A TRUE Story About Changing The Hosting Provider ?
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A TRUE Story About Changing The Hosting Provider ?

Hello everyone, my name is Robert and In this video, I am going to tell you a true
story about how I decided to move my WordPress projects to Siteground and which were the factors that influenced my final decision. I have been using WordPress for a long time and tested some hosting providers during these years. All were ok with the monthly costs and offered professional services, but I felt like something was missing. So, I’ve started searching for alternatives. My first interaction with Siteground.com was
occurrent when I had to do a step by step tutorial on how to buy a domain name + hosting
for a WordPress website. And there you go, I just bought a new hosting
service for testing purposes. I did not even think about what I would do
next, but I certainly do not intend to keep it, because I had another one with whom I
worked for many years. So, I decided to cancel it. The first pleasant surprise was when I asked
for the money back, which they guaranteed to do within the first 30 days after purchase. Honestly, I was expecting to start a long
series of back and forth messages, but I discovered that this is actually a very simple action
that I can do right from my customer area. I remember that the money went back into my
bank account in less than 3 days, or so. I also discovered that the people at Siteground.com are always open to any kind of discussions about their service I had the opportunity to meet one of their
support members at WordCamp, in Bucharest where I participated for the first time in 2017. Not only he has answered all my questions
but has demonstrated how well he knows WordPress and gave me some examples of how they manage
the problems even with the most difficult clients. Their Live Chat experience is also something
that exceeded my expectations. It opens really fast and they are happy to
answer all of my questions, so this is how I discovered that Siteground is recommended
as the top 3 hosting providers on WordPress.org. I started thinking that I should seriously
look at Siteground.com as a good choice in mater of hosting service for my
WordPress projects, and that’s exactly what I did. I’ve tested many hosting services out there with different results, and the top 3reasons why I decided to stay with Siteground, are these: 1. USER EXPERIENCE 2. SPEED 3. SUPPORT 4. FLEXIBILITY I’ve always searched for a real balance between
professionalism, speed, and ease of use. WordPress works differently if we compare
it with a simple HTML website because it has a database with progressive content in the
back end. For me and for what I need so far in a matter
of hosting service Siteground is perfect. I am not saying is better than other companies
out there but my WordPress website has the fastest loading time now on their server,
period! The people on their Live Chat responds very quickly, as I mentioned earlier and even if I had some problems to get the right info on my invoice after purchase, they understood me and solved the issue right away. I create specific projects for me and for my clients using this amazing content management system. Now I know that Stoneground will take care, and my WordPress website will be optimized for the best experience. Finally, I’ve decided to try the Grow Big
plan for one of my projects, but when I saw how fast the website loads after I installed
WordPress, compared with the old hosting provider, I started moving all of my websites here immediately. The first website transfer is something they
will be happy to do for you free of charge but if you want to learn how easy it is to
do it yourself, subscribe to this channel and you will be notified exactly when we upload
that tutorial about how to move a WordPress website to a new host. This was just the beginning so, I will keep you posted on how my experience with Siteground evolved. and if you want to see more about how
to bring your Online Presence to the next level with WordPress, check out these videos too. Thanks for watching!

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