A2 Hosting Review: Is It the Best Web Hosting Service?
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A2 Hosting Review: Is It the Best Web Hosting Service?

Hosting service deeply involved in the business
processes both operational and marketing. It impacts the profit or loss of a business. A quality hosting service provides high uptime
with a seamless speed and high-security technology. These enhance SEO and provide better experiences
for the customers. Choosing the right hosting service is an essential
and important task that you must account for. Even though everyone on earth understands
the importance of hosting service, they’re staggering to pick one from a thousand. Are you the one that is overwhelming on choosing
the web hosting service? Hello! My name is Kimsea. In this video, I’m gonna be reviewing A2
web hosting service which is a company that status 20 times faster than its competitors. The review will cover everything you need
to know regarding the hosting service. I’ll walk you through the company’s background
and its reputation among the customers. Then, We’re gonna take a look at the A2
web hosting plans. Meanwhile, I’ll guide you on how to select
the right hosting plan for your current business. After that, I’m gonna draw your attention
on performance testing which is a significant key for choosing a web hosting service. Next, we’re gonna chat about the scalability
and how the web hosting service can help when your business is outgrowing. Also, I’ll share you the personal experience
relating to the A2 customer service. And eventually, We’re gonna look at the
Pros and Cons of the A2 web hosting as well as making the conclusion about the hosting
service. This’s gonna be a long review so let’s
get started. A2 hosting is one of the fortune hosting services
that have a high reputation in the web hosting industry. Found in 2001 as a shared hosting service
called Iniquinet. Later rename to A2 hosting after located the
data center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2 hosting is a fast-growing web hosting service. From hosting a couple of websites to hosting
thousands of conventional websites. From providing a shared hosting service to
providing variety types of web hosting services. In 2004, A2 hosting introduced itsTurbo server
that offers 20 times faster than the competitors. A2 Hosting is the web hosting for the web
developer. Whether which hosting type you choose, you’ll
receive a reliable and fast performance hosting service. Because of its reputation and high-quality
hosting service offering, A2 hosting receives over 97% positive reviews from the customers. The reviews included the experience of fastest
page loading, great customer support, and high reliable hosting service. A2 hosting offers flexible web hosting services
to fill out its customers’ needs. The services included shared hosting, VPS
hosting, and Dedicated hosting for both Linux and Windows machine. The shared hosting is the most popular for
startup or medium business who looking for launching a new website. A2 shared-hosting consists of three distinct
plans associated with three different types of businesses. The first plan is the A2 LITE. It fits to a startup that looking for launching
a new website. The plan starts at $3.92 per month for the
first term then regularly costs $7.99 for the upcoming term. With the A2 LITE, you can have one website
with unlimited data transfer and storage space. The second plan is SWIFT. It’s suitable for any startup or agency
that demands more than one website. The SWIFT plan is too much similar to the
LITE plan excepted it doubled the resources and included the website backup tool. According to the personal experience of getting
hack, the automatic website backup tool is a significant fact to consider the SWIFT. You should at least start with the SWIFT plan
because you ’ll receive more advantages with less than a dollar extra charge. TURBO is the most interesting plan for medium
or agency business that demands a fast performance hosting. The plan focuses on optimizing for the fastest
loading performance. TURBO plan comes with Turbo Cache, Opcache,
and Memcache that can cache the whole website. Despite the cache, the TURBO plan included
Railgun optimizer, HTTP2, and SPDY. Those technologies are the best tool for accelerating
the website loading speed. A2 TURBO plan isn’t about the size of a
business, but the need for high experience hosting performance. If you’re pretending to make a fast loading
website, I would suggest the TURBO plan. To prove you the fast loading performance
of the A2 web hosting service, I did three steps testing. First, I test the fresh installed WordPress
with default contents to show the original performance. Then, I add demo contents to the website and
test it again to show how the website performs in the real world. Finally, I duplicated my BuddyPress blog on
the testing website to check out how A2 Hosting handles a heavy database. Let’s check out what exactly the outcomes. Here is a branch new WordPress site which
I installed with A2 Optimized. As you can see on the screen, the website
has a post with no image on it. I enabled A2 Optimized on the website and
integrated with Cloudflare CDN. Click on the card icon on the upper right
to find the tutorials if you’re wondering how to config A2 Optimized. Or the easiest way is to ask the customer
support to do that for you if you currently own A2 hosting account. I’ll use GTMetrix as the testing tool in
this review. Here I’ll log in GTMetrix account to get
more options from the testing tool. On analyze options, I’ll use Chrome as the
testing browser and the USA as the testing location. I deployed A2 account in the USA so I use
the close one for the test. I save the settings and start analyzing. As you can the speed is around 200 millisecond
which is grades A for Dallas, USA testing location. It’s a great, a really great page load performance. If you have some experience with the shared-hosting
service, You’ll find out that the speed goes from 800 milliseconds up to 2 seconds
in general case. Here again the testing website. But this time, I’ve imported the demo contents
and switch to Twenty Seventen theme. Of course. I’m intending to have a big banner on the
fron page of the testing. When scrolling the page, you’ll see it has
long content with some images. Actually, for the better performance, I should
optimize the front page, but I kept it just like what it was. Let’s find out how A2 web hosting handles
this messy home page. As you can see on the report, we have 800
milisecons loding time which is still a great performance. Actually, we make it better than this, but
I’m not gonna do that now. Let’s continue to the last step of our performance
testing. As can see, here I duplicated my BuddyPress
blog on the testing website. The WordPress site now has 24 plugins installed
and 90 Mb database size. Let’s find out how A2 hosting handles this
heavy website. Wow. The loading time is a bit increase, but not
too much change. I don’t know what’s your opinion about
the speed. But for me, it’s exactly a great performance. That BuddyPress blog is now hosting on a cloud
VPS and currently has 1.8 seconds as the average loading time. Honestly, the A2 Turbo is a real great shared
hosting service. Having a fast performance is important, but
high availability of the hosting service is more important. Especially, when the website generates a large
income. A2 hosting offers 99.9% server uptime commitment. Somehow, you might encounter a long downtime
due to the scheduled upgrade or uncertain problem. According to the statistic in last six month,
A2 Hosting performed 99.94% as the average server uptime. This hosting service did what it said in the
average performance. In September last year, however, it performed
a bit under the commitment. As saw up the screen, the server uptime was
99.78% Actually, I didn’t mind with this statistic. It’s the small period downtime for maintaining
and upgrading. Somehow, you don’t even recognize the downtime
at all. Depend upon years experience with the clients
who use A2 Hosting service, downtime isn’t the problem for this hosting service. The high security of the web hosting service
is what makes A2 hosting apart from its competitors. Regardless of the firewall, DDoS prevention,
and malware scanning tool, A2 optimized and IP blocking make me fall for this mighty hosting
service. The scalability is another key factor that
you shouldn’t ignore. When your business is outgrowing, your website
getting much more traffic. At the time, you might need to upgrade the
hosting account to a better hardware capacity. Unlike the general web hosting services that
require switching to a better plan, A2 hosting allows you to upgrade only the hardware capacity. With A2 hosting, you can increase the CPU
core or RAM amount of the current hosting account without switch hosting plan. Consult with the customer support if you demand
information. Depend on the personal experience, A2 hosting
isn’t the best customer support among the hosting industry. But undoubtedly, it provides a great customer
support. The company offers 24/7 ticket message, live
chat, and phone support. To prove the quality of customer suport, I
made three queries to the tech department .
First, I leave a ticket to request for activating Lets Encrypt on the testing website. After a few minutes, the customer service
confirmed SSL was activated. A few hours later, I asked for configuring
A2 Optimized and activate CloudFlare. The customer support answered the call less
than a minute. Then, A2 Optimized was properly setup on the
testing website excepted the CloudFlare. Activating CloudFlare requires account credential
so the customer support guide me through the official document. Eventually, I made two times chatting with
A2 customer service about the 521 Error. I knew exactly how to solve the problem, but
I intentionally asked the customer support to solve it. When connecting to the live chat, I’m at
the 8th in the queue. I have to wait around 10 minutes and spend
15 minutes for the problem solved. Everything comes with its own Pros and Cons. We might experience differently with the same
hosting service. I cannot guarantee that you will 100% enjoying
A2 Hosting service. But I can share you exactly what I love and
what I don’t love about the hosting service. Here what I love about using the A2 web hosting
service Not all the hosting services offer free website
migration, but actually most of the hosting services. I’m not sure this is the advantage comparing
to others, but I love it. Next, Let’s Encrypt Attached with All hosting
plan. Some hosting services use its own SSL which
mostly in the premium hosting plan. Sometimes, the SSL certificate is free in
the first contract then it will a paid service. Other hosting services require buying an add-on
to compatible with the Let’s Encrypt. However, A2 hosting includes free Lets Encrypt
SSL in all its hosting plans. Another thing I love about using A2 hosting
is A2 Optimized comes with essential security. A2 Optimized plugin isn’t performance optimizing. It includes basic security such as lock backend
file editing, denies access to the configuration, changes login URL, and enable ReCaptcha spam
security. One more thing is 24/7 Great customer support. I understand you saw this statement anywhere
on the website of the hosting companies. However, the experience exactly different
from the other hosting services. Try it out yourself — I’ve no idea how
to convince this. Having a Long reputation in the hosting industry
is another Pro. Of couse. A company is older than its competitors doesn’t
mean it’s better. A2 web hosting developed from a small hosting
to a reputable hosting service. It isn’t an easy task. Though. A2 hosting overcome many challenges that make
it understands the customer needs better than the competitors. Here is the most thing about using A2 web
hosting. The company provides any time money back guarantee. 15 days, 30 days, and even 90 days isn’t
enough for testing a web hosting service. Mostly, the problem happens when having more
traffic spike, and that takes a long to reach the point. Once you get a big traffic spike, the refund
period is expired. No worry that problem isn’t gonna happen
on A2 web hosting service. I love about using A2 web hosting is A2 is
a green hosting service. I live in Cambodia, a small and developing
country in South East Asia. Today, a Facebook friend asked where is Cambodia. He is the third Facebook friend who doesn’t
even know my country exists on the earth. There are decent problems in Cambodia — corruption,
violation, and environment trouble. When I hear about the green hosting service,
A2 hosting own a piece of my heart. I don’t what about you, but I love it. The only thing that I don’t love about using
using A2 web hosting. Most of the great features limit to Turbo
plan. A2 hosting offers three hosting plans, but
intentionally pushes customers to Turbo plan. The performance, security, and other great
features are available in Turbo plan. It seems to me that we have only choice. So do I recommend A2 web hosting service? Definitely, I do recommend this web hosting
service. If you’re a startup or medium business who
is looking for a manageable shared hosting with seamless speed and great customer support,
A2 hosting must be the choice. No matter what kind of business you are or
CMS technology you currently uses, A2 web hosting has a complete toolset for that. The hosting service will be much more valuable
when your team has less hand on solving hosting trouble. Unlike the general hosting service, A2 web
hosting offers a flexible contract. Feel free to refund any time you dissatisfy
the service. Thanks for watching. Hopefully, you enjoy the review, or it gives
you the information somewhat helpful for making the right decision on the A2 Hosting service. Hit thump up or share the video to whoever,
I don’t know. Perhaps, your friends, your family, your girlfriend
or even your not-girlfriend — the people you think they might benefit from the review. As shutout in the video, at least I have a
few years experience managing A2 hosting account. So leave me a comment or direct email if you
have any question or suggestion related to the review. I’ll do my best to respond to your question
as fast as possible. Find my affiliate link down there in the description
if you love A2 web hosting as I did. The link won’t add any supplementary fee,
but you’ll get a 51% discount using the affiliate link. The income from affiliate commission is the
most inspiration that pushes me to do more reviews and even more useful tutorials. Why don’t you join me on YouTube if you’re
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the notification when I upload the new content. Guys! See you again here in the next video. Bye.

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