Agent Elite: The Importance of Having an IDX Website
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Agent Elite: The Importance of Having an IDX Website

what’s going on everybody Nick Reis
your co-founder and COO of Agent Elite today we want to spend just a couple
minutes talking about the importance behind having an IDX website. Especially with Agent Elite no 😉 Having an IDX website is something that
has come up over the years right do I go to my webpage, do I go and utilize what my broker is providing me or do I get a website with IDX? What’s framed-in? Integrated? Embedded? What’s the difference? Why is it important? There’s a lot of questions around that but, at the end of the day yes it’s important to
have your own website not just what your broker provides you with we’re in the
business for yourself okay your 1099 you are an entrepreneur right you are paying
well some of these bigger brokerages a monthly fee to utilize their branding
agents change brokerages once about every five years according to an NAR study so that being said having your own website having your own branding having
your own idx that you’re utilizing is extremely important when you do decide
to pick up and move somewhere else right you’re not losing any of the content
you’re not losing any of the marketing or the traffic you can simply just
change company logo and information and maintain the consistency in regards to
traffic leads lead nurturing and all that plus at the end of the day you want
to be in control over your leads anything that goes into your brokerages
system stays within the brokerage anything cultivated will stay there and
so these things are why it’s important to have an IDX website. To top it off,
the IDX, the Internet data exchange, what this is is there’s a lot of IDX
providers out there and we all pull the same data. What this does is it allows for
us to change or manipulate listings the way they display or appear on one’s
website also it keeps you the main point of contact
having that IDX is super important. Now there’s framed in which is a website
within a website then there fully integrated and embedded, and that’s
realistically what you’re looking for and the reasons behind that is it helps
with organic ranking. We want to make sure that you know when it comes to your
website there’s three things that Google looks for. Content, which is one of the
most important things. Making sure your content is always coming and going on
the website this tells Google that your website is fresh it’s relevant right and
this is what helps your website grow organically within the search engines
and so let’s talk a little bit about the IDX, the IDX and having it fully embedded
into your website gives you the ability to have each and every single one of
your listings embedded and indexed within the search engine every time the
IDX updates every time the MLS updates right that will update your website now
there’s different ways that we can go in to see if your website is being indexed
and optimized based on the embedded idx solutions now there are some IDX
providers that utilize sub domain names the challenge with that is your domain
name is not getting credit for any of the listings that are coming and going
so you want to make sure that your domain name right it’s fully embedded
indexed and optimized within your domain name so you’re getting the credit for
each and every time your website updates which by the way depending on the IDX,
your website will update anywhere between two to three hours so anytime
your MLS updates so should your website listen there’s a lot more in regards to
this particular topic if you want to check out a little bit more of myself
getting into more detail in regards to how this all plays out and why it’s so
important make sure to check out our podcast there you’ll find a wealth of
information and knowledge that wraps it up I’m Nick Reis your co-founder and
COO of Agent Elite, we’ll see you next time.

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