• Michael Moulton

    This video is so good so far(about half way through)! I'll be taking my first digital media design class in high school in a couple of months. Thanks for the tips?

  • Hey Lauryn

    One, great video as usual. Two, I'm glad someone talks about this and I appreciate at the end where you talk about adjusting copy for mobile as well. Something I didn't think about in terms of websites even though it paramount when crossposting on social media.

  • David Lewis

    Have to disagree about the best grid system being flex box. The best system surely has to be CSS Grid? If you have to support internet explorer then either have an alternative flex box layout, or just use flex box for all.

  • Liam Hooper

    For text, a good way to ensure great fitting is to use vw. So set the font size to 2vw and you will see your text adjust to the viewport. It saves a lot of time adjusting via media queries.

  • marisa coutinho

    hi, charli!! i've been watching your videos for a while now and i really love them 😀 your videos are pleasant to watch and i like your design work. i'm a beginner web developer and a hobbyist artist.. i really like web design too, i just don't quite know how to do it yet, but i'd really like to work with it along with web dev. your work really inspires me and i always look forward to see more from you. it's also great that you can represent us women in this kind of career. thanks a lot for your videos and work!! keep it up!

  • Kane San Miguel

    Thanks for the video, Charli! Quick question. Have you used Adobe XD (Experience Design)? If so, what are your thoughts on it as a software product vs Sketch?

  • Dogger1230

    Newly started web development student here, Charli. Thank you for the videos. They’re highly informative and presented greatly!!!

  • Dylan Bystedt

    Great video! Just one little piece of info, which you may or may not be aware of – there are rumours out there, that say that Apple is looking to bring hover functionality to touchscreens… I'm personally very excited to see how it will be implemented on mobile – more so in gaming – than web, however.

  • 3polygons

    Lol, I used to do ALL this in code (graphics in PS) at latest company. Those breaking points you mention, and all code, that's a ton of complex/tedious work that used to take way more time… I guess am gonna start giving Webflow its value….

  • dragonhunter250utub

    Less animations, transitions and events. Compressed images to no images helps too, loading the layout stylesheets first then lazy load the rest of the stylesheets. Hmm, that maybe not the work of a designer, but it is good to have the "survival styles" for lower end and old devices or for 3g connections.

  • Dewy Noodle

    This would be amazing, and exactly what I’m doing now..but I’m using an existing web-builder site and I don’t have that much control over the templates, and I can’t code. When the business takes off, I will get a web-designer on board to remaster the whole thing. Hard to go with these limits for now, but that’s life:) Love the advice here. Thx!

  • Kevin Gutowski

    Thanks for such a detailed look at mobile web design! It was cool seeing how you use Webflow as well. I’ve used Flexbox a ton but recently been playing around with CSS Grid. I’ve been really inspired by Jenn Simmons and her thinking around flexible layouts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ2JX_6SGNI). It seems like you have a go-to layout that you use but I’m curious, have you played around with non-traditional layouts before?

  • [email protected]

    Good summary at the end! So many tutorials, advice videos and education content leave that out. I always find it helpful to have a summary at the end to keep the just learned stuff better in my brain. 🙂

  • Areeb Ali

    Hello Charli! You're probably the very first designer to whom I am going to follow now. You're smart, fast and too the point. So, HighFive for that and you're doing a really great job. So, Keep it up. You have recently become my Sketch teacher 😀 and I am now on to learn so many other things from you in future..

  • Ahad Fakhar

    hello charli , i have seen your vlogs. these are awesome and very helpful. Are you using adobe xd as well?? or if u have any idea about adobe xd then please make a vlog on this too.. thank you.

  • Wendy Litteral

    You mentioned Flexbox and a link in the description, but I only see links to Webflow. Do you have a specific article you recommend to read? It sounded like you had something in mind in your video. Thanks!

  • Fritz Schnitzer

    Thank you so much! You are giving so much value for free! Damn, i just watched 2 videos of your channel in one day! 😉

  • nnm777

    Hi Charli, thanks for the video. Would like to know how much time does it takes for you to plan, design and create a page using mobile first approach

  • NAT T

    I just found your channel and all your videos are great tools because im currently redesigning my website. My only comment is the sound mixing, im watching this on my phone with headphones and your voice is low compared to the outro music. Just a little thing. Otherwise love the content thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Spring

    Thank you for this video, what software do you use? I draw in photoshop but a lot of people start to use figma. What will you recommend? Thaaanks)

  • Lucas Blank

    Tip 6: Watch out for Hover/Click stuff, its hard to hover on mobile, and its not that intuitive as in desktop, so reformulate your design

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