5 Things I Hate About Our Audi e-tron – Tesla Owner
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5 Things I Hate About Our Audi e-tron – Tesla Owner


  • Michael Mansell

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  • RJ 8U

    Wait so your basicly saying your 2018 Model S 315 mile is less efficient than your Audi E-Tron which EPA rated at 204 miles per charge 😂. You should do a range test for both car going 75 mph and see 👍.

  • Rene Tvedt Pedersen

    Don't know how to deactivate the feature with turning off your car, but aux climate is easier to turn on if you leave the car. Same result as using the mobile app, but fewer buttons, fuzz and less time turning on. I guess they've done this to save energy. It's in the climate control app.

  • Martini OntheRocks

    for the app I totally agree, myaudi app ( IOS ) is really crap. For the parking view I assigned the star button to the front cameras and found that quite useful when I pull forward into a parking lot. The door handle is for what I have expreienced a sing where it does not open as quick as I wish to is when the side has an opsticle so it does not open because there is something. The climate you can activate in the MMI, when I am not mistaken. I love that car…

  • Bernt Christian Helén

    To prevent it from powering down, you do the following:
    – Turn the ignition off
    – Open the door
    – Turn the ignition back on
    – Go about your business

  • Chris Westenskow

    I agree the app is weak, as others have mentioned, leaving the climate control on is just a screen click on the left end of the button that shows up on the screen when the car is shut off. I think mapping the star button to the front camera as mentioned by others is a great idea, I’ll do that today!

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