Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 1
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Affordable Video Sharing Sites and Video Hosting Solutions Part 1

Hi there, it’s Tyrone from
In today’s video tutorial, I want to show you some affordable and cheap hosting services
that you can use to host all your videos and this was a question that was asked by one
of my subscribers on my blog. What I wanted to share with you today is in two different
parts. The first part I’m going to share with you
is a cheap solution or free solution I should say where you can host all your videos for
free and then the second part, I’m going to show you an affordable, cheap hosting solution
which will cost you no more than 15 cents a gigabyte of video which I’ll show you
in the next part of the video. So the first thing I want to show you are
the video sites that I currently use to host all my videos for the blog. So let’s hop
onto the first one that I want to show you here. The first one that you can see right
here is YouTube and YouTube is a service that I use very, very highly to post all my videos
up to 10 minutes long. It’s a free service and as long as you abide by their terms and
conditions, you can post literally anything that you want. You can easily dominate your niche inside
YouTube. What I found is YouTube has over millions and millions of people coming through
so it’s a very highly searched video site and you can easily dominate with a lot of
traffic in general, traffic back to your blog or subscribers or wherever you want to drive
traffic so I highly recommend using YouTube. The second one that I recommend as well is
Viddler. Viddler is an excellent site as well. It’s a great site for people who need to
post more than 10 minutes in their videos. YouTube has a restriction of 10 minutes unless
you’re a partner with YouTube and a lot of people find it very difficult to be able
to get the partnership agreement applied or sent and setup with YouTube. So if you want
to post for videos that are longer than 10 minutes long, Viddler is a great place to
be able to set that up and you can use it to do pretty much the same thing on what you
do with YouTube. I usually post all my video interviews here
or anything that requires me to explain something that’s quite a lot more detail that requires
more than 10 minutes. All right to speed it up and to get your video out into market much
quicker, and distribute it across numerous sites, I recommend free service called TubeMogul.
What TubeMogul allows you to do is to post to YouTube,, Metacafe, all those video
sites that are out there and it allows you to post it out to numerous networks giving
you lots of backlinks back to your website. I’ll show you right now how it works on
my system because I’m pretty sure a lot of you are probably out there thinking okay,
if I post on YouTube, how do I get more backlinks back to my blog? And, you can do this with
TubeMogul by getting a few backlinks from different multiple websites. So let’s just
jump in to TubeMogul and I’ll show you my Uploads area. Just a little tip here just
to share with you at the moment is that I have a lot of videos produced on the backend
and I don’t usually distribute them until the day that comes to broadcasting or publishing
on the blog. But there’s a really neat trick inside TubeMogul, it’s that you can upload
as many videos as you want but just don’t publish them. Say for example, as I’ve mentioned
previously, I usually schedule all my video posts out probably around about the beginning
of the month. So I might create 10 videos for the month and I have them uploaded onto
TubeMogul but they don’t get distributed or published online until the day that comes.
It allows you to store your videos on there and what I get my virtual assistants to do
is when the day does come out to distribute, I get them to launch it and send it off to
the website then post onto the blog automatically for me. So that way, I’ve fast tracked all
my videos and at the same I’ve streamlined my systems here so that I can free up my time
to do other things. Let’s just hop in here, the most recent video that I’ve done is
How To Get More Time Back Using These Productivity Tools. So I’ll click on this just to show
you what I mean. All right, as you can see right here, I’ve got five services that
I post up my videos to: YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, Metacafe and and these five
services allow me just to automatically post it out to those video sites which are all
free to do. But the beauty of doing this is that you post
one video up to TubeMogul and it distributes to five multiple sites. Also, the great thing
is if you click on More Sites here, you can post to all these other video sites which
are all free as well. So if you have all the usernames setup and so forth, you can post
to all these video sites for free which is really powerful because what will happen is
that your content will get distributed across multiple video sites. Furthermore, allowing
incurring in more backlinks into your own video and increasing your search engine ranking
as well. So this is a powerful way to be able to increase
your video distribution and also upload and host your videos for free all online. I hope
that sharing this with you will give you an idea on how I go about using these free services
to post onto my blog. All these are all streamlined to setup on my system for my virtual assistants
to complete for me. In my next video, I’ll be showing you exactly what hosting sites
that are quite affordable and also cheap to use and you can check those out once I show
you in the next video because I’m pretty sure if you have some membership sites or
have any videos that you don’t want to post out to the public, these would be very, very
good for you to use. All right, that’s it for this video today.
Any feedback, any comments, just leave back down on the blog here. Love you to post this
onto FaceBook or Twitter and share with other people out there. If you’ve got any questions,
just feel free to send them through and ask me as well. It’s Tyrone from
and I’ll talk to you soon in the next video�


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