• Udochi

    So insightful and she definitely woke my mind to scenarios for improving accessibility that I never thought of. I'm about nine(9) months into my web developer journey, but the light she brought to the work yet undone in making the web truly accessible to EVERYONE just gave my dev journey a whole new meaning. Thank you Google Chrome for bringing her on. Great feature! ❤

  • Rafæl Couto

    I love that u guys are talking a11y, but I was expecting someone with actual disability to talk about it (nothing against Marcy) and more practical content.
    Maybe in the next videos!

  • Gabriel Ricardo Urbina Royuela

    When we design for accessibility, we also improve the whole usability of our products, EVERY user gains from this.
    For example: Adding keyboard controls in our products, won't just enable someone with visual disability to use our product, but will also enable power users to use the web in an ultra fast way.

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