A Good Website Host is Important for Your Business
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A Good Website Host is Important for Your Business

Hi there everyone! I’m Tricia Clements with MuttButs.com. Today I want to talk about your business’s
website host. This is the second in my series your online
business’s identity. The first I talked about was your domain name. So now we’re talking about hosting and if
you’ll remember when I talked about the difference in your domain name versus your
host. Your host is basically think of it like your
tiny house – you … it is were you keep all of your stuff, your data, your… all
of your files for your online, for your website so that people can find it. So that it what your host does, it keeps all
of your data and it gives it a place online for people to find it. So lets say you have a website and you don’t have a host, nobody can find your website because it’s not online for people to see
and find. So your website host is really crucial. Now the first thing that people think is “How do I find a good, reputable website host?”, a lot of that if you have a website designer or developer that’s really good and you need to have a good one, you can check my last video for that. But you definitely need to have a good, reputable
website designer and a lot of times your designer can host and maintain your site for you, if
they can’t they can refer you to someone who can do that. So a lot of people might say that: well, it’s
just the host, all I do is put my files up there and put my information on there and
then people can find my website. So, let me try and do something that’s inexpensive,
that is not the best option for you. You don’t want to just find the cheapest
website host because your host can be extremely crucial to your business, it needs to be reliable
and by that – I mean it needs to have a good up-time and not much down-time. Let say your – the website host that you’re
using has a lot of down-time period. Somebody goes to your site to buy something
the website is not up and working, they might get someplace to buy it, they might forget
– not comeback. You need to have your website up and working
most of the time. You need to find a good host that has a very
minimal if any down-time. Most hosting companies out there have so many
different servers and backups that you really shouldn’t see any type of down-time. So, make sure – that is extremely crucial. The other thing is the speed. So the speed is important for several reasons. You need to make sure that your website is
fast because with google and all of the other search engines they take that into account
when they have the ranking for the website. So, let’s say you have a really good content
on your website however your website have a really really really low speed as far as
how long it takes for it to load and come-up. Google and the other search engines are going
to ding it, it’s going to come-up much lower in the search if at all. So, you spend so much time in money, creating
that content – Make sure your website host is fast. The other thing is with speed – you know
how we get squirreled, you know how – it’s just like dogs they see a squirrel they run,
we’re online and if we click on the website and it doesn’t come-up in a couple of seconds,
we don’t have time for that, we’re moving on to something else. So, if you’ve got a client, a potential
customer coming to your website – you need it to be fast, you need it to get them to
that sale place as fast as you can so that you make that sale. A lot of times people don’t have patience
anymore, they’re not gonna wait around for your website to load, to place that order
they may go some place else. That’s another reason that a good webhost
is really crucial for your business. Another thing is Support, support, you might
have something come up with your website that goes wrong, something that happened – if
you have a good website host you’ll be able to contact them and get help from them. There are a lot of website host out there
that don’t really offer much at all in the line of support and like most of my business
you are busy running your business, you don’t have time to go and find out how to fix that
website problem. So, you wanna have a webhost that has a really
good good support. The other thing is your backup. Make sure that you keep a backup of your website
because if anything happens, any of the data gets corrupted whatever happens to it you
wanna make sure that you’re able to just switch right over and get your information
and get that setup so that you don’t have that down-time, that’s really important
so that you don’t lose your data. Your backup is in case there’s anything
wrong and that data that’s on the host gets lost or corrupted – you wanna make sure you
have a backup of your information and your able to really get that up and going and don’t
have to recreate, that could be really expensive having to recreate that. So, one of the things a lot of people ask
is “How do I find the good webhost?’, there are several, there are quite a few out
there that I recommend (WPEngine, Siteground, Bluehost) these are just a couple, there are
a lot more that are good. What I would say is talk to your website designer
and ask them about it because chances are they may either offer the service to help
you with that or can refer you to someone that can and I do really recommend for businesses
to have someone do their website maintenance and hosting. The reason is because if you have someone
on there constantly looking at your website making sure everything is up-to-date – everything
is current that means you’re gonna have less chance of it getting viruses and hacked
and you’re going to be up-to-date, nothing is going to break all of the time and they
will know as soon as – if something goes wrong they’ll know it immediately and they’ll
be able to go in and fix it. You wont have to wait and figure it out because
again, your website it needs to be up and running so that you don’t lose that business. So that is one thing that your website designer
and developer can be really useful and hopeful. Make sure you get somebody to help you do
your website maintenance specially with – a lot, all the websites they’re different
things – you have something that’s updated – I love wordpress, there are updates with
the plugins, with the software you need to know about those and you need to get them
updated a soon as possible because a lot of times those updates are in there because people
have found ways to hack them or there is something wrong with it – there is a bug in it, so
you wanna make sure you keep up-to-date and let’s face it you’ve a lot going on in
your business, it is easy to have someone else take care of that for you but it needs
to be someone reputable. If you have any questions – I love the wordpress
community and there are lots of people in the wordpress community that can help you
with that and that are reputable and that we also note it how you want it to stay away
from and one’s to refer you to as well. So that’s another reason that I love wordpress
community. So, basically the bottom line when thinking
about your host: Cheapest is not the best for your website host as I talked about, when
your thinking about your website you have to think about your business. How much time, money and effort have you put
into your business to get it where it is. If you’re sending people to your website
and your website is glitchy, not working, not up, is slow loading – they’re going
to be squirreled and off some place else. They’re either going to go to a competitor
or they’re just gonna just forget about it and maybe you won’t ever get that sale
back, maybe will but maybe you won’t. You want that sale right there in there, that’s
is your website is extremely important and a reason why your website host is really important
as well. I hope that I helped explain this a little
bit to you so that you know not to go out and get the cheapest website host but to get
a good, reputable website host. Alright everyone! Thank you so much for joining and I will see
you soon if you have any questions put them in the comments and I will comeback and answer
them for you. Thanks so much everyone! See you soon.

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