Adobe Made An AWESOME Portfolio Builder (Adobe Portfolio Tutorial)
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Adobe Made An AWESOME Portfolio Builder (Adobe Portfolio Tutorial)

did you know that Adobe has a portfolio
builder that you can utilize to make your very own graphic design portfolio
what does that people welcome back to Satori graphics and today we’re going to
take a look at the awesome portfolio builder by Adobe now just a quick
disclaimer hashtag not sponsored because I am not sponsored by Adobe or anyone in
today’s video I just find this portfolio builder really interesting and really
helpful so do follow along and see if you agree with me
Adobe has created an awesome piece of software to create your portfolio
now Adobe portfolio is completely free for those of you who have a Creative
Cloud subscription now that can just be a single application or multiple apps
but if you pay a monthly fee for Creative Cloud then you can use Adobe
portfolio now you simply need to sign in to your Creative Cloud account in the
top right menu here but before we get into the portfolio creation side of
things let’s quickly check out an example of somebody who has used in
daily portfolio now is having a browse over these examples earlier and I saw a
totally awesome portfolio that you have to see and I portfolio was made by
niklas now you can see how on his home page the logo at the top has a rollover
function which is really neat but also the interface cleanly slides down over
the background image which is something I really do like a whole lot now also
each of its project thumbnails is spread across the entire screen and it actually
fills up the color when it’s rolled over but if we head into one project you will
see that he has kept the style and the layout the same throughout the entire
portfolio and there’s even the possibility to embed videos directly
into your portfolio I personally think this portfolio is really stunning and
this is the kind of thing that you can technically make using Adobe portfolio
so very briefly what are the key aspects of Adobe portfolio well firstly you can
link a custom domain name to their website and you also have the ability to
link your site to Behance so you can share the work between the
two platforms really really easily the designs are very responsive and
that’s all achieved with no knowledge or experience of coding required I
personally don’t do any kind of coding because I never learned that skill so
it’s really useful for me but there’s also many many themes to choose from and
it should be noted that you can actually make multiple websites from just one
Creative Cloud accounts so let’s dive into how to actually set up a website
using Adobe portfolio now when you log in by default
you have your behance account linked so adobe is going to import your Behance
projects onto this websites now if personally abandoned my Behance
account many years ago because i do in fact have my own folio websites so these
are some of my old projects that adobe has picked up and transferred but yeah
just as an example to show you guys today I place this Apple Mac Mac image
from my background and I’m using a theme called martyr in case you want to know
to make adjustments to specific areas just click the blue icon here and then
enter into the settings this is where you can change the background image and
obviously if I was going to change it I’ll just hit the remove image option
you then have the layout options for your image and also the overlay color
and opacity I really do like the overlay option because it looks really neat and
also sleek on the homepage itself all of your edits are in real time so you can
see the adjustments as you go with the portfolio creation and then here you can
adjust the layout for the header text as well as the font and the style too so as
you can see the design is very responsive and neat when you scroll down
over the homepage this is built into the theme I chose but do have a look over
the themes when you sign in so over here on the left is the toolbar
and this section allows you to manage your content below the homepage section
now I can drag and rearrange the order of my projects which were imported from
Behance and speaking of the hands this is where you can activate or deactivate
a setting for linking your website to the hands if you do turn it off however
all of the projects will disappear from your website and if you want to simply
start from scratch on this website you might want to do that so obviously the
blue icon here is where you can add a new project into your portfolio there
are quite a lot of settings that you probably should take a look at yourself
but to name a few you can track your website’s analytics such as traffic
sources and volumes and that’s by linking your website to Google the use
of meta tags is really helpful in boosting your website’s search
optimization and that is something you really want to address if you want your
website ranking on Google search so you can try and rank it for things like
graphic design or logo design now below here you have some things like the
thumbnail for your social media sharing and a few other backend site settings
too so now going back to my projects below if you again click the blue icon
you can edit the layouts of your projects by adjusting the
margins here you can also dictate how many projects are in a single row and
also you can change the alignment and stuff too however importantly for the
overall look and style of your websites you might want to edit the rollover
settings this is how each thumbnail is going to appear when a user hovers their
cursor over a specific item so just as an example I can see if – a purple from
a red overlay and also as we saw earlier you can even just have your thumbnails
black and white and then when someone rolls over them with the cursor they are
filled with color another recent feature from Adobe is that they provide you with
a domain name but also now they’ve linked up with namecheap
so you can buy one from there or you can simply use one you’ve already purchased
somewhere else but it’s a quick tip if you can I
recommend securing the dot-com version over your domain because that’s going to
rank a lot easier in Google search terms and you can check out places like
Namecheap or dyno dots because these are really two good domain registrar’s that
I personally use myself so yeah there is today’s video and I’m still getting
submissions for the portfolio critique that is gonna come Friday so do stay
tuned for that video because there is some really interesting and some really
awesome portfolios you guys have sent to me also if you want to keep boosting
your skills as a graphic designer do remember to subscribe to my channel
for weekly graphic design content and if you have already subscribed do you make
sure to turn on these notifications by clicking that Bell icon or young Tom
Satori and I hope you have a great day and it’s the next time design your
future today


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