Addon Domain in cPanel 2019 – Godaddy
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Addon Domain in cPanel 2019 – Godaddy

hello internet people in this video I’ll show you how to set up an addon domain on.. Alright, so just log into your godaddy account and select my products so that’s the page on now and then press on managed under web hosting . Now select account that you want to have this additional domain under. So in this case, I only have one, so i’ll put it under it. and don’t worry the name is you here is not going to affect your additional domain So once the page loads, you’ll see your cpanel and if you scroll down, under the domains you’ll see I don’t the main so click on it and you’ll land on a form page where you can create an add-on domain so enter the domain you want to add here and once you’ve written and exit the field, it will populate everything else automatically check that you’re happy with the details and that the document root is the one that you want and if you check this field you’ll be able to create another ftp account This is not mandatory so if you don’t need to skip this step So let’s check that one and you’ll be able to set the ftp username here let me enter a password here and then second time and then click on add domain that’s it your new domain is added it just go to file manager and we can test that it works here are the partner manager and if you go if you go in public HTML folder click on it and then you go to the new domain that you’ve just set up and you’ll see it completely empty because we haven’t put anything in it yet and let’s just add a simple file to test that this domain works so grab any text editor and add this HTML code there and i’ll include file down in the description so you can download it from there and you should say there’s a index.html let’s go back to file manager in the root folder of the new domain select upload choose browse and choose the value we just created or the one that you download it from description and now the server is uploading the file and once it’s done we should be able to access our new domain let me enter the URL here and as you can see the file shows up at hello world as we expected and a new domain is set up so now you have to either use your own and files or install WordPress if you’re looking for a tutorial about setting up wordpress on this new domain, the link is in the description and also should appear on the screen now i hope this video was useful hit the like if it helped you and here’s what Arnold thinks about this tutorial


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