AIB : Honest Indian Flights

Welcome onboard this flight. because if you heard my original Gurgaon accent you’d judge me. BIG time This aircraft has two doors, out of which I want to jump Because my modeling career went down the drain. Even though a cursory glance at your face suggests you’d shit your pants in an emergency Your cleavage is in my face, so I’m going to have to say “Yes” HEY RANDOM STRANGER! LET’S MAKE REALLY LOUD SMALL TALK! OTHER PASSENGERS CAN STUFF THEIR COMFORT UP THEIR ASSES! RANDOM BULLSHIT ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET! I forgot to web check-in. AND I forgot my headphones I JUST SHAT MY PANTS Alcohol that’s way better than you can afford! If I don’t drink like a thirsty dog, then what is even the point of international travel? You’ve already necked eight drinks. How many more are you going to put down? Baby if it were free, I’d drink antiseptic floor-cleaner. Baby doll dance for me. Welcome to Bangalore International Airport! What exactly did you achieve by saving two entire seconds of your life right now? The thing is, I’ve had this problem ever since I was a child… Sigh. Now I feel good. Everybody stick together and stand… that’s funnnn.

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