5 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube with 0 Subscribers and 0 Views
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5 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube with 0 Subscribers and 0 Views

– Everybody, and I do mean
everybody, starts at zero. Hey, everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of robertoblake.com, helping you create
something awesome, today. So today, we’re going to
talk about getting started with your YouTube channel
from zero subscribers and five specific tips to
help new YouTube creators. Now, when you’re starting out, it can feel very overwhelming,
it can feel difficult, it may even feel impossible, but it’s not. Every single YouTube
creator goes through this. Everyone starts with zero
views and zero subscribers. These are some of my top five tips for new YouTubers who
are starting from zero and things that I learned in the process, things that I remember
from starting from zero, it wasn’t that long ago, and things that I would do
today if I was starting over. So, tip number one, when you’re starting your YouTube channel, you really need to think
about what the message and the branding is gonna
be for you YouTube channel and how you’re going to communicate and explain it to other people. Remember, you’re asking
other people for their time. You’re asking for five or 10
minutes out of their life. Why should they give it to you? And, I don’t want to hear, oh,
you work hard on your videos, you deserve views and subscribers. You don’t deserve anything, none of us do. None of us deserve anything. It is about what other people want and if we can give it to them, what other people want and need and if we can give it to them. Do not feel entitled views. No one’s entitled to an audience: not you, not me, not anybody. Get it out of your head. Instead, think about what it is that you are crazy,
stupid-excited about enough that you can convince other people to be crazy, stupid-excited about with you that will be worth their
time, from their perspective, not yours, from their perspective. A primary example would be if you’re a comedian or an entertainer. Is there something that
you can do that means that someone should
watch what you’re doing? How do you make it different? How do you make it exciting? How do you make them decide that this is how they
want to spend their day, or what’s going to give them a laugh? And, if you’re doing entertainment, how do you make it
interesting enough for them to want to share it with other people? My friend Jason Horton is a
primary example of somebody who’s gotten this right
on YouTube as a comedian. His stuff is so funny
and it’s so share-worthy and he makes it, you know, something that lends itself very well to sharing like his Facebook in Real Life series. That’s hilarious and it makes sense because immediately,
there’s kind of incentive or a reason to share it on
Facebook with other people and that’s gonna bring more
people into the channel. A lot of times, he also does stuff that’s, like, based on romance. That’s something that almost
everyone can relate to as far as relationships
and, again, it’s funny. It’s entertainment. It’s the thing that I
want to take a break from in the middle of my workday. So, I think you have to understand what it is other people want and how you set your channel
up in a way that communicates that you’re gonna deliver that value. Whether it’s entertainment
or education or motivation or something else, you gotta know what’s different about your channel and why people should care about it. You need to be able to at
least explain to people what your channel is
about and why it matters and why it’s different than the other channels in your genre. Tip number two, tip number two is a little bit of a growth hack. Most of you know that you need
like a hundred subscribers to be able to unlock
certain features in YouTube, including a custom URL. Well, it’s not entirely true. You actually can unlock
that with this little trick: if you associate a website
with your YouTube channel and you connect the two things together, by either uploading a verification file or putting in a snippet of code, then you can actually
unlock a ton of features, even with zero subscribers, from day one. So, if you need an affordable website that can let you do this, I have some links in the
description you should check out. These are my affiliate links, but they are web hosting companies I use and that I love, including
HostGator, Bluehost and Wix. And so, just check those out,
see which one works for you. But yeah, connecting a
website is something I did very early on and it’s
the smart move if you want unlock a ton of those features. It’s actually a really good
idea to use your website and your personal blog to
promote your YouTube channel, so I’d do that anyway. Tip number three, speaking of promoting, the way that you grow a
YouTube channel from zero is gonna come down to getting
people to watch your videos and be interested and this
is what I mean, promoting. Don’t go into other
people’s YouTube comments and promote and tell them
to sub to your channel That’s rude, it’s disrespectful and people are just gonna delete
your comment and block you, at least, I know I am. And, if you’re lucky,
I will ban you forever. So, that matters. What you can do and what you
should do is individually, one-by-one, find people who
would care about the thing that you’re talking about,
build a relationship with them and then ask them to check out your video and to tell you how they feel about it. That could be a great way to do it. You could also build a
Facebook group or community and you can share your videos there. You can go to existing
Facebook communities, ask the Admin if it’s okay
to share a video on occasion. Do not be spammy about it. DO not be tempted to try to get as many views and subscribers
as you can as early on. Understand, you have to earn
it and you have to build it. And, just remember,
Marques Brownlee, MKBHD, biggest tech YouTuber of all time, like almost 4 million subscribers, he did 100 videos to get 78 subscribers. So, don’t be soft and whine
about you did 15 videos, 20 videos, 30 videos, you worked hard. A hundred videos to get 78
subscribers, that’s work. That’s what it takes, bottom line. So, again, promote appropriately. Use other social media platforms. You’re gonna have to build
those relationships one-by-one. It’s the virtual equivalent
of knocking door-to-door. I mean, that’s just how it works. That’s something that you have
to just really take seriously and you have to be committed to. Obviously, you can also
encourage the people who are watching your
content and commenting, encourage them to share with other people that they think that would enjoy it. Tip number four, do not be tempted to buy fake views and
subscribers to boost your own ego and to encourage you when
you look at that number. That’s silly, and don’t think that it really is going to
make such a huge difference or matter to other people and that, oh, well, if no one’s watching, then this can’t be good. People understand that you’re new. I mean, if the content is good, then they’re going to watch it anyway. I don’t look at people’s subscriber counts before I click on a video. It’s about an interesting thumbnail, a title that mattered to me and the thing that I searched for or it being on a website
that I go to all the time and that I trust or that I like or that was recommended to me
by a friend or a family member or something like that. Those things matter to me. I don’t care about your views
or your subscriber count when I’m clicking on a
thumbnail, I just don’t. The far majority of people don’t. People say, oh, well
it makes it, you know, be taken more seriously. Like, that might be true on some level, but it’s still stupid and silly. It’s be the equivalent
of you deciding that, you know what, I need to be
popular, so I’m gonna pay people to be my friends and to
walk around and talk with me and that’s what’s gonna make you popular. If there are people who
like you because of that, then that’s really shallow
and that’s really lame, to be honest, and so, I don’t
believe in that nonsense. What I will say is that
if you want a better way to grow your YouTube channel
and you want to invest money, buy better equipment if
you’re gonna spend money. Don’t buy views, don’t by
subs, buy better equipment. That can help your production values. That can make your stuff look really good and that could matter. Or, take that money and go
and get some online training. Go and take a course with
CreativeLive or lynda.com or something like that, that could help you
market more effectively. Invest in yourself. Spend money on something
that has long-term value, not something that YouTube’s
gonna delete your account for or is gonna purge through
the system eventually. You know, those things actually matter. So, invest in things that actually matter, like your equipment, that works forever, or your education, that lasts you forever. So, you know, just do those things. And tip number five, make more videos. More videos are more
opportunities for views, more opportunities for
discovery in search, more subscribers. The more videos you make,
the more you can scale. Don’t go ham on that right
away, but understand, that when you have, like, five videos, what people are seeing is you
haven’t been consistent yet. When you have five videos, it’s like, “Well, are you gonna make more?” When you’re here for, like, one month, two months, three months, you might feel, “Well, I’ve been working
hard for three months “and I don’t see any
results, so I want to quit.” You’ve been here for three months. There are people who’ve been
on this platform for 10 years. The more videos you make,
the more opportunities you’re giving yourself to win. So, I would just say, do that thing. Take more shots. Like, sports players talk
about this all the time. Take more shots. That actually does count. And so, if you’re consistent
and you’re showing up, it makes a real difference. I mean, I’ve done, like,
almost a thousand videos, now, on YouTube. That’s how I got the, you
know, subscribers that I have. Jared Polin, FroKnowsPhoto,
he’s done, like, I think, like 3,000 videos at this point. David Di Franco, he’s done, like, you know, thousands of
videos at this point. Gary Vaynerchuk, across
multiple channels, has done, like, a thousand videos per channel. These things add up over
time, and it might take years, but you have to be committed. You know, if you say, “Well, how long does it
take to be successful?” It takes as long as it takes. You know, if someone told you flat out, “Hey, you’ve got 40 more years of work, “but when you do that
40 more years of work, “you’ll be billionaire,” are you going to give up at year 28? You know, I mean, I’m
being dead serious, here. So, I mean, just keep that in mind. Anyway, I hope these
five tips were something that you guys enjoyed. This is something that, again, if I was gonna go back in
time and tell myself anything, this is exactly the speech
I would have given myself about how all this works. But, it’s also the mentality
that, you know, got me to where I am, in general, and it doesn’t just apply to YouTube. I think that you could apply the far majority of this to everything. Anyway, if you have questions about growing a YouTube channel, well, one, there’s like 150
videos on the channel specifically about that, so make sure you’re checking that out. You can ask me questions
in the comments section. There are resource links below. Also, I’ll throw in a sixth tip: there is a tool that I use
that actually does help grow this channel and it is TubeBuddy. I wish I’d had it in the beginning. It would have helped me
with search optimization and things like that. And, there’s a lot of productivity tools. There’s a link to that in the description, probably one in the info card, up here, so make sure you’re checking that out. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. Remember, YouTube Tip videos
are usually on Fridays. As always, you guys,
thanks so much for watching and don’t forget, create
something awesome today.


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