A hosting provider that is based 100% on free/libre software and respects your privacy!
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A hosting provider that is based 100% on free/libre software and respects your privacy!

Vikings brings user freedoms into the data center with the first full-stack libre hosting service. Powered entirely by certified green energy, we’ll provide you with secure email, VPN, VPS, dedicated servers, colocation and more, for all your hosting needs. Vikings runs on libre GNU/Linux operating systems and performant open and auditable hardware that puts you in control. Since the Snowden revelations, we know that most hardware platforms used for hosting contain back doors or insecure software that can have exploitable bugs. And many large hosting providers perform surveillance and censorship – for their own purposes, or as the henchman of three-letter agencies. Vikings plans to change that, and we’re excited to build the world’s first secure data center that combines fully libre software and libre-friendly hardware to protect your freedoms and your privacy. But its future home can’t be just anywhere. Some countries force service providers to spy on their customers and allow seizure without judicial order, or have corrupt legal systems. So Vikings has chosen Germany, a country with a very high level of data protection that allows the provision of anonymous hosting services. We want to empower you by protecting your digital rights and defending them whenever we need to. And Vikings is not going to collect data where it’s not needed. Most other hosting providers don’t run their own data center they have zero influence on their own operating environments and how privacy standards are applied. Vikings cuts out the middle man to provide your data your way – directly from our data room, to meet all your IT needs. Whether you’re running a business, you’re a seasoned sysadmin or an individual user, Vikings provides great internet services that empower you, the client. Once funded, Vikings can be up and running for you in three months. Please back us today at special campaign rates and support libre computing by spreading the word.


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