• Passive Income Tom

    I've been hit with a few scams. The company will promise ridiculous guarantees well over 20%. I kind of knew it was a scam and only used money I knew I could afford to lose. Thanks for sharing this message Joseph! ?

  • Sarah Johnson

    I have friends whom are homeless because of scams. Smh i was scammed but it was $200. Yes it hurt because i was starting over.

  • Bud Tugly

    I just looked at adding solar to my house. The total price was 62500 but the loan was suicide. The loan offered was 3.99% for the loan amortized out 25 years comes out to 98866.00 but it was an adjustable rate loan requiring a prepayment of 20,000.00 before the 18 month mark or it adjusts up to 18% amortized at 25 years is 284,518.00 for a solar system that estimates a savings of 171,000 over 25 years of electric bills makeing the electric company 113,518.00 cheaper than solar over 25 years. I checked the BBB for complaints and found 79 major complaints against the lender and some complaints were that people paid off their loans but could not get the lien removed from their homes as the lender would not respond. Bad, bad, bad no solar for me thank you.

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