapel

    We just painted our new STR property and used Silver Screen by Beyer. It is actually a warm grey and a terrific backdrop to changeable colors like bright pillows. We did leave one room the original color of strong bright yellow and just tried to design into it. Looking forward to seeing your condo when completed. It will be fabulous!

  • Ashley Vassallo

    I am trying to understand living options/how to factor in rent for a place i can sleep while people stay in the initial airbnb property… hoping you may put in a bit about this in a video soon!

  • m hendie

    Awesome tips! But as a professional videographer its driving me nuts how crooked this shot is hahah. Keep doin what you're doing!

  • Cherie MacLeod

    I've been a super-host from my first season three years ago and almost everyone comments (enthusiastically and positively) either in person or in the private review about my decor. I was surprised at the beginning because I did not spend much money on anything beyond comfortable beds. I found, remade, re-imagined, painted and recovered all kinds of furniture and decor. I love the furnishing/decorating part more than anything!
    I think Richard has made a great post about what so many STR hosts find to be a difficult part of getting their listings up and running. Decorating a space doesn't come naturally to many people. It will probably be worthwhile for those people to find someone to lend them a hand.
    Hmm, I've just listed my owned places for sale with the idea of relocating for an as-yet undecided new location. Perhaps there is a business opportunity as a roving Airbnb designer for hire…

  • Lauri Hines

    I do have multiple antler chandeliers at one of my properties. The previous owner installed them, and they are hugely popular, but I had to come up with an overall decorating scheme that accommodated the antlers, and also let our guests know that these are shed each year, and no animals were harmed in the process.

    Each property speaks to all of us for some reason, and we must respect the property, the setting and the prospective guests when we are designing a new VR to delight our guests.

    That is the real fun and the art of designing a VR that will attract visitors, and Richard you are 100% correct in stating that the intent of the guest in visiting this area should guide your design.

    Beyond that, you have a ton of creativity to design as you wish, but Richard's comment strikes me as especially important – design for the experience your guest is looking for in booking in your area.

  • Charity Hough

    Hi Richard. I’d be so glad if you can review my listing in Palawan Philippines. I’m curious what you would say about it, since you really haven’t done anything from that side of the world?

  • Martin Dolan

    Just added the Barnwood this year to the Master bedroom in my home for Airbnb. Very nice and done by … an Airbnb carpenter guest! A win-win!

  • Andrew Jones

    We're in negotiations on a TINY studio cabin (300 sq ft) less than half a mile from the lake tahoe waterfront. Lot's of charm and knotty pine paneling everywhere. Does anyone have recommendations on how to maximize the small floor plan and take advantage of both ski and beach seasons this place will see most of it's use?

  • Gists with Mikealkings

    I have been using airbnb sincera 2015 and i started hosting guests 2016 and it has been a great experience and good side in come inbox me and i Will help you get started on airbnb to start making money or even if you wanna be a guest you still have to get some bonus

  • Edie tenBroek

    Would it be cool to add college colors and decor to a second bedroom in a college town rental? Or is that over the top? I'd keep it fairly low key.

  • Green Lions

    You video was inspiring but I would have like to see a transformation of some kind. Like how would have arranged the bathroom or couches etc. overall a very informative video. Keep up the good work. Keeps me inspired.

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