8 Hacks and 9 Tools for Men Who Hate to Clean with Royce Ard
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8 Hacks and 9 Tools for Men Who Hate to Clean with Royce Ard

Did you know that most men don’t like to clean? It’s true. Most men don’t like to clean, and we’re going
to talk about solutions to that today. Hi, there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is “Ask A House
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one of my friends, so HousecallPro.com/Angela All right, onto today’s show, the big secret
that you’ve all been waiting for. What about men who don’t like to clean? Well, this is super exciting for me because
we have a man on our show today. It is the Royce Ard from “My Amazing Maid.” This is a maid service he and his wife, Tamara,
own in Columbus, Georgia. They are rocking the city with their cleaning
business. They’ve got 18 employees, and they have a
very specific way of running a variety of different tasks. His solution is make everything routine, and
make everything simple. You are going to love today’s episode. Please help me welcome Royce Ard. Royce Ard: Hi. My name’s Royce Ard. I own with my wife, “My Amazing Maid” in Columbus,
Georgia, and glad to be here today to talk about topics, helpful hints for men that don’t
like to clean. I am the perfect person to talk about this
because as everyone in my family would tell you, I qualify 100%. We’ve got some great tips and just ways to
make your life easier for those guys that are out there that don’t even know where to
start. Everything is cleanable. As you know, in the professional cleaning
business we can clean just about anything. It’s just having the right tools and having
the time to do it. The first thing I would purchase if I was
out there trying to … lost in the weeds of cleaning my house, is a good stack of microfiber
cloths. Get yourself 10 or 15 microfiber cloths. The thing about microfiber, for those that
have never used it, is microfiber cleans by picking up the bacteria and germs off the
surface. When you have microfiber, the nice thing is
you don’t have to have a lot of heavy duty cleaning chemicals. That takes me to the next tool that I would
have, and that is a good gentle cleanser. That can be as simple as just having a spray
bottle, fill it up with water, put in a couple of drops of dish detergent, and using that
as your general cleanser because you want something that’s very mild. Gentle cleanser like that and a microfiber
cloth can actually sanitize a surface such as countertop or a sink. Angela Brown: Share with us, if you will. What is the difference between being super
clean like a professional house cleaner and being a homeowner and just having it be cleaned
enough for everyday living standards? Royce Ard: When you’re a professional house
cleaner, you’re going to clean to a certain standard. And then you’re going to do a quality control
check after you clean to make sure you meet that standard. I think the standard’s a little bit different
for the home owner, especially the guy that really doesn’t like to clean that often, and
that is that you just want it to be clean enough. Angela Brown: And so as a homeowner, is it
important to have routines for cleaning, or can you just clean whenever it gets super
dirty and it gets to be bothersome? Royce Ard: The problem with cleaning when
it gets to be super dirty is it just takes a long time. That just hangs over your head, knowing that
you’re going to spend Saturday cleaning your apartment or cleaning your house. Just for as an example, when a professional
cleaning team comes into your apartment, even the smallest apartment, they’re going to spend
two- or three-hours cleaning. That’s going to translate to you spending
three or four hours cleaning, at the very least. It’s very important, if you want to be successful
with this, is to break those cleaning tasks up into something that’s very manageable. We’ll just start with what you could do on
a daily basis, just a routine basis to keep your house clean. Number one is in the kitchen. You could, at the end of every day, clean
your countertops. Just wipe them clean. Take a microfiber cloth, a little general
cleaner, and just wipe your countertops and your sink clean. Number two is rinse your dishes. Even if you don’t have time to wash them,
rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, at least stack
them neatly in the sink so that you could come back to them later. A lot of people don’t like to clean a small
number of dishes. I understand that, but at least get them clean
enough, as we would say. In the bathroom, again in the evening, just
take a little general cleaner and wipe your countertops, and wipe your sink out. That way it’s nice and neat the next morning
when you get up. In the bedroom, it’s very helpful if you just
make your bed every morning. I fail at this every day, but it’s something
if you would make your bed every morning and fold laundry when you take it out of the dryer. It’s as simple as that. A lot of times just having your house neat
is also pretty close to having it clean when you’re looking at the clean enough category. Well, one of the tools we didn’t talk about
was having a good vacuum cleaner. I think that’s super important in your list
of tools or your toolbox, having a vacuum cleaner that is very easy to get to. Maybe you’re going to want two. You may want like the handy little shop back
that you can take off the wall and just clean up crumbs. Now, you could do this with a cloth. It’s just not going to be as simple as taking
the little vacuum that plugs into the wall and just vacuuming something up. Speaking of vacuums, you’re going to need
a good vacuum. I like to use a canister vacuum. The reason for that is it fits in a small
space, so it’s very easy to pack away. The other thing is you can buy a vacuum that
fits the type of flooring materials that you use or that you have in the house. If you just have hard surfaces, that is not
as expensive of a vacuum as one that has a plush carpet that needs a really powerful
cleaning head. The other piece to it, and this is where the
value comes in, is with a canister, you can take the wand, take the cleaning head off,
just put a little furry attachment on it, and you can use it to dust through your house. Another thing that professional cleaners do
that a lot of people don’t know about is the way that they clean hair off of surfaces like
a countertop or a sink. If the surface is dry, you can just use your
vacuum and just whip that right up and not have to fight it with a cloth, and a wet cloth
which ends up just pushing the hair around. A lot of men use the microwave quite a bit. If you use the microwave inevitably you’re
going to have some splatter that gets on the walls of the microwave. One of the things that you can do when you
get ready to clean your microwave is to take a coffee cup, fill it up with two thirds of
the way with water and put it on. Put it on the microwave for maybe a minute
and a half. Let the water boil, and then be careful. The cup’s going to be hot. Take the cup out, and you’ll find that then
you can just wipe clean all of the splatter that was in the microwave. Men are reluctant if they don’t … They don’t
like to clean. They are reluctant to clean a pot or a pan
after they made lasagna for the evening, and now there’s baked on cheese. Another tip is you can take that pot or pan
and fill it up with water, and put a dryer sheet in it. Leave it in there for about an hour, and then
you can pour it out, and you can just wipe it clean. It’s magic. It really is. It’s pretty cool. The next thing that I would talk about is
floors. My number one tip for eliminating dirt, and
on your floors, is to take your shoes off when you enter the house, sort of adopt a
shoes-off policy. You’d be very surprised and stunned at what
you track into your house. Eliminating that dirt makes it a lot easier
to clean. And then secondly, if you have the money and
the inclination, purchase one of the little robotic vacuums. They do a good job. They’ve been out now for 20 years. They do a nice job, and it gets into the good
enough category. And then lastly, the bathroom. Guys don’t like to clean toilets. I understand it, but you can make that job
a lot easier. People of a certain age, like myself, I can
remember at our house, our water was blue when you went to the bathroom. It’s because my mom had stuck an automatic
toilet bowl cleaner onto the side of the toilet. This just dispenses chemicals every time you
flush. It’s like a cake of soap that’s been stuck
on the side. You want to make sure you use the one that
goes in the toilet bowl, not into the tank. There’s a lot of popular ones out now that
go in the tank. They’re very caustic. They have a lot of bleach in them, and they
can actually ruin all the internal parts of the toilet, so you don’t want to use that
one. You want to use the one that attaches to the
bowl. That will make it easier to clean. And then one of the things that we do, one
of our tricks, is we hate taking a toilet brush from house to house. A lot of professional cleaners do it. If a client does not have a toilet brush,
we use a disposable toilet wand. Now you can use one of those disposal heads
throughout your whole house. You don’t have to use it through, on every
toilet, but that’s something that does a good job cleaning. You can get under the lip of the toilet bowl
and clean that, and then just throw it away. You cannot flush it. You have to throw it in the trash, but it’s
something that is a lot less painful for guys that don’t like to clean. There are two products I want to talk to you
about that I think are just … They will be in your toolbox. Number one, and this works for when you have
somebody special coming over to your house, your mom, whoever, is use a product like Febreze
to spray down your sofa, your carpets, your rugs in your house because Febreze does not
mask odors. Febreze actually changes the stink molecule
so you can’t smell it anymore. If you’re not a cleaner, this is a great way
to have your house smell fresh. And then the last thing, and this is sort
of the secret, secret product that we use here … We’re a green cleaning company. I know I’ve mentioned a lot of chemicals that
are not green, but we are a green cleaning company. We use what I would say is probably the original
green product way before it was even a category. It’s over a hundred years old. It’s a product called Bon Ami, B-O-N, A-M-I. It’s made up of a silica, so like a really
fine sand, but it won’t scratch anything, so you can use it on glass. You can use it on a countertop. Anytime you have something that’s stuck to
a surface, you use a little water. You use your microfiber cloth and put a little
of this powder on. It’s completely safe, and it will help you. It will give you just enough abrasive to get
whatever you’re trying to get off the surface to get it clean. Angela Brown: Oh, my gosh, those are helpful
tips. Thank you so much. This is awesome. Will you tell our listeners where they can
go to find you if they want to hire you? Royce Ard: Yes, we’re easy to find on the
web at www.MyAmazingMaid.com, and you can always call us at (706) 507-6243. Angela Brown: And that, my friends, is the
amazing Royce Ard. Thank you so much, Royce, for joining us today. That was super helpful, and I know lots of
our friends in the cleaning industry are going to use these tips. I’ll share with you another secret. Women can use these tips, too. I know it’s awesome. All right. If you’ve found this helpful, please pass
it on to a friend. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. Don’t forget to check out the show notes where
I’m going to leave links to everything about Royce and “My Amazing Maid.” Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.


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