Admiral Interviews Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Provider Reviora at Convergence 2014
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Admiral Interviews Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Provider Reviora at Convergence 2014

Aaron Sorenson: We are here at Convergence
and I am talking with Brian with Reviora, great to talk to you today. Brian: Good to see you. Aaron Sorenson: So, first of all tell us a
little bit about the company, the background of the company, Reviora? Brian: At Reviora we work directly through
the partner channel and we provide private managed cloud environments for our customers,
so we work with partners to ensure that the dynamics products are up and running and work
successfully and then we provide all the backend infrastructure, all the servers and all the
maintenance to be able to deliver a solid environment. Aaron Sorenson: Okay, tell us about the services
that you offer there, sure there are some unique things about the services you offer? Brian: There are, well we do allow Microsoft
Dynamics products to run through a web browser, so all the products CRM, GP, NAV, SL are as
simple as going to a web browser on the client computer and we provide all the server infrastructure
that the client doesn’t need to actually see. Then we do provide exchange, SharePoint, Lync
and then we offer advanced backup and disaster recovery option for our clients as well to
make sure that the cloud is really providing a good business fit for what they need. Aaron Sorenson: Okay, so what are some of
the things that customers should be concerned about or should ask about when they are looking
for a private cloud solution? Brian: Well ask where your data is and ask
what level of certification and compliance that your cloud provider is using. That’s
really important and some of the things you see that are shiny and nice and fun to look
at may not be the reliability part that’s going on behind the scenes. Also make sure
to ask the questions about where the data is, how it’s managed, how it’s protected,
who have access to it and another one that’s got you is, can I have my data back. Aaron Sorenson: So, what’s some of the feedback
that your customers are giving, what’s the value that you are providing? Brian: Customers that are looking for an enterprise
class environment love it. When there is a problem we can work directly with the partner
to resolve it, get it resolved quickly, work directly with Microsoft and most of the time
the environment is rock solid, it runs smoothly fast and they can get to it through any web
browser from any computer over any internet connection. Aaron Sorenson: Well, we very much enjoy working
with you and thanks very much. Brian: Definitely thanks for your partnership.

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