Airbnb Host Guide – How to Make Money Hosting on Airbnb
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Airbnb Host Guide – How to Make Money Hosting on Airbnb

– Hey, what up world. This is Ian. Today we’re gonna talk about how to make money off of Airbnb. Alright, so let’s get into it. Airbnb is a website that
lets people travel the world and rent out somebody’s
house or even a room. As opposed to staying in a hotel. If you travel a lot for work or if you’re traveling on vacation or have an extra room or even an empty house
that you want to rent out and make money off of, Airbnb is for you. To start an Airbnb, you simply just have to have a house or an empty room available to rent out to people traveling the world coming to your city. Now before starting on Airbnb, check your local laws to make sure you can
actually list your profile and rent out your house or room. I say that because
places like New York City have actually banned Airbnb where it’s illegal and
you can get penalized if you list your listing in New York City. Also make sure to have
approval from your landlord and have the capability
to sublease your house. Although I myself have actually
done this on the low low. I’ve had two properties on Airbnb and every year neighbors complained from noise from guests. As such, landlords end up
finding out almost every time. When that happens, you basically end up getting kicked out of your place. I’ve been kicked out of one apartment from neighbors finding out I was bringing guests from Airbnb. It’s ideal that you own your house so watch out for neighbors
trying to hate on you. Watch out for the HOA. If they ever find out you’re on Airbnb, you could be out of business ASAP. Airbnb has standards
for hosting guidelines. So make sure you check those out. Things such as a clean house,
clean bedsheets, towels. Airbnb has been sick in
my personal experience. I’ve been a host for over three years. And in worst case, they also have insurance
for hosts as well. In three years on the side I’ve only had two incidents. One, a guest broke a mirror. The second one, a guest broke a lamp. Both times I was reimbursed by Airbnb. Now there are guidelines to
creating your profile listing for your house or your room. You wanna follow typical
copywriting principles to get people to rent out your room. The most important thing is your title and your cover image for your house. So make sure it stands out and is the best one ever. When describing your house, act as if people are there with you and you’re taking them to the house. Talk about emotions, the vibe of each room, the best parts, the features. To get the best pictures for your profile, make sure you use Airbnb’s free professional photography service available to all hosts. Make sure you tell
people your house rules. For example, let’s say
you don’t want anybody to have any parties in your place. Make sure you emphasize that
in the house rules section. When creating your profile, get your friends to write you
reviews and recommendations. This gives you social proof and people are gonna feel more comfortable booking your place. When starting out, start off low with your price. So that way you get more bookings and can get more reviews ’cause reviews matter the most in terms of getting money on Airbnb. Airbnb also has a new
feature that came out called dynamic pricing where it gives you a recommended price based on the demand in your location. When it comes to hosting, here’s a checklist of things
you can start off with to make sure you’re on the right track to making the most money on Airbnb. It’s obvious but yes, clean your home. Either do it yourself or hire a cleaner off services such as TaskRabbit. Get anything of value and lock it away or take it with you just in case. You never know, bruh. If you’re not able to take it with you just make sure you have a note of it and if anything happens you can contact Airbnb and get reimbursed. Make a copy of your key for your guests and never give them the real house key. Here are some extra tips and tricks to help you out as a guest. Create a checking sheet with all the information
a guest would need when they first check into your place such as the WiFi password, nearby restaurants, grocery chains, things like that. Also give guests your phone number, either your cellphone, ideally. That way they can contact you or text you if there are any issues. You don’t get paid until after the first day of check-in. Doesn’t matter how
perfect of a host you are. There will always be somebody who gives you a bad review. So get ready for it. To avoid bad reviews, during the first day of check-in make sure you check-in with your guest via phone or text and make sure everything’s
going as smooth as possible. One advanced trick is if your guest doesn’t like your place get them to cancel as quickly as possible and don’t have them stay the remainder of their reservation. I say that because if
a guest cancels early they can’t leave you a review based on Airbnb’s guidelines. As a result you can hack your way out
of getting a bad review. When it comes to exchanging
keys during check-in. Here are some ways to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible. If you’re traveling for
work or for vacation and you can’t hand off the key. Have somebody like a
friend or family member do it for you. A different way of doing it is just having a key box on your door or somewhere near your house where the guest can go in there and put in a passcode and get the key. To maximize your money
from listing your house, you can also put it on
other property sites such as HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey and make even more money. In my experience from a
friend who was a super host. It’s not really worth it. Don’t think worth it is having lots of five star reviews. Wow, so I got through all of it. That should be all the game you guys need to go out there and make a killing on Airbnb. I know it’s a great hustle. Go out there and do it. I’ll be posting a more in-depth
video on my YouTube channel later this week on how to make money on Airbnb. So make sure you check me out on YouTube in Diary of a Made Man.

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    The photo shoot is not free any longer. Dynamic pricing is not good for stand-out properties. If you decide to use that tool set your own LOW PRICE LIMIT don't let the tool choose that.

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