5 Reasons to START YouTube TODAY as a BUSINESS
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5 Reasons to START YouTube TODAY as a BUSINESS

You don’t know if you should start a YouTube channel? You have no clue how to make videos and you don’t want to be in front of the camera? You know what? YouTube is not about video! It’s not even about you! What’s up guys?! This is Frank from Digital Normals and here are my 5 reasons why you should start a YouTube channel today as a business! Reason #1: YouTube Is A Search Engine To be specific the 2nd largest in the world. If you are looking for answers online do you rather watch a short video or read a long text? In the search engines videos rank way easier than web sites. Do you know how I found my tax consultant? Yes, one of his YouTube videos showed up in my google search. The channel has 4 videos and 12 subscribers
but you know what? He answered all my questions in a short step-by-step-video with all the necessary links in the description + I thought he seems like a legit guy … and BOOM: He has a new monthly paying customer. Reason #2: YouTube Is Social Media’s Finest It is simply the most sustainable platform
out there. Do YouTube videos disappear over time? Nope, they can be found forever. You have to see each video like a seed that has the ability to grow big and reach millions of people worldwide and produce income for you in the future. You make the video once and you can get paid again and again…. That’s what I call Passive Income. Reason #3: YouTube Is A Free Marketing Tool Now you might say Instagram and Facebook are free as well. Yes, you’re right but again: YouTube is the bigger search engine. You don’t have to pay ads to reach a lot
of people as long as you are consistent and do your seo homework. Also, you never know if you’ll be lucky and
your video goes viral… Reason #4: Most Internet Traffic Is Video Around 80% of ALL internet traffic will be
VIDEO soon. Well, I don’t even know what else to say…or
wait…5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube daily. Reason #5: The Power Of Video Think about it: What’s the fastest, easiest,
cheapest, and most personal way to communicate with your family and friends? There is nothing better than a video to put
yourself in front of somebody who can’t be in front of you right now. And as a business you can’t just put yourself
in front of one potential prospect. With one single video you can reach thousands
of prospects and they can decide where and when they want to consume your content. Speaking of content…can you think of a better way to share a lot of content in a short amount of time with lots of people while making a personal connection? See…YouTube is not about video, it’s about
making connections and finding a true audience. I hope you’ve found some valuable information
in this video. If you have any more questions put them down in the comments, like it if you liked it, hit subscribe, ring my bell and I’ll see you
on the next video! This is Frank from Digital Normals. #RedefineYourNormal


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