5 Small Minecraft Servers YOU NEED TO TRY! (Top Minecraft Servers)
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5 Small Minecraft Servers YOU NEED TO TRY! (Top Minecraft Servers)

Hey there! What’s going on guys! Today, I have for you… 5 Small Minecraft Servers that I think you
need to check out today! My favorite time playing Minecraft was when
small servers really had their spots claimed out
and people really enjoyed checking them out and trying to find a server and community
for themself. Now, of course, bigger servers
like Hypixel rightfully have formed into something that people love playing… But again, I still think finding a small community
of people on some smaller, lesser known servers can really help give you a more entertaining
or at least more community driven feel while playing Minecraft.. So without anything further, let’s get started! *Music* The first server to share with you today is
called SurrealCraft. As with many smaller servers, SurrealCraft
offers what it can and from what I’ve seen while playing it does
a decent job with what it offers. So, this server has two gamemodes: Factions
and SkyBlock. I’m not sure on future plans but given server
growth I’m sure they could potentially expand on that in the future. But let’s focus on what they do have now. I’m not much of a factions player so I didn’t
put too much time into that. The majority of people on
the server do spend there time there, however. Browsing through factions , I did see some
of what you’d expect from a factions server, like crates, headhunting, proper tnt mechanics,
daily KOTHS, a place to sell heads, a selection of other warps, and of course the usual active
factions chat. In skyblock, which is recently revamped and
I spent a bit more time playing around in than factions, you
can actually create 3 different types of islands to play on. The original skyblock experience that you
would expect, and duo island which is a little easier by having two close
islands, and the black diamond islands which is a bit harder by having less resources for
you to use! In the recently revamped
Skyblock, there’s a selection of crates, upgrades, generator upgrades, quests, and challenges
that you can go through while playing in Skyblock and a PVP area too! So, if
you’re looking to play on a smaller factions server or maybe even play on a Skyblock server
in a small setting then you may want to check out SurrealCraft! The next server I want to share with you is
MineRifts. MineRifts is actually owned by a small YouTuber
named Simo389. This server actually has quite a bit to offer. The
gamemodes you’ll find on here are Creative, Survival, SkyBlock, Dropper, KitPVP, War Games,
and Parkour. Formerly known as Pandora Gaming, MineRifts
recently went through a pretty big revamp aside from just the name. They added new spawns to almost all of the
gamemodes, added voting tokens and crates, a new look for chat, and fixed some bugs
and old features. Within MineRifts, you may actually see player
scattered throughout the different game types.. which I find is a bit uncommon for smaller
servers as on these types of servers, players will usually drift
towards one game. However, I like that the players were spread
across the games as it adds balance in choosing what to do. The
game modes are all pretty self explainable with the exception of War Games which is their
sort of minigame hub.. with Capture the Flag, Defend the Flag and some more coming
soon! I actually spent quite a bit of time playing
dropper as I always enjoy dropper. There are some pretty solid maps here and
it definitely gets a thumbs up for me as a fun little game to do to pass the time with! This server is actually a bit bigger than
the pervious two in terms of player base. I noticed that there is often up over 300
or so players on this server at a time. So,
while the experience won’t be as personal, it is still small enough to form an experience
that is more personal that that of a very large server. Teldaria calls itself
survival reimagined. In their recent release, they announced that
the server will have over 25 in-game ranks, over 30 custom mobs with each mob having up
to 12 difficulty levels, a unique weapon and armor system with
unique drops, a number of different jobs that you can get paid for in-game to purchase items
from other players, and mob arenas. On their website, you’ll be able to find that
they have a starting guide to get you on your way on the server. I’ve always thought that WynnCraft was a cool
server and have strived to find something similar to it for
a while that I truly enjoyed playing. This server isn’t like Wynncraft in many aspects
but it does share some qualities of Wynncraft that I really like. I can go as far as saying that I may even
enjoy my experience playing this type of reimagined survival more than I enjoyed Wynncraft. Again, slightly different
experiences but that just goes to show how well this server is developed and how great
of an idea it is. IceCraftNation gives me the feel of a more
classic bukkit type Minecraft server. Let me explain what I mean by that. Before huge multiserver networks started taking
over, or even towards the beginning of that time
period, servers like this were still moreorless thriving. The main location on this server is the survival
server where players hang out, chat, and just enjoy themselves. It’s not basic survival as it has different
plugins that add things like jobs, vehicles, marriage, auctions, an econonmy, McMMO and
more.. This is the type of server that gave me the
type of Minecraft experience that made me come to love the game. Now, I haven’t personally seen anyone on any
of the other gamemodes but you’ll also find creative, skywars,
factions, skyblock, and PVP on the server. This isn’t some crazy amazingly developed
server. It’s a small community of
friendly people in an experience that I grew to love on servers like the Lilville server
(which is still up and running, IP in the description). Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia
for me but I really like the way this server is run and I think it’s a great place to to
join a community. I’ve played a bit on my alt account here and
I’ve come to really enjoy the type of people around
here. To finish off, I’m actually returning to a
more modern type of server and less of a nostalgia feeling for me but I think this server is
really fantastic, honestly. With most
players scattered between Towny, Skyblock, and Creative… Crafters Cove also offers Parkour, Avatar
Bending, KitPVP, SkyWars, Build Battle, Survival Games, CS:GO, and a bit
more for you to choose from! Formerly known as Andromeda, MelonMC, and
BlockVille, it seems that Crafters Cove has a pretty loyal player base, with many of them
spending their time within the Towny survival server. The owner of Crafters Cove, explains that
it’s a corner of the interent for Crafters to thrive and survive in. And that isn’t restricted to
towny or minigames like some MelonMC or Blockville. We’ll see what types of games that they may
come up with in the future. Going through changes is something that this
server has come accustomed to. Whether that is seen as a good or bad thing
can be determined individually but going forward, I think Crafter’s Cove is in a good spot. We’ll see what
the future may bring to them. So with that, I welcome you to check out any
of the servers in this video. I’m sure they’ll all be happy to have you
around. Small servers, and small communities, were
once the cornerstone of what made Minecraft fantastic. It’s an aspect of why so many grew to enjoy
the game in the first place. So I gave you five small servers to check
out and enjoy. If you’re interested in seeing some more servers,
just let me know and I can make more videos like this! I’m always happy to share things with you
guys that you may not know about! If you have your own server or play on a server
you think others will like please feel free to let us know in the comments too! Alright guys! Thank you
once again for watching! I’m outta here! See ya!


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