Advice Show Hosting Hyoni, Se-Young and Sandara Park!
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Advice Show Hosting Hyoni, Se-Young and Sandara Park!

This is and advice show
hosting Hyoni, Se-Young and Dara! We are now receiving questiosn from the viewers~ Let me read the question fast
“I’m dating with this man for three years now.
The thing is that there’s a huge age gap between us” “I don’t want really think this is important thing
but I am worried that my parents might disapprove our relationship because of the gap” Well, you are saying that you are worried about your parent’s negative response…Am I right? What’s wrong with age gap? There’s an old saying about this matter… – Age is just a number
– You are absolutely right If your parents get shocked at the news,
it means that they love you that much! It’s like…
“I’ve raised you! You are my beloved little princess!” If you want to keep your love
and want to be good to your parents at the same time, It’s your job to persuade your parents If you break up with your lover
just because of your parents, you will surely regret in the future
and think bad about your parents This is what I think about this matter…
What’s your opinion? I want to say…go get your lover!
(Laugh) You only live once…and you will never live again – That’s right
– If you think this person as your eternal lover, – Okay
– then you should persuade your parents until your get their approval – Parents tend to change their mind if they are sincere to each other
– Yeap – Being sincere is the key to success You should also know this! (Together)
No parents ever persuaded a determined child to do otherwise That’s right! – I hope we gave you some answer…
– Cheer up!
– Yes! Huh?
“What does it mean when a guy strokes a girl’s hair?” – “I never dated a guy…so this actually makes my heart beat like hell…”
– Ah! – One who never dated before can become like this!
– Wait a second Do men stroke girl’s hair only when they feel something about that girl? I also want to know the answer for this!
Let’s bring one of our crews to answer this question! – Here’s your question
– Why do you stroke a girl’s hair even when she is not your girlfriend?
– Is she someone special? or just no one? – I would say…that it’s a process of getting closer to that person
– Oh~ – So are you saying that you have never stroked a girl’s hair if you are not interested in dating her? — Never Oh~ – Okay! Is there a meaning behind the action? – Absolutely! Yes!
– What is the reason? – Interested?
– Oh~
– Have you ever stroked a girl’s hair when you have no interest about that person? There are ladies who don’t like physical contact… Oh~ Okay! – Oh…
– We are not sure about the exact answer for this matter
But our guests told us that they only stroke a girl’s hair only when they are interested in dating that girl… – That’s right
– I urge you to act fast “What type of guys do ladies prefer to date?” – Nobody knows the answer!
– Yes Why don’t we share our own ideas? – Oh~ Is it our turn now?
– Yeap Well…I would like my future boyfriend to be
about six feel tall…with a masculine body… WWE champion like Brock Lesnar would be nice (Laugh)
I like those type of men…Triple H…Undertaker…
That’s my men… Don’t you know who they are?
Enter their names on Google! Dara is going to tell us about her ideal type of men – There’s only one particular type that I like
– Yeap – Okay
– I like tough guys who are younger than me – The ones who can lead me
– Mmm~ -Cute on the outside but tough on the inside!
The one who shows unexpected charming feature! – Come boys~Come and get Dara!
– (Singing Lee Seung Gi’s “Because You’re My Woman”) – (Singing Lee Seung Gi’s “Because You’re My Woman”) Okay…She likes masculine ones… and she likes the ones
who can attract her in a very unique way – I…like sexy guys
– Look at us! It’s not about the body!
It’s about the mood! I would like my future boyfriend to be Asian guy
with sexy voice Voice tells you everything about that person – He should have a presence
that attracts people’s attention
– Okay He should be the one who gets recognized by other men
I don’t really like the ones who are loved by women That’s right… The ideal type of guy differs from woman to woman So rather than worrying about the ideal type, we would like to suggest you to focus on showing your attractive points to your lover! Show your attractive points! “Do men talk a lot and do naughty things a lot if they are interested in dating a person?” – They don’t even start a conversation if…
– All people do that! Not just men! What’s your opinion about this question? – Do men act like that?
– Do you talk a lot? Absolutely, yes! How do you behave in such situation? Well..I might pat the lady like this… – Where?
– Like this… Are you two falling in love right now? Wait a second…How was it? – What? This?
– Things like this do make one’s heart beat – Uh? If someone talks to me and pats me like that I would probably think…”Why?” (Laugh)
“Is he interested in dating me?”
That’s what I would probably think! – Oh~ That’s her answer
– Okay – Congrats! I think you are going to date a person sooner or later!
– Yeap! “Is it okay for a woman
to confess love to her lover first?” Why not?
There’s nothing wrong with that? Why not? How can he know that you live him
if you don’t tell him? – Oh~
– Well, there are successful cases too If you are shy or something like that…
Make him do so! What’s your opinion about this? Se-Young? – Me? I will just tell that person, “I love you”
– Mmm~ – Without hesitation
– Oh~ – “I like you. Let’s go our for a date”
– Oh! – Just like that?
– Yeap It’s okay even if his answer is “No” I would probably have hard time that day
but you have to become an alpha girl! You can be the one who leads your love relationship! Okay!
This is the end of our petty show… Thank you for watching our show!


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