Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2
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Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 2

Hi, it’s Tyrone from This
is part two of showing you best and the most affordable and cheap hosting solutions for
videos. In the previous video, I’ve showed you the free solutions or the solutions which
doesn’t cost you anything. In today’s video, I want to show you all the solutions
that I currently use in my business to host it which cost just a little bit money. They’re
very cheap as well to be able to run in service. The reason why you might consider hosting
videos and pay for hosting videos is it’s private membership site video information
which you don’t want to share with the public or maybe it’s information that you don’t
want to be able to disclose via the videos, free video sites such as YouTube and so forth.
The reason why I got some of these is because I host very long interviews with bloggers
and successful entrepreneurs and so forth and I usually can’t fit all those onto the
free service. Okay, so have a look at Amazon Web Service
which is right here. What it’s called is the Amazon S3, you can see it here on this
website and it’s basically a service which allows you to host hundreds and hundreds of
gigs of data or anything that you really want and what we use the service particularly for
is just to host videos and audios for the blog. If you’ve been passed my blog and
you’ve seen on my blog there’s an area which you can just click on that says “Download
MP3″. You see here on my blog it says here “Download the MP3″. These mp3s are all hosted on the Amazon S3
service and you can click on this anytime. You’ll see that whenever you click on that
link, it’ll take you straight to the Amazon S3 server which is where all the videos are
hosted and all the mp3s. It’s great for those kind of things because a lot of services
out there just don’t allow you to host large files. All right, jumping back into Amazon
S3 web services, I just want to show you quick brief pricing of how much it costs. It’s
very, very cheap in my experience just from using this because the fact is that they really
are giving you so much space to store a lot of space for like 15cents per gigabyte. A gigabyte is a thousand megs. On average
my…for example my mp3s are probably around about 30 to 40megs at most, that’s max.
I can imagine, I can probably be able to store up to 300 mp3s before I have to pay 15cents
for the mp3s so that’s how cheap it is. This is what it is here, in US standard, 15cents
per gig and if you get up to 15 terabytes, it’s 10cents per gigabyte after that and
this is on a monthly basis. So, you can imagine I haven’t paid more than probably about
3 to 4bucks per month just to be able to have all this additional service and hosting and
it’s really, really do cheap. This is something that I highly recommend if you want a hosting
solution for videos and also for audios as well. One other thing to mention as well, I found
that Amazon web services just to use in general isn’t very easy to use because it’s been
designed for programmers and developers but there’s a really neat software that acts
like a FTP client called Amazon S3 client bucket which you can download here called
Bucket Explorer or the S3 Amazon Bucket Explorer. It does cost a little bit money to buy this
but I think it’s not that expensive at all. I’ll just click on it and I’ll show you
how much it costs. I bought this a while ago so I don’t quite remember how much it is.
There you go, $50 once-off. So once you buy that, you can use this and it acts like a
FTP server which allows you to upload all your files directly onto Amazon S3 and you
pretty much just run it as though you’re using like FTP server. So yeah, I highly recommend this one, Bucket
Explorer to use with Amazon S3. The next thing I want to show you is…as I’ve showed you
previously TubeMogul it’s a free service that allows you to distribute videos all across
the Internet, to multiple websites and multiple video services. I currently use Traffic Geyser
to also distribute not just only videos but also my podcasts, social bookmarks and also
articles throughout the website, throughout the web. This is really a good piece of tool
if you can afford to use it. It is $97 per month but it’s really, really powerful once
you see how it’s used. So basically just follow the link that I’ve provided below
here and you should be able to have access to the Traffic Geyser if you want to use it. But I’ll just want to show you a quick demo
if you just jump into my Traffic Geyser account of what potentially websites you can distribute
at to. It goes out to hundreds and hundreds of websites. So let’s have a look here.
For example, these are all the video websites that you can see that it goes out to. So there
are 20 video websites that Traffic Geyser automatically distributes to once you distribute
it once or upload it once to Traffic Geyser. Not only that, you also get podcast sites
which there are seven of them, it will also send it out to blog sites for you, social
bookmarking sites for you, also article sites for you and yeah, pretty much everything that
you see there. It’s very, very powerful once you set all these up. It allows you to
do quite a lot of things. But the most important part as I mentioned
previously in the first video if you saw that, is that it allows you to get lots and lots
of backlinks and it allows you to move up to search engines very, very quickly as well.
That’s how I successfully…everytime I create my videos, I automatically have it
submitted by my virtual assistants to Traffic Geyser and send out to all those different
websites out there allowing me to create lots of backlinks. At the moment, I’ve got probably
tens and thousands of backlinks coming back to which allows me to rank
really well in certain areas of my videos. So that’s the last thing that I recommend
if you’re looking to spend a little bit money to host and get some affordable hosting
services out here. These things are very, very powerful and these are the tools that
I currently use to host all my videos on my website or on my blog and also to distribute
it across the Internet. All right, that’s it for this video today, if you have any further
questions, any comments or like to share this on FaceBook and to Tweet it, feel free to
do so. I’d love to hear some of your feedback as
well, feel free just to leave your comments down below and I hope to see you soon. It’s
Tyrone from today and have a great day and we’ll catch you in the next
video. Bye for now�


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