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Addon Domains – EverWeb Web Hosting

Your EverWeb hosting plan allows you to host
an unlimited number of domains. This means you can host all of your websites
on one hosting account. In order to use one of your other domains
with your EverWeb hosting account, you must first setup the domain as an add-on domain.
Remember, this cannot be just any domain. It must be a domain that you own, or at least
a domain that you have administrative power over. If you need to register a new domain,
please do that before adding the domain as an add-on domain. To add the domain, login to your client area.
The email address and password used to access your client area is the same email address
and password that you use for publishing your site in EverWeb. Once logged in, click on Services, and then
select My Services. Click on the View Details button next to the hosting account. Next, click on the Addon Domains button under
the Manage Account heading. In the New Domain Name field, type in the
domain name that you are adding as an add-on domain. When typing in your domain, do not
include www. When you are done, click the Add Domain button. Your add-on domain has now been added to your
account. If the domain you added was registered with a registrar other than RAGE, you will
need to update the domain’s name servers so that the domain points to your EverWeb server.
The name servers to use can be found in the Welcome To EverWeb email that was sent to
you when signing up. Make sure to first log out of EverWeb and
then log back-in, in order to see the newly added add-on domain.

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