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Whos is she? Episode 3 Dude, Looks like it will be snowing even today there will be a power Shut down today between 6 to 9 received an alert from the maintenance can you imagine how difficult it would have been without Electricity So true! Without electricity, I would have to light Candles and watch T V. (Laugh)………. Eww! somnolent Here Come Achayan and Lalu Dint you bring? Who? Dint you bring Aaradhika? I knew that no girl would come with you, looking at your hobbling face. Dude, hush it What’s the matter? I need to talk to you guys. let sit and talk what happened? We went to meet “Aaradhika”. But there are some unexpected issues. (Lalu) Explaining everything that happened in the morning we are friends of Aaradhika. Please let her know that we are here to meet her. You guys came to meet Aaradhika? Get out of here now We just want to meet her. What’s the worriment? Aaradhika passed away 6 months ago in a car accident. And you guys want to see her? What you mean she’s dead? She called over the phone few days before. Aaradhika: Consider that I need a favor from you Aaradhika: I am calling you from heaven. Araadhika calling we just left from there Oh my god.. I just can’t stop laughing Is this a horror movie or what? Tell me the truth guys. Are you guys high on weed or something? You may not belive in what I say, from the moment we left there, the vehicle dint start, tires went flat, and we meet with a minor accident Something NEGATIVE is happening Dude, just stop scaring us He is even scared of roaches and lizards, now you are scaring him with ghost and vampires Something is fishy!! No…dont open it, that might be the ghost Do you expect ghosts to ring the door bell? Oh is that you Come on baby. Let my dad come back from the middle east. Then I will talk to him about our wedding for sure I got a new girlfriend from south India. Now I have to learn her language. Wow man! Hey Achayan, did you meet Aaradhika? How did you know that? Durantham has mentioned it over a Facebook post. What the hell did you post? Let me see After a long 30 years of bachelorhood… Achayan is finally going to meet her….. Achayan meets Aaradhika today To make it more happy and blissfull . Requesting all to make some monetory donations Sorry dude, that a mistake Anyways , my girlfriend found me that I am cheating on her She kicked me out of the house So I will be staying with you guys for few days. I am hungry, get me something to feast with Order some pizza! I will call you back baby How does this guy manage 3 or 4 girls at a time? On the other hand, Achayan is struggling to find a girl. Pizza is here Hi Eachapen? How are you? Not Eachapen, its Eapechen? Anyways, did you meet with Aaradhika? How did you know that? Isaw a Facebook post Durantham!! You let the whole world know about it? Its another story. Dint meet her. Achaya, bring it fast. I am starving Just relax dude, it’s all for you I will dumb this box “Screaming in fear” Lalu! look, when I opened the tap. Blood came out of it.. and my fingers are all covered in blood Dont worry , wash your hands I guess the pipes are leaking Blood comes from pipe when it leaks? Achaya- please check whos calling me. Priya kerala 2 How come blood comes from the pipe? It doesn’t make any sense. are you getting a burnt smell? Smells like something is burning. Its coming from outside i can see smoke beneath the door let’s take a look guys come fast, there’s a bag on fire Whose bag is it? Drop some snowflakes over the bag and cut off the fire. QUICK! That’s my bag. who put it on fire? “Lalu rendering a famous dialogue from an Indian movie” Stop rendering dialogue and come inside but still who burned my bad Dude, please be careful What all are happening here? shattered plates… blood from the tap…. stuff are on fire outside God, I am yet to get married. I don’t wanna die This is all done by Aarahikha. I am leaving this house before its too late. Nobody has to leave. Its all because of me. I am going home I am tired of all whats happening Achaya -Don’t be so silly No man, it’s been 3 years since I have gone home I need a break Dude, all that’s happening is pure coincidence. are you going home because of this? I am leaving anyway. If possible I will find a girl from my place and will marry her. At this age you don’t need a wife, you need a home nurse. Durnatham! Shut it Do what you want Oh! power is down Answer the call Don’t answer it Answer the phone Achaya -What’s happening here? Its just him Put it on speaker You don’t have to leave anywhere. Who are you? Will tell you everything. Come to the ST. Peters church at 10 in the morning.


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