Airbnb Bedroom and Bathroom tips. This increases bookings! | Airbnb hosting guide | Airbnb staging
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Airbnb Bedroom and Bathroom tips. This increases bookings! | Airbnb hosting guide | Airbnb staging

Hello everyone thanks for clicking on
this video Airbnb pro tips bedroom and bathroom
today I’m going to teach you how to make your Airbnb pretty as you might know I’m
an Airbnb host with 20 properties that I built on my own and self-managed without
a single dollar from investors and I started with only three thousand dollars
just a few years ago in fact I’ve doubled up for my 10 to 20 properties in
the last year I picked up number 19 and 20 yesterday and so this video is kind
of a way to give back and celebrate that 20th property so I’m gonna do a couple
videos before I even publish this listing so let’s get right to it I’m
going to show you the three main folds that I use for my towels and my linens
to make sure that they’re picture-perfect for your profile alright
so let’s get started the easy one is the body towel roll second will be the
washcloth pillar it’s kind of fun they stand there pretty and then third is the
Swan fold I actually learned how to do the Swan fold on a vacation in Jamaica
at a Hilton I disassembled it and learn how to do it because of course I wanted
to steal it for my own so let’s start for what the easy one now when you do a
body towel roll it is very simple but there’s this one technique to make sure
it comes out crisp every time first things first is you want to do a half
fold right one end over the inner corner to corner make it half length next fold
the long end in one-third and then do it again from the other side one-third so
you’ve got the perfect width now when you roll it here’s what you need to do
bring it in about six inches and I want you to wind it like twist it in so that
way the rolls being created by you pulling the towel through almost like
you’re winding both ends of a watch by doing this you’re gonna keep the end
from flaring if you rolled it by pushing it you’re gonna actually compress the
towel and this end here would actually come out and start to flare from the
compression so when you pull it through like that you get a very crisp fold very
neat and organized so next the washcloths piller so you can do this
with bigger non-square linens as well but the key is if you have one that’s
longer just fold it to be square because you want to have a square shape here so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take one end we’re gonna fold it a little bit
more than half way through right one corner in
now we’re gonna take another corner the same corner that we’re going to roll
we’re gonna fold this exactly halfway through then we’re gonna roll from that
same side all the way through so what we have now and you want to make sure you
keep it you know keep it away so that way you’ve got this nice flat bottom so
you have that flat bottom and you’ve got this kind of look wild in to create the
shape that we’re looking for you’re just going to take your finger and where you
see this excess edge you’re gonna stick your finger in between the edge and the
pillar and you’re just gonna start to roll it out just like that
so by rolling it through and pushing that edge down it’s gonna fold over
itself and it’s gonna create the shape that you’re looking for and that’s how
you create that pillar shape now if you want it taller because you want to make
sure that they’re the same size you can simply just kind of sheath it out and
give it a give it kind of a pull and make it a little bit longer so that way
they’re all uniform looking and it actually looks a little it looks a lot
better at just a certain length so every linen is different so find the perfect
length for it and just pull it out so that way it has this most cosmetic shape
and then they’ll stamp if you find that they’re not standing for any reason just
check the bottom and kind of give it a give it a pat and make sure that it’s
actually nice and flat so that way it’ll stand for you well up next The Swan fold
this one’s fun and it’s actually a lot easier than you think it would be so the
key to this one is you take your towel with full length right you’re gonna find
the center point here so with the center point here you’re gonna take one end
you’re gonna fold it about there so it’s going to be where this lines a little
bit further inside than this opposite corner here and then you’re gonna do the
same thing with the other side so that’s about where you want to fold
it first now with your finger right here to keep this really tight you’re gonna
roll the outside so the inside is tight and the outside is kind of flared out so
that way this is obviously got way more material you know do the same thing with
the other side to get it nice and tight on the on what will be the the nose edge
and then flare it out of course where you imagine the tail feather
so now you have the beginnings of yours one which is the tail and the nose now I
like to tuck these in and create a little bit of a shape here help kind of
create some structure by tucking in these like extra little bits what
that’ll do is that’ll help the Swan per-say have more of a mega backend so
now you flip it over and you’ve got this kind of cone shape so there’s not much
left to do use at the halfway point here you fold it back right to create the
neck and then you’re going to do the same thing with what you would call the
nose right here now the only thing about a shorter tail see it doesn’t want to it
doesn’t want to create the nose a longer towel it’s heavy enough that’ll do it so
it takes a little practice with this one but over time you can train yourself to
do these shorter titles and then once you’re done
they’ll look something like this and it looks really fun with bigger towels and
at the Hilton in Jamaica like I said they actually set it on the center of
the bed which was actually kind of cool along with some other decorations I
think they did like a chocolate you know that kind of whole thing so I use this
for my makeup towels and I actually recommend putting a label on this and
let people know this is the make of towel this is the one that you can stain
that’s important because otherwise these beautiful white ones people need to wipe
their makeup off and if you only have white towels they will stain and then
you’ll get complaints months later from Airbnb guests going the towels are
stained and dirty and ragged that’s only because you didn’t have a designated
makeup towel so get smart also bath mats I don’t buy the ones with little plastic
bottoms that actually stay on the bathroom floor gets actually really
nasty because people rarely wash those these ones are the ones that you just
kind of throw in the laundry these are just the same ones you could actually
see in a hotel right so what I’ll do is I’ll pick up all the linens and I’ll
throw this in with the laundry I’ll keep three or four sets of
everything in my European piece in a future video we are going to talk about
Airbnb inventory like you’re gonna make an inventory list if you’re gonna set up
an air bebe from scratch and you just want to have it done inside of 48 hours
which for all my urban these they’re always listed in 48 hours because
otherwise you’re just wasting time with a non listed property so we’re going to
go over inventory later but I keep three copies
of towels washcloths makeup tiles bath mats etc so let’s go to that the bedroom
next additionally I’m going to do a video on Airbnb SEO how to get high on
search rankings a clean bed is one way to do this and I’ll explain that more
later but additionally King pets they’re easier to photograph with four pillows
that is super important because people stays I think the bathrooms and the
bedroom or the bed is specifically is probably one of the most important
things they need to have a comfortable night’s sleep so four pillows I keep to
gel pillows and then two down feather ones so that way whoever you know
whatever their style is they’ll always have a pillow that they like no the
reason why I’m showing you this is because like I said stains if you’re
like me as an Airbnb host you’ve probably gone through your fair share of
comforters people will stain the comforters you can’t get them out and
you have to throw the comforter rain buy a new one if you’re like me I have your
solution so this is not just the comforter but it is covered with
something called add event now some people call it a duvet so if you guys
are good at this pardon me so this is something that simply slips
over comforter it’s extremely comfortable it’s really soft and if
you’ve ever been to a four or five-star hotel you’re gonna notice that they do
this so what you do is you just unzip the duvet or do that pull the comforter
from outside and you throw this in the wash that actually makes it faster to
wash your linens too so in my world where we have 10 properties or 12
properties in Houston the cleaners have a lot of laundry to do
so going like cutting down on the bulk really helps speed up the cleaning
process so by just washing the outer outer sheet you don’t have to wash the
whole comforter every time and that saves you a bunch of time and if the
duvet or do the vets get stained you just toss it and you use a new one so
like I said three of everything you could have three of these outer things
but only need one comfort so we’ve cut down there too so in the future we are
going to talk like I said about SEO what what do you need to do your profile to
maximize your search rankings because of course occupancy
percentage for short for rental is everything and creating picture-perfect
scenes is important too so we’re going to talk about outside


  • Media Press Promotions

    Never thought folding towels could be so significant. SO you're saying when you take photos of the property for the profile on Airbnb that you do these fancy folds, or that you do this every time?

  • All Dunne

    Agree with you on the folded towel art! My listing is doing quite well because I do take time to get creative with the towels. I also feel a very well made bed is “key”!

  • Veronica Manes

    Hi, I'm a fairly new host on Airbnb. I have miraculously been doing most things right so far. I don't know what to do or how to handle guests staining sheets and/or towels. A set of sheets cost as much as a nights stay and I can't use them once they're stained. How do I handle this? Should I charge guests? It has now happened to me on three different occasions.

  • lprochon2003

    buddy … there is nothing 'crisp' about your rolls. This is how you greet your guests? I am sure you can do a better job at rolling your towels.

  • gedharrison47

    No, no, no to this ridiculous towel rolling. The swans look incredibly naff! Much more classy is a simple flat fold with sides to middle so the towels can be stacked neatly on top of each other.

  • Lotus Creek Management LLC

    How do you label your make-up towels? Via stitching? Also, if a guest stays for 3+ days, how do you handle the cleaning and refreshing of the unit while the guests' are there.

  • Mich Q

    this was great, have you already done a video on number of towels per guests quality or type of beach towels and shampoo soap recommendations from a cost approach for hosts. I see this asked alt in fb pages for hosts.

  • Delta Golf

    Nice luxurious on downtown of Capital Kinshasa. Good staff and affordable price Room rate in comparision of others. My all stay booked in advance.

  • Mia Vatana

    I'm actually renting a townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I'll be staying in the main floor. So two of the bedrooms will be rented, the master and the second room upstairs. So it will be my first time doing this. The lease is for one year and there are 700 townhomes in the area where I'm renting. I'm in california. The rent is 3,200.03. So I'm hoping I will get it. So far it's really hard to getting approved. It's corporate housing. How do you by pass the residential manager even though there are two car garage enclosed in the townhome. Won't they know that you are doing air b and b? or can you by pass that without owning. What's the trick or secret.

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